EU warns Poland they have 24 hours to accept mudslimes or else



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Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

>Poland causes another war but might almost be right time.

Good luck slavs

Was not expecting to see this happen.


Polish women need some black cock as well.

Or what?

Unless it is nukes and future is bright, then you all can just kiss our asses

I feel like they do that every week

I'm sure Poland has enough car washes they don't need more.

Take it or we`ll stop gibsmedats.

Hahahaha, go on Germany, please destroy your own union some more.

Poland should just leave the Union

nah we would rather stay white...

Stay strong Polan
Don't listen to them

How dependent are the Poles on their massive EU gibs?

A lot of the hot polish chicks here are obsessed with Caribbean guys.

2% of gdp, but we grow more every year, so we would rather go back one year and stay white than take shitskins in...

Who do you think you are?

You need the EU a million times more than the EU needs you.

isnt this like a literal invasion from germony again?

Poland is weak. Mother Europe is strong. Give in.

>polan stronk!
Just drop me a message if you need anything. Chocolates? Band-aids? You name it!

>A lot of the hot polish chicks here are obsessed with Caribbean guys.

Because of the BBC. Slavic women getting blacked is my fetish. Eastern Europe must learn to be diverse. Racism is sooo 1940's.


You know gibs are supposed to be compensation for opening the market to predatory rich western businesses? Stop gibs and we close down kraut companies or tax them to oblivion.

We don't need you
We can sustain ourselves with countries outside EU
If you won't war us then we will just quit EU and won't pay a dime
Do you got what it takes to invade us and risk rest of NATO joining us?

Better build up your military quick Poland, collaborate with the US. That kind've threat is thinly veiled and implies force.

Polski, don't fall for good goy meme and take the "refugees" in. You don't want to become Africa 3.0

t. Africa 2.0

I'd kill some Eurocucks for polan, I'm sure at least Russia would actually agree on this shit too

>dude you should've just given your land to them lmao

For those who dont know what it was about all along. t's not about the refugees. There are 160k of shitskins to be distributed among EU states. EU already took only circa 20k . V4 quota is something around 15-20k. Now quick math. So EU is short of 120k to be accepted but most of states are reluctant to do it. So you may ask why EC is suing V4 and not the rest of EU? Because ist not about refugees but about bending the knee before Brussel. Never gonna happen

>infringement procedures
the existence of our people and a future for White children SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

It's so obvious jews are pushing this diversity crap.

If the legal case goes to shit make the mudslimes fear for their lives

Poland get EU BTFO'd and leave it, join us we are good guys.

How many Polish refugees did Syrians rescue during WW2?

As history has proven

M8 poles are the biggest race mixers. Literally all the pole chicks in my college are fucking black dudes and one of my best friends who happens to be a shitskin Indian is fucking a fresh off the boat pole.

One of the hottest chicks I've seen is a pole and she got knocked up by a black guy who have her twins and fucked off out of their lives. They crave non-white dick.

they should stall as long as they can to drain the union of their funds and cause their collapse

we haven't caused ww2 it was shekelgruber

We still need plumbing done, pretty sure we'd back up Poland.

We will never bown down. Even if this means our death. We will fight. To the last mean. We will start total war. A war you have never seen before. The sky will fall upon cucks from EU. Poland will never break before evil of western cucks. Even alone. God is with us! History is with us. And we shall be victory!

I love how the EU is just digging their own grave a little deeper with everything they do.
One of the most retarded governments the world has ever seen for sure.

You do realize that (((diaspora))) is largely trash from fallen pro-commie families who either were small enough players during the transformation to not benefit or are greedy fucks (or both?)

Nice macron really is a godsend the fucker is gonna destroy the EU. Le Penn would actually been better for EU kek

Oh we would, if not shit happening on Ukraine
Recently I started to think that it isn't even caused by Putin, but he is only framed for it by Jews to isolate Russia diplomatically
Then he just can't state that he supports Ukraine on this, because it would make him look weak domestically and that would smash his image, he created for years, of strong and strong-willed leader

All sluts want fucking my blacks. They want an aggressive third worlder to treat them like shit as it turns them on. Can't explain the Indian though, I don't know any women that like Indians.

send halp plaese

I jacked off to that scene last night

Deus Vult Polebro. I will send you my power for a spirit bomb

Also fuck EU, Visegrad all the way

Trust me I am the good guy! History is lies bro!

The eternal germanigger and his overwhelming need to constantly fuck everything up. I would fight for the Poles.

Maybe they like curry? Or simply have defecation fetish?

Or else......they send in the french foreign legion to get btfo by a force many times larger than it?

but we are good for real this time

We'd better back them up, but as we're ruled by globalist cunts with spines of jelly I'm not going to put any money on that.

Don't do it, V4!

It's better to be unpopular for a short while than to be sorry for ever after!
Once the shit gets into your country, it will take Auschwitz-tier measures to ever get it out again.

