Why do white males get upset by black people in computer games?

Why do white males get upset by black people in computer games?

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Because white males actually buy video games, unlike niggers and women. The supply doesn't meet the demand. It pisses people off.

If there only in the game because there black and the devs want to score some victim points, then that's probbly why otherwise I don't really care who's in the game.

Why do black people not make their own computer games instead of demanding white males make them with black characters?

Why do niggers get upset when white people rap or have dreadlocks?

Video games are white and Jap culture. Nigs should stop appropriating.

nobody is upset, cuck

we are making fun of shitty diversity in games

Because black role models only exist in movies and video games.


You sound upset.

>hey, that's my bike!

White people are willingly making these games. Nobody is forcing them.

Video games are worlds of fantasy. Why would you want your fantasy worlds to be filled with black people.


He's not black


>playing AAA games after GTAV, Fallout 4 and MGSV

ashiggy doogy

Idgaf about black people in a game, but this is false history

Deyz wuznt kangs

I'd be willing to bet at least some of those niggers out there in Africa 100-1500AD were kings.

The majority of them? probably nothing but niggers jumping around a fire for a millenia.

But most white people weren't kings either. Just living in towns as serfs around rivers of shit.

The game doesn't claim to be historically accurate.

We want to play as heroes, not villains

Because disgusting dopamine whores addicted to multicult buy it

He isn't black though? What the fuck are you all talking about.
Even if you think he looks too brown- they said that he is from the very south of Egypt and the NPC were all middle eatern looking so far.

People actually care about that?

>Nobody is forcing them.

not physically forcing them, but if they don't get on the whole diversity bandwagon they stand to face negative consequences
niggers are just being shoehorned into games to make people feel better and you know it

And then they get assmad when their sales slump for a title.


Cultural appropriation

Are white males that weak? That they get forced to make things against their will. Wow.

Because every time they're trying to insert black people it looks cringeworthy and pathetic

Generally we get upset with POC being shoehorned into things. Brown guy in AC Egypt makes sense. WW1 being 50% black does not.

I get upset when I see a nigger in general not in videogames in particular.

That's a half cast that's not black

fpbp and underrated

this is really all it boils down to with the white/black washing w/e the case is. catering to an audience that doesnt exist.

>playing fallout 4
fuck off

Because close to every main character has to be black now to push (((their))) agenda. Even the most absurd characters like ww1 (BF1), were empirically not one nigger was involved. Now AC with a black egyptians. Retarded millenials now think niggers were involved in ww1 and were kangs.
We are witnessing the rewriting of history right before our eyes via games and movies alike




Because it is literally tokenism every single time, and nobody asked for it.

>white people are willingly making racist caricatures of nonwhites and pretending they're progressive and inclusive

i liked the new ghost recon because it depicted south america as it is, a shithole ruined by spic gangs being used as a shooting gallery by nameless american NGOs

As a black guy, it's pandering if a dev tries to shoehorn in my race for diversity points. It's pretty insulting, like they are putting you up on some trophy case for their own gains. It's more insulting cause most devs are made up of non black people who think they understand how to make someone like us. Either give the director or writer role to an actual black, which never happens, or just keep putting in what you're use to and stop making black people look even more bad.

I generally don't if it fits the setting. If it doesn't like a black guy in a game called mafia, well there's problems.

The AC series has always been based around the idea of historical fiction.

Because nobody wants it and it's being forced into games to push a diversity agenda. It's no different when devs put in women because muh strong woman who don't need no man. This will eventually bite the developers in the ass though because the majority audience are those ''evil white men'' these devs seem to hate so much.

Wait... you're telling me Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent electric stun grenades in the 1860s?

nobody cared about Eli and Alyx in Half Life, or the black guys in Gears of War, or GTA: SA featuring an almost entirely black cast, etc. etc. Most of those characters were well liked. People are annoyed now because it's the latest marketing craze to pander to minority groups. I find it amusing that people congratulate companies on their 'progressive attitudes' without realizing they're just being manipulated by advertising again.

Because it's usually a hamfisted application of diversity.

that bitch in wolfenstein ii is ugly as sin

>secret order of assassins existing as a cohesive group all over the world for thousands of years
American education.
It's called historical fiction.

Because they're THAT fragile and insecure

white men are the most insecure people you'll ever meet

>the age of the xenophobic Elsa Jean fapper...
>nobody buys the game

lulz to be had.

People don't.

Black people and all different races have been beloved in videogames, Alyx from HL2 was one of my first crushes as a kid. I used to always play as Cole in GOW when I could. One of my longest running ES characters was a Red guard.

It's the shoehorning and mass profiteering from identity politics that rubs people the wrong way.

Corporations don't care about you, representation is only important when it generates profit. Don't be an idiot.

>White people

I see niggers in the streets, TV and the Web.

I don't want them in my vidya.

The funny part about all this is that all the black imaging is turning off most of the white customers from buying said games. Funny when a consumer wont buy your game cause there's no one for them to relate to, especially the majority white males that buy said games.

>one element of a game is fantastical so we have the right to cram in any progressive bullshit we want

This is the only argument they have when you call out their shit.

...but he's not black
he's egyptian

this. I still don't care that much, but there is most definitely a certain type of black character that devs choose to shoe-horn in at the moment. it's just tacky and cheap.
when this wave of black power subsides, I think a lot of the younger black westerners will look back on this type of media with disdain as it's quite obvious their image is just being used for dollars.

