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I'm here for the butt rape.


eric the punk

Clanton didn't do it. Stop being dumbasses.

VFN is there, planning to go live in 15 minutes.

Princess Eric is going to be a niggers bitch in prison. Are we going to have cameras in his hearing ?

that's for a judge to decide

link pls m8?

You don't know what a jury is?

Are they allowed cameras in there ?

Reminder that hapas are complicit to left extremism. They diminish white numbers and weaken our forces tremendously.

if this is retard goes to trial, you can bet the prosecutor will be calling expert witnesses for facial recognition/analysis, and medical experts to testify. It's a violent felony (multiples), he's not going to be able to weasel his way out of it.

Eric the dick

wrong thread ?

splendid ol'bean.


It depends, did he ask for a jury or for a judge only? I heard he asked for just a judge and not a jury.

They aren't.

Is there a link I can watch the court appearance or nah

you don't know what a bench trial is?

does anyone know what time this is happening or when i should start focusing

don't you mean already?

I know Eric is innocent. You retards fingered the wrong guy.

is this for sentencing or a hearing or for something else?

i was gonna have a good morning wank, but i could kill two birds with one stone depending on what's going on here.

Post proofs or fuck off with your shitposting.

hes guilty but even if he is feels good taking a regressive leftist out of a campus brainwashing kids with cuckoldry

Sup Forums is always right

now stop LARPing and enjoy Eric's fear with the rest of us

Hello Antifa

Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges

Assault with a deadly weapon is usually one of the highest assaultive offenses next to manslaughter and murder. Some states refer to this charge as assault with a dangerous instrument or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. An assault can include knowing, intentional, or even reckless conduct which results in an unwanted contact with a victim. The most basic example of knowing or intentional conduct is when one person hits another with a closed fist.

Proving Assault with a Deadly Weapon

To prove an assault with a deadly weapon charge, the state must also show that a defendant actually used a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument. Many states define guns or firearms as deadly weapons. However, a variety of instruments can be considered a deadly weapon. The definition is set out by each state's penal code, but usually involves some evidence that the deadly weapon was used or intended to be used in a way that was capable of causing death or serious bodily injury.

Like a fucking Steel U lock with blood on it.

>he is fucked.

Bumping for clanton to get his booty hole pushed in.

I hope they give this faggot the harshest sentence possible.

I hope so, I'm posting this picture with my comment about this in last few threads dedicated to this asshole,
and I do hope that the Prosecutor will use this as an evidence.
This is very solid and very crucial piece of visual proof.

I hope someone can pass this picture to the Prosecutor's Office just to make sure they don't omit this piece of evidence.
But it's so obvious that I doubt it that they would ignore it to use it as a way to ID him.

here have some popcorn

Starts at 915, no cameras allowed inside. There are a lot of people scheduled for 915 so it may take a while. Last time it was supposed to start at 9 but it was closer to 230


"It musta been him" doesn't meet the burden of proof.

Is this going to be another zim zam trial we can watch? Fucking stream where?

That was because of the retard filming

>doesn't even try to address evidence obtained by the police

weak bait

Ummmm what picture ?

I've got my drinkies!
>and my snackies

Periscope is live get in here

VFN live now en route to courthouse.

all of that evidence seems to, dummy

Fuck this shit man

hes a freedom fighter
you fuckin faggots nazi white supremicists bastrds go back to your anime porn and your vidya
Clanton is a hero ... a fuckin hero

oh rubbish b8

Not to mention after obtaining a search warrant they found the bike lock with DNA on it, the same clothes he wore that day and other identifying objects e.g. antifa flyers etc.

>"It musta been him" doesn't meet the burden of proof.

Assault with a deadly weapon is almost on the same level as manslaughter retard.
The state is not gonna pass on the opportunity to make an example out of him.

The vid of him hanging out with his Antifa buddies better have made it to the right hands.

Inb4 Rueben Shekelsteinberg gets him off the hook

You know he's going to like it..

