Look at this fuck, this is a comment on the facebook page of the shooter in VA.

Holy shit this makes me mad. Look at what the MSM does to people.

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Thank you CNN.

>bernie supporters call for high taxes
>surprised when people chimpout because they're going to lose their earned income over this made up scenario in their head


We need to gather as many of these as we can and make a collage of them. It would make a powerful political weapon.

I'd like to help, but I'm currently on campus using mobile. I'll be able to help later this evening though.



>thanks republicans for the 2nd amendment
Is he admitting that they are correct? Will the left finally shut up about gun control now that it worked in their favor?

Is it civil war time? Some thread pointed out this summer is summer of hate and the black sun is on august 21st I think.


The day of the rope is drawing ever closer, remember boys , Traitors like them go first, then the enemy.

>killing politicians is bad

he forgot to mention the solar eclipse will pass over fort sumter as its last stop

Day of the Rope when????

Last time I checked all investments are going through the roof except for carbon scam

You know the answer to that.

inb4 triggered leftshits are going to come in this thread and say
>well what about all the times you guys justified roof and brevik
ummm duh sweetie this is our side against your side


isn't this the kind of thing that can be reported to the FBI?

That wouldn't happen, but honestly something big needs to happen to promote social cohesion again. Like a world war. The current state of affairs is disgusting, and all of it is because of the media.

someones getting a secret service visit

Yes, and it should be. I reported it to facebook but that won't do any good.

The kid is young, but this type of attitude needs to be corrected.

I'd think soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Drudge report

Left-Wing Twitter Celebrates Shooting of Rep. Scalise

>ok to shoot people who think one person is better than another
>trump is a stupid cunt


I believe a lot of people will be getting "visits" after this

He was another braindead lefwing bernie extremist. They're all violent little punkfags that watch too much colbert and maddow, who radicalize them off the cliff

of course they do
they want unarmed civilians.

About time for a second civil war. Hope Iran glasses Israel while you are busy lynching leftists.

Crossing my finger for copy cat killers. We need a reichstag fire

>be responsible for bill to kill thousands of Americans
>get shot in the ankle
Seems pretty tame to me. Unless you don't think wealthy politicians passing laws to kill people should be subject to penalty? But that would be about the most un-American thing I could think of. That would seem more like the state of affairs in corrupt a South American or slavic shithole where citizens have no power to fight against the suffering brought down on them by their government.

>Democratic Socialism explained in 3 words
Gibs me dat

Go check out the #ReichstagFire hashtag on Twitter. And they say WE'RE the crazy ones.

Nice generalization; I don't approve of the shooting at all and it only makes things worse in the long run.

Anybody have more?

These idiots are making our job so much easier, those of us with fake antifa accounts should start pushing this as the beginning of a revolution. Just remember not to cross over into incitement. :^)

>This was a message to all the fuckheads ... who thinks that one person is better than the other.
>Congratulations person for shooting that other person

>when only one girl on the dating sim is unlocked


>not overthrowing the government under the guise of the 2nd amendment

Lel, pussy. All talk no action.

all leftists deserve death. They are violent animals who need to be put down.

Are you also underage OP?
This kid look s about 15. His opinion is duly discarded.

Day of the rope when?

Reported to the FBI

'about 15'. Stop making random guesses to try and discredit shit. At any age, supporting domestic terrorism has consequences you have to deal with. If he can be treated differently because of age, the FBI will take appropriate action

Oh, well as long as you don't approve, I guess that makes people like in the OP not exist or count.

you are a cuckold. The fbi is a traitorous organization that is trying to impeach Trump. How does it feel to know your country is getting taken over by niggers who rape your women with impunity? nevermind, you enjoy raising nigger babies you cuckold.

Generalization is all the right has. When you're as morally bankrupt as they are, the population tends to split pretty harshly where everybody on one side is OK with stupid violent assholes (the right) and everybody on the other side is literally "everybody else" (the left). So the "everybody else" side tends to not have a strong uniting ideology, because they're, on average, just normal people with differing opinions that have no choice but to choose the side that isn't full of extremism and hatred, so they land on the left. When that happens, the right can't really do anything but find the most extreme people on the left and portray the entire left as infested with those people.

Well, they do have some other options: admit that right wing ideologies, currently, are morally and pragmatically flawed (impossible due to everybody's childish clinging to "their side" no matter what), or form a new party (logistically infeasible because the US party system is broken). So it'll just keep getting worse until I guess they start killing leftists as "retaliation".

if every extremist "counts" in this sense, then the republicans are wildly worse by every measure, but that's an irrational way to look at things

Trump could have prevented this by simply being presidential and trying to unify people instead if catering to his hateful base, the blood is on his hands

>Comment ends "Be Peaceful."
They unironically think they're the good guys.

Be prepared, we may need to put them down.


Do you unironically believe this?

Comrades. This is beginning of revolution we need. God bless this man. He will be remembered on the RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY as a martyr against facism

Hey anons!

Want revenge? Remember your problems are masterminded and enforced by two group.

Jews who have light skin (aka Khazar Jews) are the master minds and white self haters who provide the muscle of the anti white movement and all anti white laws on the books.

Unless you focus on those two groups, you are doing the anti whites a giant favor. If you take it out on the niggers you remove problem children from your enemies care, giving him more time to fight you. You also give him a propaganda victory.

