Liberal here

Liberal here.
Why do we pretend we don't want a civil.war? Why pretend we want to stay United? I hate you dumb hicks red state morons and you hate my vegan faggot hippie ads.
Why not be honest and admit violence is the only way left?

I'm a liberal and agree with this. I would not like New York to be associated with southern states

I dislike both liberals and neocons for being so shortsighted desu. I guess that's the outcome of democracy, shortsightedness and stupidity.

Only fringe crazies want a civil war. You certainly dont want one because it would end everything your tribe claims to care about.

This. Also, idiot neocons have more guns so the liberals will be the first to die.

Disagree. When we win red states wouldn't have voting rights or we could strip the franchise away from white men.
Either way we could do whatever ww like in the aftermath with no intwrference.
I don't mind killing all red staters to move the nation forward.

>it would end everything your tribe claims to care about.
You know very well that it's just a tool to their end goals.

You don't have the amount of guns and training that neocons have. Democratic power pales in comparison to military power.

Why would you hope for a civil war you couldn't hope to win?


I hate neocons but I minus well ally with them to kill anyone who wants to destroy white interest. Heil Hitler!

We can just import foreigners, like we fid with the Irish and drown you in bodies.
Millions of South Americans and Africans would lo e free land in the south.
We outnumber you and we have the cash to hire mercenaries and let them loose on your states.

The only thing that tribe cares about is power. The "values" they espouse are just the more effective lies to achieve said power.

I'm a leaf. I will just hide up North. Why do you hate whites so much? They are so much more tolerant of degeneracy than niggers.

As much as I can't stand mouthbreathing trumptards and hicks, we're actually stronger united.

Plus, it's a good way to keep dumb, white people in check.

Thats why i said it's a claim.

>minus well
Hoping that was a typo

The U.S. military had "more guns" than the Iraqis and Afghanis. How'd that turn out?


Finally some truth from the tolerant left. Since you also want war with Russia, go right ahead and fight them too. I can't wait to see some antifa snowflakes get absolutely BTFO.

Yeah, all normal, balanced human beings can't stand lefties OR righties. We hate extremists of all kinds. Give us the Pacific Northwest. You can all take your respective extremists back.


In the situation of a civil war, manpower. and weaponry would matter more because both sides would be passionate. The civil war in the 19th century is proof of that. More effort would be put into winning a half-assed vietnam style war.

Confederacy when?

Dude, you don't want another Civil War

Remember what happened last time? South got BTFO so bad they needed over a century to recover.

This time, it's gonna be coasts vs. interior, and coasts are gonna lose

Given what just happened in Alexandria, VA, realise how extremely stupid those words are to say right now, and enjoy being under a Secret Service/Capitol Police microscope.

Stupid, stupid fuck.

Sorry deep state. Not bailing you out with widespread violence. Pedo stuff is over faggots.

Coasts would get rekt. Have mercy on me inlanders.

You realize the navy wouldn't agree with that?
Also in your bizarre scenario you forget that liberals are typically congregated in massive cities, so you don't have access to resources. In event of a blockade (which would be extremely easy to do) you would literally have no electricity + starve in a matters of days, long before even the retarded scenario of importing foreign mercenaries (that would surely not rape you first). Plus you would have uppity negroes running wild on you after 24 hours.
I really don't see where you are going with this.

Because no one would fall for the liberal bs nonsense if they actually told the truth.

Not true at all. The bulk of Union forces were Irish immigrants who they used in human wave attacks.
We can just do that with Africans and South Americans.
We dony even have to line up. Just take a few million arm them and let them loose on the red states.
When they kill them all we can just do it again. You never run oit of 3rd worlders

A civil war would actually be the best thing to happen to the west in a long time.
Since the military would overwhelmingly oppose liberals it would be an easy way to finally get rid of all the degenerate cancer from the media and educational facilities.
Most niggers and spics would also support the leftist so America could end up 90% white again like during the early to mid 1900s.
With multiculturalism and non white shitskins gone it would be only a matter of time before a white ethno-national US would be born.

Because civilized people can work out their differences without resorting to violence.

Are you admitting you're a violent low IQ animal?

