Great, there was a shooting

Who fuckin cares

I'm tired of everything being politicized. The right is now doing what the left did. Using every incident to advance their stupid agenda.

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It's worse when the right wing does it! Waaaa

I just wish someone would actually try to solve problems in this world instead of being dramatic.

The root of this even is politically motivated you fucking idiot, get a grip.


No it's not. That's what you're not getting. It's just some crazy guy who latched onto politics because he couldn't latch onto anything else.

False flag to distract people from the Russain investigation.

>political leaders shot
>posting on politics board
>I'm tired of everything being politicized


I'm also tired of hearing praise for the police. What are we becoming, a police state?

>I just wish someone would actually try to solve problems

Democrats have been trying to introduce common sense gun control for a long time.

Make this crisis go to waste! Right now!

ah, the old "muslims are the real victims" trick.

liberal cuck mad that their side is always wrong. you mad ?

I care.

All democrats want to do is play eye for an eye with the evil corrupt Republican snakes. I don't find that helpful.

>I'm tired of everything being politicized.
do you know where you are?

only way to solve this problem is to start rounding up libeals, jews, commies, nggers, muslims and spics and start putting them into some kind of labor camp

Yea I'm in a stupid nightmare called 2017

>Don't pay attention to this one, goyim.

I don't disagree. But throw white devils in there, too.

Nah if the Dems were getting shot by a Republican they and their media slaves would be pulling out every stop to take out the President and the whole party.

But we have to 'stop politicizing' it when a Dem does it?
It's a purely politically motivated shooting ffs.

Remember the Dems want all Republicans and their children dead or bred out of existence.
If you have a clear shot at them take it because when they get one at you they will NOT hesitate.

we already have common sense gun control

it's called the second amendment

ever hear of this guy called Saul Alinsky. I believe he said something along the lines of:
> "accuse your enemies of doing exactly what you are"
>"use your opponents rules against them, they are held to them you are not"

Now the gloves are off faggot, we know your game, and we are coming for you. :)

doesn't work in mexico, why would it work here?

>Being this buthurt

i wish we were shooting niggers

>Literally asks if they're Dems or Republicans before shooting
>Somehow not political

They are. Republicans shoot black people and minorities all the time. Republicans are racists and think Trump winning was the return of white domination, when really he won for other reasons, namely because Obama was so terrible, and we wanted a worldly down to earth businessman to fix it.


OP is a phag

wrong democrats shoot black people

The difference is I want the right to win and the left to lose

White democrats. Don't forget.

>Republicans shoot black people and minorities all the time


Blacks shoot everyone else and whoever shoots back is called a racist Republican.

>The right is now doing what the left did. Using every incident to advance their stupid agenda.
Yes, that's the point.

When have radical right wing christians shot muslim leaders?
Im really confused as to what op meant by this

>I'm tired of everything being politicized.
Hard to not politicize it when the gunman was a bernie supporter who was sharing anti trump conspiracy theories on facebook and was becoming more and more unhinged as time went on. His actions were directly caused by politics. But please snowflake, keep burying your head in the sand telling yourself you're not the bad guys.

Whites invade other countries and rape their women. Crime is only high among blacks because they're poor, which is partly due to them being treated as interior. If you can't admit that, you're a coward.

no, it's other niggers

except our agenda is Right

>Crazy guy who has a different political viewpoint decides to shoot up the enemy political team
Almonds = activated.

>Crime is only high among blacks because they're poor
wrong, there is lower crime among poor white trash than upper middle class blacks

Face reality. White people are racist and think they're more worthy of the planet's resources than darker skinned people. Admit it.

Niggers vote democrat and kill each other.

Hey remember that time that the richest black neighborhood has more crime than the poorest white one?

White people probably targeted them to give them a bad rep. That's how white devils operate.


europe has almost no resources, while africa is rich in resources

See, even God hates white people.

>Republicans shoot black people and minorities all the time
>In my mind, anyway.
Jesus mate

No you Shareblue shill, all the recent terrorist killings in America have been from confirmed Democrat voters.
Pulse shooter, his whole family is Dem, this new guy...Bernie supporter

And their anger is justified. Faggots deserve to die.

Guess who loves homos more than anyone else? WHITE democrats. See the pattern here? White people.

No it's mostly niggers that kill niggers why are you lying

It's white people that kill everyone. Blacks are just angry that they're alive on this white devil planet.

it will make people hate us. we know this.


>inb4 not terrorism

Why not archive?

>terrorist killings

No one's died other than the shooter, by next week no one will care.

Even the EGS guy had a higher score

Sorry, we can't afford to take the high road anymore, they've clearly shown their our enemies and will do anything to ruin our lives.

>their our enemies

That's what both sides think about each other. Obama played both sides, put them against each other. He played the white devils, found their weakness.

I guessing you'd be all over this shit if it was a Trump supporter. Fuck off, libshit.


your mean

>volunteered for the Bernie Sanders campaign
>went out and shot up the Republican majority whip


> white devils

How do you politicize something that was already OBVIOUSLY POLITICAL to begin with? He went there to shoot Republicans lol. Goddamn you fuckers are dumb!!

Are you a grammer nazi or a faggot communist?

Either way bite the curb bitch.

>The right is now doing what the left did.

I'm a Trump supporter, but definitely not a cuckservative. Trump has the ability and courage that no other President has had. Unfortunately, he's buying into the bullshit that America is a great country and white people are better than others.

You are fucking

I don't commend the right for doing it, but truth be told the phrase "violent rhetoric" was placed into public consciousness BY the left specifically to undermine the right. Fuck them, I say politicize this to the cliff.


So much for the tolerant right

Applelachia is a crime ridden place?

Could you produce those statistics?

Hahaha this will continue until your kids are right wing as fuck by default.

Then the rides might turn again.

>I'm tired of everything being politicized.


You're a fucking terrorist sympathizer.

>gun control
>common sense


So how come we can choose our flags now


Thats the problem the right wing has never tried to assasinate leftist politicians. Feels bad to be on the other side uh asshole.

>wahh I made a thread just to prove how much I don't care, wahhhhh

It was a literal BERNIE COMMUNIST who tried to kill a republican

Meanwhile Americans had their browsing histories sold to the CIA and other agencies.

Old/pol/ is dead. This is nao nu/pol/

>common sense

Yeah, but the left is still using this to push their agenda. I don't see your point.

leftie detected, kill yourself


You know there are IDs on this board and not just flags, right?

>I'm tired of everything being politicized.
Except that this was an explicitly political act, you faggot. This is a blatant tryhard attempt at being contrarian. Fuck off back to your husband.

The states with the most shootings have the most strict gun laws dumbfuck

>specifically targeted politicians
>mad that it's politicized

You ain't too bright are ya, boy?

We already tried that you dumbass, it didn't work last time, why would it work this time?

Exactly. Probably FSB.

to be this low information

um yes, I wasn't trying to pretend to be different people, just replying twice

like this, faggot

>if you're poor its ok to rape