AR15 confirmed

Weapons of war have no place on our streets.

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>Weapons of war

So I should finally get around to buying an AK? Or will that get me stopped at the airport for having once bought a terrist (tm) gun?

Mabye we should pass a law
that makes murder illegal
That should work

We should outlaw human beings instead. I have yet to see a loaded gun kill somebody without some sort of input to it by a dirty filthy human.

They have no place in the hands of liberals.

It's all orge


>Weapons of war have no place on our streets.

welcome to 50 years ago

Maybe we should address the mental health epidemic that allows unhinged nut jobs like this to go unnoticed.

He would have done better if he walked up and stabbed them.

>Weapons of war have no place in out skies

So I guess that we should just ban all semi automatic rifles.

You're right they don't belong on the streets.
And if someone has a rifle and starts picking people off - I'll go for my rifle.
Thank you for the reminder that we should all have rifles just in case.

You should've told that to the mudshits when it still mattered, because they do now kek

Lol, in the past few terrorist attacks more people were killed by trucks.

so we shouldn't have jews handing out crazy pills like candy, just as a sensible first step?

>tfw go buy first gun
>nics check
>are you a crazy person?
>have you ever been on crazy pills?

Dodged that bullet.


And yet he still couldn't kill shit.


this. anything less than 6mm is useless for anything more than rabbits.

That's how I immediately knew it was a leftist when they said there were 100+ rounds fired and only 5 wounded. Commies can't shoot for shit.

>50 shots fired
>0 dead 5
>weapon of war
>leftwing marksmen

>5 injured

Guns are designed to kill, designed to kill, designed to kill.

>except police snd feds should have them though
>guns arebad, unless in the hands of the government

Got statism?



>leftists want to disarm right wingers so they can go around and shoot more right wingers

it didn't take long for you faggots to show up.

But they DO have a place in my home. Now please, help combat climate change and give yourself a nice post term abortion you pathetic libtard.

I know you are baiting but you are actually right, who the hell needs an AR15 as a civilian ? it is useless for hunting or any other activity where guns are allowed. It was unironically manufactured with one goal in mind - to kill as many people as fast as possible.

Explain how you intend to un-invent the gun

So is abortion, mental midget.

Ignore the gunshills, they are trying to control the narrative
Focus on the media and liberal fear mongering
Stop defending and start attacking

It's a pretty solid choice for home defense. It's a never-ending argument about what's best, but an AR is pretty effective at being an AR.

Is it possible to own an actual assault rifle somewhere in USA? If not why is that?

>who the hell needs an AR15 as a civilian ? it is useless for hunting or any other activity where guns are allowed.

Yeah. And if you live in a real state it's as easy as stopping at the store and buying one on your way home.

Oh wait unless by "assault rifle" you mean select fire. Then you have pay money and apply for a "tax stamp" and get extra checks before the government says you're good.

Either that or like inherit one from your grandad or whatever other "loophole."

>Being such a woman, he doesn't know a pistol is a shitty weapon to stake your life on

Checks out.


Confirmed by who? The reports I saw said AK clone

Nah, today we found out that an AR-15 is pretty good at removing elephant.

Only if they are made before 1986. They also cost thousands more than your typical semi-autos and you need to get a tax stamp from the ATF which can take several months. Generally they're only owned by collectors.

I know you're baiting, but the AR15 wasn't designed to kill as many people as fast as possible. It would have to be an automatic if it wanted to do that, and the AR15 is a semi-auto.

and republican congress and republican president wont do anything about it?

Gonna need the sauce on this.


Its not a weapon of war.
Many people use them for hunting.
Its more used by ex military for self defense since ist based on the M16 platform.

Most common people dont and wouldnt use it for self defense. An AK is more likely or a shotgun.

If you are serious about self defense get a SCAR.

this. Honestly, this guy was afraid to go to a gun range and hang out with all of those awful right wingers.
In addition to this apparent lack of marksmanship (could've been nerves as he may have had a conscience), as he was a confirmed Bernie supporter, he went for the wrong target. DNC screwed the Berm, not republicans. Am I missing something?
>Oh yeah, I'm not a left-wing (or any wing) nut job.

Probably not.