If you remove a Jew, the anti whites can't think clearly. If you remove a white self hater, the anti whites can't fight effectively.

Choose your targets wisely.

Being an old farm boy myself,chickens coming home to roostnever did make me sad; they've always made me glad.

>Generalization is all the right has
>Proceeds to generalize that Republicans wildly worse
Proving you have no place in this debate. Look up the numbers.
We only had Timothy McVeigh, and he was responding to a democide committed in part by Hillary Clinton.

>split pretty harshly where everybody on one side is OK with stupid violent assholes (the right)
>Generalizes the right while saying only the right generalizes
>Generalizes the right as loving stupid violent asshole while talking about the generalization the right does against muslims, and that they don't like them because they consider them stupid violent assholes, without a hint of irony
>Right has been non-violent the entire election season while the left has been threatening people with death loudly and publicly
>Left starts shooting and killing people, but it will be the Right's fault and they'll be the bad guys if they fight back
Other than that, great post 10/10

Only the sickest of people would LARP at a time like this. I guarantee he's legit that deranged.

Where is he getting the 'thousands of retirement dollars' figure? How does that factor in?

>Generalization is all the right has. When you're as morally bankrupt as they are
Are you just shitposting or do you genuinely not see the irony here?

That moron is not only a product of MSM. His brainwashing began in Kindergarten.

Take me out at the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd;
Buy me some rifles and ammo packs,
I don't care if I never get back.
Let me root, root, root for the left wing,
If they don't win, it's a sham.
For it's one, two, three shots, you're out,
At the old ball game.


commies are on the left side not the right

read a book

All i know is that we prolly get to start shooting DEMS pretty soon. That we can be pleased about.

I hope CNN media people are the first casualty of their mess. They do things as if there will never be any repercussions

He's a CTR borg repeating stuff from the mother brain

'Every measure'? Give me some of these great measures that the republicans are worse on. The great republican shootings against democrats. Hell I'll take the great republican shootings against anybody. Your base score to try and beat is 50 dead and 50 injured when a democrat gunned down a night club.

>if you don't want to be shot, then don't disagree with me

the tolerance of the left

NYT too. How the fuck have they gotten away with the fact Comey confirmed their first 'Trump/Russia' article was completely false? People just don't give a shit.

>be peaceful
this skinny faggot and his antifa buddies should all be hanging from the brooklyn bridge

>Sup Forums: Yeah, kill the n*ggers! Gas the kikes, race war now, right fellow anons? Don't you want to just brutally murder every nonwhite?
>Also Sup Forums: What the fuck, how can they justify killing??? Why are liberals so sick? I can't believe they can say all this stuff...
White bois are hypocrite crackers, as usual.

August 21st is coming
> holy war
> race war
> hyper violence
> martial law
> anarchy
> chaos
> soon

I agree with him.

>republicans if you want peace, be peaceful

can cival war part 2 please start already, these fuckers haven't witnessed anything

Flip left and right and what you said is dead on.

Blaming the right for things that the left does isn't an argument that you can make successfully.

How do you not know that Sup Forums is a satirical board of peace?


Notice he has no likes...

Das rite. Tell em brotha

You're confusing people LARPing on the internet with someone who actually shot people in the real world.

What people say and what they actually do are two separate things. Words on the internet are not morally identical to gunning people down in cold blood. Don't make this mistake again.

When did he cater to his "supposed" base.
>Israel Alliance
>Saudi Deal
>Not prosecuting MegaHag
>Not labeling China

He does what he thinks is best for US interests.

I'm sick of people saying his base, and meaning a lot of fucking fanatics, and retards.

His base was a hefty amount of normal, intelligent working class people, who don't fuck around on the internet like we do, pay their taxes, work, lead a full life and never make waves.

You think, and Dems say that everyone agrees with them, but in fact they don't. His approval polls don't mean shit.... the Presidential race polls showed us they are worthless.

Libs call me a bot on twitter everyday, because they (you) are too fucking stupid to realize not "everyone agrees with them.

Fuck off and die, if you don't like it, move to London. They speak english (for the time being) and welcome different cultures, even at the risk of their people.

You cant have social cohesion in a multiracial society you dingus

posting this far and wide

"If you want peace. Be peaceful. And let us shoot you."

t. the left




>tfw we are ACTUALLY /Weimar/ now

Except he would end up owing more if Hillary had been in power.

What stupid fucking idiots.

the black sun shall rise and the ancient ones shall return

Yes, indeed you are.

Conservatives pretend resources are infinite not the left. Infinite fish, clean water, oil forests etc etc.

He's right.
Plus conservatives say the same shit >gas the kikes, day of the rope etc

>2008-2028 - Weimerica before Second Civil War
(History of early 21st century)

The last thing corporate america wants is a disruption of the gravy train. As long as they are in power (and they are more than ever) nothing will happen.

>shooting in America
>not a Muslim

Your doing it wrong.

Sounds like a Sup Forums post circa 2014

Spread their names everywhere.

These people must be exposed. This shit is already redpilling people i know on facebook. Spread every picture of liberals condoning this shit. Propaganda must be our main goal right now.

Things are getting so tense. Nobody can get along any more and there's no honest discussion, just posturing. I wouldn't be surprised if there's major social upheaval within the next 20 years. Won't be fun.