Suddenly became the Rarest Flag on Sup Forums


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Not true.

But why are the cucks gone!


No. Leaf flag is more rare and poonloo flag is even more rare than that.

You allready miss them dont you?

I keep posting like this because it feels like I'm shitposting on Hard


What are you talking about?

I miss the cuckposting from them tbqh.
Was quite fun.

>On hard
>Implying you can't get guaranteed replies with a Swedecuck flag

It was the Swedcucks that first congratulated the moderators for letting them hide their shame.

You won't see the poo flag ever again.

Yes, but whenever you try to make any kind of point you're instantly ad-hominem'd as leftist/cuck/communist/Muslim/et c

Where could they indeed be hiding?

That is true. I haven't seen a single Indian flag. LOL

No. I'm proud of being Swedish and I'm proud of my flag. We have done great things and will continue to do great things. Like all of the West there are big problems with immigration (although Sup Forums confirmation bias overshoots), which is to a large degree caused by the kikes. But we will get through it.

US, UK and Israeli flags alive and well though.

Shows you who's proud of his country and who's ashamed.

Many are hiding behind the jihadi or the tree hugger flag.

I'd like to add that a Swede wearing his flag on this board isn't a cuck in my book.

I noticed that.

Why would you want to have a Swedish flag when you can have this bad boy?

haven't seen a streetshitter flag or a merchant flag since they implemented this, also Canadian flags haven gotten more rare in my opinion. The vermin scurries to the shadows the mods created, I don't know if this is good or bad.


some kind of data-scraper should see what country flags that have gone down in usage the most

read as

Posting with a N*zi flag from Sweden gives me a minimum four years of prison.


Rarest flag atm seems to be india, all those street shitters who wanted their voices heard and not get called poo-in-loos have adopted the new (((flags))).
Next step of the cuckening of Sup Forums - letting all shitskins hide their melanin level and brainwash Sup Forums into thinking this is a 100 % hwyte board. Sad!


>I don't know if this is good or bad
Definetly bad.

Good luck...

I'm black and swedish girls like me too much, it's frightening.

pitts just chew shit
I had one for 7 years(got him at the pound and thought he was a fat boxer because same color) and he used to chew on rocks
like real rocks the size of a fist he'd chew them like a tennis ball

good dogo

hello sweden here YAAAS

So that's what we'll be fighting against when you country will be CONTROLLED by muslims?

India is the rarest flag on Sup Forums now, that's for sure.

No, we're still here

actually true lmao

user, turks have been doing this shit with the german flag for years.
Let the poos have some fun.

Sup Forums shitposting is eradicated for black nationalist larping
Thanks mods