*It was England and France

Its because its exotic for them. Poland probably has a little percentage of niggers living there so the chicks are making the most of their first experience with people if different color. Lol at the pole that got knocked up though pretty sure she wont have a home to go back to in poland

>England and France made Germany and the USSR invade Poland.

Stay strong polan! I know we had our differences but you need to withstand !

Yours truly, a concerned German

>implying even 1% of these """refugees""" are Syrian

Let's just keep this relationship strictly about business, at a comfortable enough distance.

Resist Poorland!

Fuck off. We'll protect litel Poland. All of you Poles get the fuck out of England though, please. Seriously.

Thank you sepnai. Its good to know that based Japan is with our on this great crusade of our time. European civilzation is not yet lost!

I feel sorry for Indians. Even handsome ones get rejected solely because they're looked down upon due to their culture. Arabs and blacks get puss like it's fucking nothing even though they're all subhumans and mostly retarded compared to sikh Indians who are mostly educated and actually pretty decent people.

I wonder how pooland will pay for all that america shit they have bought without EU gibs.

I belive that Poland and Russia should work together for better future. Past is past and lest leave it that way. We can start discuss about the past when invaders and common threat is no more.

Because Arabs and Blacks are oppressed white man, that's why your women goes out of their ways to comfort them with love and babies. Oppress indian men and they'll be swimming in pusy constantly

Doesn't Poland have a pretty good military.

EU gibs are 1% of polish GDP. Dont worry too much about us.

this is blackpilling as fuck

Let's assume for a moment that they are all genuine Syrian refugees fleeing from war.
Why should Poland take them anyway? Did Syria help Poland in their time of need? Nope.

Good to defend ourself from Germcucks but not to press them and France. We need bigger confederation.

Poland will be erased another time

We can always try stealing Soros' billions...

Or else what? Call the fucking bluff.

Also most of the gibs are horribly misspent because self governments compete for them to prove their effectiveness before the electorate and then have to somehow spend what they got. This causes pathological cronyism and corruption increase - maybe not everywhere but certainly in my powiat.

Yea it's known fact (((they))) planted it agenda against Russia.
Crimea is a strategically important region and Putin didn't let US/NATO took it to put their bases with nuclear warheads there.
How do you think why have they started so freaking out that we annexed Crimea? They think they give a shit about """democracy""" in some post ussr shithole? This is only about NATO expanding and increasing pressure to Russia.

Breakdown of Poland’s finances with the EU in 2015:

Total EU spending in Poland – € 13.358 billion
Total EU spending as % of Polish gross national income (GNI) – 3.25 %
Total Polish contribution to the EU budget – € 3.718 billion
Polish contribution to the EU budget as % of its GNI – 0.90 %

Yeah keep on telling your self that. Your done AHAHHAHAHAHA

Poverty leads to communism.

Or maybe because they're all alpha and Indians are all pussies. It's true. There's a reason there are no Indian gangs. They're all beta pussies for the most part. Women like men who have some sort of influence.

Best of luck.

You are the resistance Poland.

Here's another thought that is cheap and effective:
Do it like Hungary!
They have refugee shelters. They are surrounded by high fences and barbed wire. Refugees get food and a roof over their head, but they are not allowed to walk around and do their muslim crime shit.
It's totally legal, it only costs a little money, it avoids a big EU fine, and it gets the EU to shut up already. Also the refugees are easy to get rid of as they don't disappear into your country.

Well, it's been 24 hours. What're ya gonna do?

more to read.

The NAZI government of piss will fall.

Poland, Hungary, and Czech Republic will be like "Lol, we ain't paying" and the EU will be unable to do anything.

So so, I'd say. We plan to reach 250k of soldiers


good luck Polandball. don't give those disgusting crypto-islamic EUnormies a single inch.

>destroy youself with niggers or we will try to destroy you
Fucking kikes

*nods respectfully towards you*

>Whites out
>Browns in
Flag checks out

The EU will cut spending on pooland. Simpel. lack of money= huge GDP and trade loss as pooland cant pay for all that stuff. Unemployment and more hate towards piss, leading to unrest?!

The EU has many means to force it will. From light to very hard.

The lion will roar once more!

sure thing, snek! We will resist.

Don't get me wrong, Poland, but this is pretty hilarious.
Near 50% of your export and import is Germany and France.
You can't do anything.

Unrest? EU sanction Poland then people turn agaisnt EU, we Polexit and EU lose bigest market for their comapnies in estern europe. People lose jobs in Germony, France, etc, they rebel and EU fall.

the lion has no government that works, pretty much decapitated them self.


Ahh, the anti-PiS germcuck, I was wondering what happened to you.

this is fucking crazy. they signed an agreement to distribute the refugees in 2015 but they've done nothing to stop migrants from coming, 600,000 migrants arrived in Italy alone last year and this summer NGO boats are taking 5-10,000 a week to Italy.

They're doing nothing to stop it. Most of them aren't even refugees, they're from bangladesh.