>implying there aren't Democrats in the military

Blue states are rich anc have the money to.finanace the navy and air force. We could bomb the fuck out of the red statea

For that you need guns.
The same guns we try to keep and the same guns you want to ban

Besides, a huge chunk of the military is likely to be by our side.

We can and should engage blockades to starve your pockets (Cali and NY for instance) to death, and sweep in once you decide to surrender.

Surender that will be on our terms, obviously

>What is a blockade
This includes ammo, construction materials, food, and medical aid.
If you seek any of those, you'll have to surrender and become a PoW.
But don't wory, we'l treat you nicely to qench down your will to fight and win faster, if you don't mind forced labour (including breeding for females)

Lol you guys will lose so hard

Please go for it then we won't have to debate your retarded stances anymore

I'm not even a hick I work I've lived and worked in a city my whole life

Liberals are becoming everything they hate.

>being so shortsighted that those migrants would destroy your entire country
Like I said earlier, you'll lose gay marriage and other aspects of social liberalism due to the migrants being less tolerant. You will also have a decrease of high skill level jobs and hyperinflation due to the influx of mass immigration. You clearly hate whites more than you love liberalism. I'm guessing you're a kike. I want brown people to trample Israel just as much as you want brown people to trample the USA desu. I guess we can share this hatred. I'll just get my close ones up in the northern territories.

Pretty sure those bases are in red states.

THis aside, should this happen, we might get some help from "Uncle Vlad" to neuter that

Liberals GTFO

>Democrats in the military
Yeah, and feminists conservatives, etc
An oxymoron in principle, and an extreme minority in reality

Because violence for the sake of violence is the way of the loser and even you silly old lefties know that.

OP, enjoy your visit from the FBI, given what happened at baseball practice... stupid cunt

There are. The military will be likely to split but the neocon block will be larger. In the real world, I'm pretty sure military democrats would be willing to kill antifa rebels claiming to be "liberal".

>jackass post from a jackass flag

everything checks out. as usual, the petulant little pussy is too stupid to use words to form a coherent and unique thought, so he acts like a big tough guy on the internet because he KNOWS he's too much of a gutless bitch to buck up to another man face to face.

fuck off back to your safe space, squirt.

Do you think hitting your head will help you come to your senses?

You need to be 18 to post here

why dont you get your liberal friends together and do something then

were eagerly waiting

mixed-white-asian agrees with the Nazi KEK

That or you could take Marcons offer and fuck off to Frace... Sry, "EU-Human-Battery-Farm-West"

All of you wasters that spent the last century asking for more disposable income to buy products made from slave labour in Communist China and pushing drugs and over consumption when western conservatives were inclined to more productive and constructive things.

You were designed to be a nihilistic waste.

The American ((("left"))) are a bunch of tools and everyone on the left in the rest of the world knew this.

I don't know if I'm happy or glad you fucking commies are revealing yourselves

trust me, you dont want a civil war, all you pussies will get btfo

You see this all the time on /pol. Liberal shills trying to bait the Right into violence. We're smarter than you think. Those on the right work for a living and have families to support. The violence is on you, but most on the Right are prepared to defend ourselves, our families, and Western Civilization.


There's nobody that wants a civil war more than me.

>Why do we pretend we don't want a civil.war?
The only people pushing for civil war on this board are either globalist shills, kikes or indoctrinated retards who are unaware they are pushing a globalist kike agenda. Civil war and unrest in America is the wet dream of groups like ADL, AIPAC, The Hasbara, JIDF, Israel, Soros’ Open Society or some other filthy and dirty zionist organization that pays dumb niggers to shill here.

Why dont you guys just balkanice your country?

I don't want New York connected to NYC.
>t. rural hick

why are we still here? just to suffer? every night...

Why don't you just go freak out and TRY to kill some innocent people like the rest of the people like you do?
JFC Can you retarded leftists do anything right?
Hahahahahahaha MY SIDES!!!!!

>How'd that turn out?

Uh, pretty badly.

Do you really want our country to turn out like Afghanistan? I don't understand your comment at all.

City vs Country

Country decides to stop exporting food, cuts off urban water supply, shuts down trucking.
City starves, throws a fit, and forecloses on mortgages.
Nobody cares.