Instead of condemning the shooter, liberals are doubling down and doing mental gymnastics to justify the shooting

Instead of condemning the shooter, liberals are doubling down and doing mental gymnastics to justify the shooting.

They are losing their fucking minds

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What did Marcus W Collins mean by that?

Everyone is just waiting around for a cue that the civil war should start. Myself included. It's kind of funny

Good thing the internet exists so this stuff stays out there indefinitely

Hit him up. Some of the replying comments might be /our guys/, I've already been banned from Occupy Demoshits

Who cares bro? The left is dying and shit like this pushes normies away. Best thing you can do is collect these posts like you're already doing and use them as propaganda to show liberals really are just emotional knee jerkers with no actual substance.

It's almost time famalam, prepare yourselves.

>guy was stopped because good guys had guns. We want to make sure that the good guys can always be armed and ready to defend innocents.
Ezpz fucking made to order incident for why guns are good

>tfw live in Alaska surrounded by conservatives and military bases

Nothing will happen here unless the conservatives decide to massacre anchorage.

Right always loses.

Could say the same thing about the right when the gabby giffords shooting happened.

The right in America are just hypocrites.

are you sure they are pushing normies away?
from what I've seen they are convincing normies of the made up russia narrative

Gabby Gifford's was just a fucking psycho shooter there wasn't any underlining political factors possibly caused by media/Democratic rhetoric and piss poor journalism. This is a big difference my dude. Most of these people are going to double down, blame white guys, and guns

>tfw been building hidden structures innawoods and stocking them with basic supplies
Wherever I am, I must also bugout.

I finally am starting to understand the liberal mindset, they don't blame islam for bombing people and causing terrorism, it was the bomb's fault.

Islam is a religion of peace, until the evil bombs got into the hands of muslims, now they are just blowing themselves up everyday because of the evil evil bombs.

Bomb control when?

For me I'm positive, I have multiple friends who are shifting very quickly and they aren't just white boys.

My sister in law called me for my opinion on this incident, few months ago she wouldn't listen to me on anything. Most normies aren't going to die for a bunch trannies and junkies.

This, Gifford shooter was a radical leftist anyway. He just hated women.

What did she mean by this?

Yes it can, you people ain't gonna win it.

She meant that If you don't do what they say, you deserve to die.

Hopefully some super autist is out there pissing in bottles, pasting all these screens together in a collage

This is supposedly his Facebook page. People are having active discussions on his comments


>Hey Trevor, still single bro?


He is actually right about controlling language tbhq senpai

>You don't use your political power to take away citizens' Constitutional Rights so you deserve to die!

Post yfw nothing happens because of this and the Republicans just say the man was a psycho. They have a great chance right now to btfo anti gun faggots

this isnt the first time the tolerant left has condoned murder in their name

Keep digging through comments/tweets and posting some fresh goodness. The comments on his FB are moving to o quick for my mobile

In other news today, gun sales are up and ammo is flying off the shelves!!
Gun shop owners say sales haven't been this good since Obama left office

Attempt to assassinate opposition party leaders, claim assassination attempt is reason to enact your policies... holy fuck these people need to be physically removed.

That's pretty good desu

>condemning the shooter
literally what is the point, it's on the level of 'my prayers go out to' and facebook filters and other faggotry. it changes N O T H I N G

Got to show everybody what a "good" person you are.

It's Trump's fault. That's right boys, Trump caused a deranged Bernie supporter to shoot up House GOP

Well yes, Trump is the Ultimate Evil, nothing they do can't be justified

We are getting closer to that point.

Even Reddit isn't siding with the left on this. Only a matter of time before commie round up. Liberals need to accept that leftists aren't on the same side as them and condone killing liberals along with conservatives.

guess im a bad person in that case

>all of these comments blaming trump for inciting hatred

This is what happens when your media calls someone hitler

>haha, see, if you don't control guns we will just use them to kill you

Too big of a pussy to be evil. You're probably just some angry shutin.

Looked like reddit was doubling down to me.


No, fuck off

Seriously. Starting to think they've found the ultimate black pill for gun control, they just become the villains themselves.

I'm pretty fucking liberal and I think this is super shitty

Sup Forums would react the exact same way if some larper shot Merkel.

Scalise...that's an Italian surname..who are the shooters? fucking niggers?

>Angry about the election
>Crazy Hernie Panders supporter
>Goes after GOP rather than the DNC that stole his nomination so they could run Killery

It's like pottery

It's a pure Google Nexus, none of that Samsung bloatware shit. I hate apple products, I've always like the Androids. Not that this matters

NO. That person would be a hero.

