Perhaps Islam never had a reformation because it didn't need one

Perhaps Islam never had a reformation because it didn't need one.

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It's true. Europe will enjoy the Caliphate.

They've tried, the reformers are always murdered.

All muslims I know my age are super progressive (when they're parents aren't around), Islam is going to be majorly cucked in the next 50 years.

Nah. It's just that savages are dead weight on human evolution.

You are clueless. Just how {{{we}}} like [[[you]]] filthy infidels. Your daughter be will wearing a Hijab, trust me, it's the law of Allah himself.

Oh fuck off. If we didn't exist you would be living like 500BC.

Islam did have a reformation. It has returned to its roots of Jihad.

It's faulty and unreformable. It's the ultimate mind virus for humanity and should be outlawed at all costs.

Islam allows them to live like Kuffar when they are a minority. The rule literally exists so that way they can increase their population percentage without being run out too early.

I guess you forgot {{{we}}} created civilization as we know it side by side with (((them))). You would still be dangling in trees if we hadn't taught the Egyptians who taught the Romans who taught you.

The cradle of civilization is the Fertile Crescent. That is Arab land in it's entirety.

Islam is venomous and cancerous. It will be phased out soon, not in our lifetime but soon.

Islam is actually being dissolved on contact with the west like styrofoam in gasoline. You need only look at veiled women gossiping amongst themselves in public with computers in their pockets to realize that reformation is inevitable at this juncture. Absolutely haram to much of the old world.

I think you mean Assyrian land

Arabs aren't native to any part of that map marked in green.

>Fertile Crescent.
>What is Sumer, Babylon, Akad, Asyria

Do you know what Archeology is?

They don't exist anymore. We took their women as concubines so we descend from them by proxy. Same with the so-called chosen people. It's not a coincidence there are 450 million Arabs and only 3.3 million Assyrians.

Funny how that Crescent goes all the way around Arabia.

Assyrians, Phoenicians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and Egyptians were not Arabs. Not until they got invaded by the desert goat fuckers, though.

>Arabs aren't native to any part of that map marked in green.

Take that flag off you infidel. Palestinians are Arabs. It's their land, they are indigenous. They have been in that land for thousands of years. That's the fertile crescent.

It obviously does need one if you have most of the entire Sunni population disavowing the Wahhabists for misinterpreting the religion. If you don't think a schism already exists you're a confirmed retard, Mudshits are just reluctant to talk about it because their religion is supposed to be more "unified" than Christianity despite being totally divided both in the Sunni/Shia sphere and now in the Mainstream Sunni/Wahhabist Sunni sphere as well. The louder the Wahhabists get, the larger the divide between mainline Sunnis and extreme Wahhabist Sunnis grows, and that will inevitably result in a total schism as religious leaders for coalitions and turn against the "heretics" (this already happens in the Middle East).

Arabs didn't take over the Middle East until 1380 years ago, that's how long they've had to replace the indigenous population.

We will see a future where Europe will be a brown skin color and faggots like you will claim Europe was always niggers.

>We took their women as concubines

You didn't take shit. You killed everyone on your path like the barbarian you are, destroying centuries-old civilization to follow the leader of a cult, then you wed your cousin. You're not worth more than a mormon.

And as you're so much retarded from interbreeding, you turned your own country into a shithole and you have to flee it to enjoy the constructions of the white man.

Yo last I checked the pol narrative was saying Shia is the reform Islam needs over those Sunni animals, am I missing something

Mecca should be Nuked(Sub,Bomber,Missile,Truck, False Flag).

It would cause "World vs Islam". bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

Islam did have a reformation, and it gave us ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Civilisation started long before Islam.
Islam destroyed what civilisation there was in Arabia. Instead of being the most developed region of the world it's now a shithole everyone's trying to leave.

Cleansing fire is the reform islam needs.

>t. ahmed

Only developed nations and civilized people actually will experience religious and cultural cuckoldry. I doubt islam will evolve pass its current filthy barbaric state, they will always be the poor, underdeveloped invading locusts.

This LARPing gets really lame really quick

muslim girls born in the US have nice feet

Its because the Quran literally says to be wary of reformers, as they are devils or whatever

Indo european Zoroastrian PERSIA had that land for longest and life under the Persians was objectively better than any other nation that ruled that area