Then gtfo of the country

Why bother? It's not much of a fight worth fighting. People who for whatever reason want full auto can get them and have fun.

Much more strategic are things like the Hearing Protection Act or whatever it's called so average people can do something actually useful like buy a suppressor at the gas station and make less noise.

Wrong, modern military arms are designed to wound.

Modern light weaponry like assault rifle are designed to provide covering fire while real weapons do the job.

I agree. If you see one, call me and ill come pick it up off the street.

>it is useless for hunting or any other activity where guns are allowed. It was unironically manufactured with one goal in mind - to kill as many people as fast as possible.
But all of that is wrong you fucking retard.

An actual machine gun is very expensive and requires a tax stame after months of waiting. You can buy an AR-15 for $400 off the internet

Americans need to stop acting like their guns are an extension of their cock

Fucking babies you have """oathkeepers""" and all these militia "gun enthusiast" types who love playing superhero irl its cringey and not worth throwing your country under the bus for MUH FREEDOM when you have the worst case of gun related homicide in the world.

You cant defend this fucking faggot larpers

>literally has "assault" in its name
>not used for killing

wew lad

>when you have the worst case of gun related homicide in the world.

We don't. And your nation's opinions on guns in the US has been irrelevant since 1776.


Are you trolling or actually ignorant?

Weak bait. Consider suicide, kraut.

You gotta be a little more subtle next time

Faggot when will you ever fire it stop LARPing

Pretty sure they said it was a shotgun

this has nothing to do with trolling no civilian needs a fucking assault rifle. we can argue about pistols but fucking semi-auto assault rifles ? that's just fucking ridiculous.

Take an ar15 into a war and see how quickly you die lol

M8, we certainly are close. Can't deny that. And seriously, why do we need to have 30rd Guns? The Government shit means nothing and you know it. Russians would be dropping AK's within Days if a Revolt against the Government were to occur.


Realistically? If I ever fire at a human it would probably be whoever breaks in to my house, whether it's a criminal or just somebody coming to take it away from me.

I don't larp around armed in daily life, so it's somewhat unlikely that the first time I shoot at another person is for the protection of others.



ok name one scenario that isnt:


But where is assault in its name kraut?


The standard ammo for ARs is extremely useful for home defense because it more often than not stops immediately when it enters drywall and other materials used for residential construction, so there's perfectly reasonable applications for its use and ownership because it won't be flying for a mile if you miss a home invader. You're just a faggot.

Consider suicide

>Says my nation is irrelevant
>Defends homicide rate with irrelevant countries

Second Amendment.

Im glad to see you agree with your good ol uncle adolf

I knew you couldnt name one. and for both the ones I gave you you can easily use a pistol instead. so what the fuck is the point of an AR ?

An AK? They are for sale all over in the US (some 100% US made, others made partially from overseas parts with "history"), unless you are in Cali, you can even get the ones with folding buttstocks (can fit in a hiking pack)


You don't need to be a faggot but you choose to anyway. And I choose to own standard capacity magazines for my AR, and so should every other citizen.

Buy it off armslist. Or just buy it off a store, there's no registry or anything. Maybe they are keeping a secret list of gunowners, but it seems unlikely considering how the cops have just started treating everyone like they potentially have a gun.

People dont break into your house to kill you

You're not seth rich lmao

tyrannical governments. sound familiar?

lol fag



he also built the Autobahn, not every single thing he did was bad.

they have tanks and shit, how is your little AR gonna save you ? this is just stupid as fuck

Trump is going to use this to make the GOP pivot on gun control, you watch.

>asks for reasons
>ignores all reasons given by others
Yup. You should kill yourself for the sake of the human gene pool.

>assault rifle is in its name
No, AR-15 is Armalite Rifle model 15

Have fun with all the shitskins raping your women while you watch cause youre to afraid of muh AR

Killing federal agents, literally what that amendment is for.

>Not an argument
The constitution is not written by god you fucking LARPER

Its not rape if they ditch his lame ass for better men

Yes it is

OK muhammed

Guns are cool and all, but at the end of the day, I'm glad we have much stricter gun laws in Canada. All you have to do is look at the number of shootings and it's pretty obvious that American gun laws lend themselves to gun violence.
>inb4 b8 or LEAF
I'm just calling it as I see it.