How are they still so arrogant? The guy just wounded a bunch of people. The Right has been incredibly patient and not going into full Right Wing Safety Squad mode, but they can't hold that back forever if the left keeps being little bitches.

>Sup Forums would hypothetically act the same way in this hypothetical situation I have made up in my head
Really activates the old nut reserves

fucking ferg face

>implying Sup Forums would condemn such an attack and claim that we need more gun control to prevent further attacks
Sup Forums would arm every single motherfucker in the area in hopes that they might shoot more globalists


Except it won't work out like that lol

Yes, Trump's violent rhetoric caused someone from the opposite political side to shoot his own guys. He inspired this violence. The MSM calling him Hitler for a year and saying he should be removed by any means possible dindu nuffin.

Its like the Richard Spencer thing. Its okay to victim blame if the peaceful person you attack is a nazi, they had it coming!

Hopefully some unhinged right winger mows down a few dozen antifas at their next protest so we can practice our cognitive dissonance too.

the lefts reaction to this is making me more angry at them then i;ve ever been desu

>Hey Trevor still single bro?

And also the gold and silver thing, the US is only allowed to use gold and silver as money (although technically it doesnt say anything about what may be used as currency).

>oh vey remember sandy hoax

>pictures of ritual abuse
>rumors of a sexring in the town
shit screams pizzagate to me

>leftist RETARDS shooting corrupt politicians

As long as you don't try to take away my law abiding guns, this seems like some shit we just need to let sort itself out


Exactly, there would be no condeming of the shooter but instead use it to push a political agenda.

Where is 'They think it would be funny' on the political spectrum?

Civil war when?

Chaotic Good

Wow, I can't even begin to try and rationalize how they perceive the world around them...
We are headed for a shot, brutal and savage Civil War aren't we?

Will you be supplying our lines with fresh olives?

>Vox doing damage control and throwing him under the bus



It's just the beginning

It is justified though, he (tried to) execute traitors

Me too

>civil war
pick one

At least be funny if you're going to drop a pointless post here like that.

Yeah and extra virgin oil so you can oil up their asses before you rape your prisoners

don't forget the dead kids at sandy hook, goyim

Giffords shooter was an apolitical schizophrenic. There hasn't been a true right wing attack in America since mcveigh. And that was so long ago people born when it happened can buy alcohol.

> Compares punching someone who was wielding a bottle to shooting politicians playing baseball

Looks like you've already started with the cognitive dissonance, m80


Once it becomes a shooting war, a particular side won't be able to stomach the level of violence that will emerge.
I'll give you a hint, if an event sparks off and martial law is declared, what side will be out in the streets inciting more violence against law enforcement?

It sure as shit won't be conservative types.

>waiting to get the go-ahead for race war
Aren't we all?

Tell them that their plan to shoot republicans in order to get them to pass gun control is evil. Point out that the shooter was a gun control advocate like them.

This is genuinely sad, people praising this. We're all Americans in the same country, we should never be happy about something like this.

We need a new country to invade to get this out.

>unless they massacre anchorage
Sorry, no promises. You know how it is.

I love how some Americans want rid of guns yet they don't understand that having guns is what stops your government running all over you. Christ, this is a reason to strip gun laws and it'll fuck many a person

I've got the pissing in bottles covered, someone needs to take care of the rest

You are retarded, the union is going to collapse within our lifetimes you dingus. You cant have cohesion in a multiracial society lmao, they are contradictory concepts when will you brainlets learn?


What will be the shot heard round the world?

If my fellow countrymen have red, white, and blue in their veins they're fine with me. Anything less, send them up to Canada.

Remember: It's always projection.

That's not brainwashed whites though, that's just typical nignogs.


>Shareblue on Overdrive
Well I hope they're making 4ยข per post today

>They are losing their fucking minds
Minds are not lost abruptly, but rather their minds slipped away quietly long ago. For eight years they've slowly become more and more dogmatic about their political beliefs. This happened while most people weren't even watching.

This is why we tried so hard to get Trump elected. This shit had to be brought to the surface. We just had to turn up the heat so the scum would rise to the top.

Chaos is not an inherently negative force kids.

This could be a pivotal moment to begin putting the nails in the coffin and bury these sorry mistake for a political party

I'm gonna need some source on those aryan mammries friend

>a fucking Communist