VFN Live now

A bike lock covered in blood and all the visible articles of clothing + accessories and photo evidence (Selfies) taken from his phone with a warrant that also proved he was there IS proof though. His lawyer is arguing "It was justified for him to hide behind a woman and kill someone trying to keep the peace because there was a KKK flag somewhere", admitting that it was indeed him.

is there a stream?

The guy did nothing wrong.
You all claim violence is the answer but are all too fucking cowardly to do anything.
Stop being hipocrites

>student union



>I can't stream live in the court house

There's no evidence in the pic you posted.


Was he reported due being at the anarchist meeting the other day. got to be a breach of his bail.

arent cameras not allowed in court?

>lauren southern
no thanks ill wait for another stream

is eric clapton going to jail yet. i'm not watching some shitty hearing

He took selfies of him in the same outfit that he smacked people with the bike lock.
Muh dick gets hard every time I read that. He's fucked. He'll turn, and rat people out, or go to prison.

on the bikelock

Trim your vag hairs disgusting cunt.

Casus Belli is required.
Hitting an innocent, especially one trying to keep the peace, is the same as putting a gun in your mouth and putting your enemy's finger on the trigger.

..It's not lauren southern, I was just using her pic.

of the guy he hit?

is this for real?

id rather not. thanks
guy is an autist, doesn't know how the world works lol he wont even be able to record inside

Mid-quality bait.
It would probably work in real life.

i hope so also,also can you take a live feed in an american court? we aint allowed to...only drawings are allowed to be done lol

I want to see the live stream from inside his prison cell

"No Bubba No, not again, I dont wanna ride the whip."

> I was just using her pic
youre a faggot. tired of seeing these eceleb cunts all day every day. will wait for someone else's' stream.. ty.

I'm deeply skeptical that the prosecution and the judge would have quietly consented to this unless something is very, very rotten in Denmark.

>tfw you are too stupid to get rid of the item you committed assault with.

He KEPT THE CLOTHS ?! wow ...
and people think he's going to walk ? This is gonna be one short hearing.

>A bike lock covered in blood
Stop making shit up.

He just caught two Antifa sticking things to the court house for a second on his stream but didn't film them

there's nothing here

that didn't last long.

>A bike lock covered in blood
It doesn't say anything about blood anywhere in the police report.

>Ummmm what picture ?
this, with his "Y" shaped veins pattern on his right arm

we're about to find out today if the judge will revoke his bond and remand him into custody

>A bike lock covered in blood
Fake news. There is nothing in the publicly available documents about a "bike lock covered in blood" specifically. This is kindergarden telephone game shit, stop being an underaged faggot

It is also interesting to note the emphasis the complain filed by the prosecution puts on his ties with anasist groups and anti-fa. This could be laying legal ground work for faster prosecutions for other members/future arrests.

No, he's a violent thug that hit an innocent man over the head with a heavy piece of metal and thought he could get away with it because he was part of a cult.

Damn. I've heard about this story, but only just now watched that video. That was some brutal shit. I hope he gets at least ten years and not just a slap on the wrist, he's a danger to society.

pls dont be trollin me nippon

>rat people out
lol this isn't the 5 families, I'm sure the FBI already has tabs on anarchist and antifa groups and probably several moles already in place. Who is he going to rat on, George Soros? It's a 'movement' with barely anything close to a leader . Just young white people LARPing as revolutionaries. Clanton has no outs, he is fucked and will be literally fucked once he gets into prison.

>stop online vigilantes
>so we can assault people without repercussions

How do these tards not drown in the shower?!

what is the point in this shitty fucking thread if we cant watch fucking cunt

lol watching you fags cower like this truly is euphoric

It's a drought.

intelligence of a pineapple

fucking retard. never post again, you shitter

Just an assumption on my part but considering he is too dumb to get rid of the bike lock and clothes I bet it will come up.

even worse hes in a uni teaching half baked adults