Because I can barely see them in the dark areas of the game. I have to turn up screen brightness.

I personally don't care and like to use the black characters if I can but I see how people wouldn't like it.

Not weak, goodwill. They hold responsibility for their (((ancestors actions))) and want to make other people welcome too. Sadly it doesn't seem to work like that.

His quads don't lie.

Sub-Saharan Africans never developed written language so even if there were kangz dumb niggers can't even prove it.

nobody got mad playing as black character in gta5, cause it makes sense

if you try to make a black character an assassin in 15th century europe, thats when ur game dies

>core pillars of game development
>graphics, gameplay, story and diversity
You cannot make this up

Holy shit this just redpilled me on how important literature is for human progress.

If love how i know all the shit posting comes from this one gay leaf now

In the 70's, it was called Blaxploitation. That word needs to make a comeback.

>Blacks dont play video games
Keep livin in that bubble.

Pandering to a demographic known for not paying for anything is bad marketing.

fucking perfect. I'm going to use this for now on.

if they were inserted into games naturally like they used to, there wouldn't be a problem. Now it's obvious they are pushing an agenda.

Egyptians have been show though DNA tests to look just like Modern Day Arabs.

Basically you are racist and need to apologize to the Arabs, not the Whites.

It only is if it hurts the sales. But vast majority of people don't give a shit about that, and some will even buy it for the diversity.

You can't tell however if someone is buying it for the diversity, especially considering how controlled the gaming market is today. We're in a very interesting time where it's hard to speculate why someone is buying a game, particularly due to how wide of an audience devs pander to. I guarantee Overwatch, for instance, is not played for its diversity.

When Black people are on the covers of games like BF1 it is historically inaccurate, we all know that black people were watching down on WW1 from their sky pyramids at us whytes in disapproval

Why do niggers get upset about white people in video games?

Because as a white I don't want niggers in my escapism, I want white men like me.
If you don't do that then I won't buy your game, simple.

I do not get upset because there are blacks in video games, I get upset because of the reason why they put them there. Ffs they can just make a game set in medieval Ethiopia and place as many niggers as they want there and nobody would mind. Instead they put them in ancient egypt and the german army in WW1.

Jesus Christ how you can take devs who say this shit seriously? No one gives the slightest fuck about diversity when they're playing a game.

Other minorities have to play as whites all the time. It's high time the roles were reversed, getting pissy about it just proves you can't comprehend white privilege.

we don't if it works with the story.

then they should just make a black/female option for the main character, if that will really sell more games.
Guess what, it won't.

if niggers want computer games, let them make computer games

They only get upset when its forced, unhistorical or just doesn't make sense. Such as a white man reliving his past ancestry and one of them was a nigger.

>if that will really sell more games.
Nobody said anything about selling more or less, it's just about fair representation. Also I didn't mention gender, yes men are probably 90% of the buyers of these games and yes men going around killing makes more sense than women going around killing.

I specifically mentioned race, and not just having a black character here or there, but Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and other races who aren't traditionally represented. Hell, playing as an Eastern Euro in GTAIV was more diversity than we've gotten in ages from Rockstar.

Because it is fully forced meme. Blacks protagonist are unattractive and so are black women.Nobody like them even themselves.

because niggers don't actually do shit in real life. it would be like kunta kinte being played by tom cruise. it's not the right race of people.

all niggers have ever done is cannibalize each other in the jungles of shitland. I don't want to see any movie or media of any kind telling me that they were superheros and assassins in medieval europe. they're not even human, they're 80% gorilla, and they don't belong in my culture or my history.

Well, better for us if Niggers start playing video games. Video games weaken a man and maybe whites start going out more and improving themselves instead of being nerds now. For all I care, put as many Niggers in video games as possible

Black people don't make video games and they hardly consume the type of games we complain about.

It's whites who put these blacks in video games so they can impress their white friends. Only a bunch of white guys from San Francisco could turn a game about an Italian crime syndicate into a honky-murder-simulator like Mafia 3.

He said buy you imbecile

if nigger filth want video games that star nigger filth, then they can PROGRAM THE GAMES THEMSELVES (haha) and the games can be about AFRICAN HISTORY, you know, like collecting mud worms to eat because they never invented agriculture. blacks don't belong in games that come from white culture. it's not theirs. they didn't make it, they don't belong in it. it's as ridiculous as suggesting that a white person should play malcolm x and MLK in movies.

>Other minorities have to play as whites all the time.
This is a problem how? Video games are fantasy, you assert yourself in a fantasy role to escape reality. All sub-humans yearn to be white.

White people get upset at people rewriting history.

Why can't non whites apart from east asians make their own games?

>White males are oppressors so they should empower non-white males to become the new oppressors.

Now we get to the real crux of the issue.
You don't want equality, social justice or reasonable concessions; you want vengeance. You're just so resentful of reality you want to lash out at anyone you feel oppressed by and inflict the same on them.

If only you could be this honest, irl.


>A team of white people programmed a game based on white culture in a white language using white technology, all paid for by money invested by whites with a target market of 98% whites, and it's not focused on nigger worship? RAYSISSUMZ!

Whats stopping anyone other than whites and Japs from making video games? why is the onus on us to give you your representation?

because minorities cant be heroes its an oxymoron. the idea of the protagonist is western culture only whites can be a protagonist. niggers pretending to be the star is just a joke honestly its almost a meme now