It seems the problem isn't multiculturalism, is islam

It seems the problem isn't multiculturalism, is islam.

theres no islam in america and things aren't looking any brighter than europe

Huntington was more worried about the Orthodox-Slavs than the Muslim world. The Arabian peninsula has produced many ideologies that are antithetical to the 'West'/North Atlantic, but it's Russian irredentism that has continually disrupted or challenged North Atlantic interests around the world in modern times.

>Fort Hood
>San Bernardino

If it weren't for Islamic terrorism Trump never would've become president.

No, the problem is racial.

No brown/black people in white countries = no terrorism, no racism, way less violent crime, no SJWs, no Trump, no Sup Forums, ...

>white countries
Might be true for Europe but USA is not a white country and never has been.

>no terrorism

What is the IRA?

>what are world wars?

Of course it is, because there would be no America without whites. Whites founded the country, named it, and built the institutions the non-whites currently residing in it are leeching off of.

meds arent white though

your argument is invalid


>founded the country
after genociding and stealing the land from it's native population.

The problem is the Last Man, not race.

A large portion of the labor force was non-white for many years. The no-wage labor enabled the country to become financially powerful. Additionally, groups formerly considered non-white such as the Irish, Italians, and Jews contributed mightily to the country.
It would have been a radically different country if it were ever an explicitly "white" one.

>USA is not a white country and never has been.
It was 90% white until a few decades ago.

You could probably say the same for any place on Earth.
BTW, it's not even 100% confirmed that "native Americans" were in fact the first to settle there.

Well, some people claim that white=European, but whatever.

Islam is abhorrent, of course. But that is all a calculated distraction by the Jews behind the curtain opening the floodgates to take attention off of themselves while the squeeze the last drops of prosperity from our nations into their offshore accounts. Then they'll move on to Asia, South America, and Africa.

What you're regurgitating about the Irish and Italians being considered nonwhite is a fable. Jews aren't white though, that's for damn sure. And I sympathize with the lacks who were brought to America on jewish slave ships. It wasn't fair to them and I support their repatriation.

except non whites don't have white guilt and hate jews.

good luck jewing chinese or indians or arabs.

> Irish and Italians being considered nonwhite is a fable.
Looks like an aggressively non-white depiction to me. Not dissimilar to the "dindu nuffin" memes you likely post.

Of course they'll have to adapt their subversive techniques, but the always do.

>tricking muslims into liking jews

>Jews aren't white though, that's for damn sure.
Western/European jews tend to look "whiter" than your average Portuguese or Finnish guy, for example. They also tend to be overwhelmingly secular and "racemix" with whites.
This whole idea of a jewish conspiracy vs whites seems ridiculous. Why would they want to destroy the same societies they live and are heavily invested in? So they can live in a gated community while the rest of the country is some 3rd world shithole?

Surely you don't expect anyone to take this as proof that people literally thought the Irish were non white?

You, my friend, need to look deeper into the jewish question. You seem to be aware of the basics but you don't understand how the jew operates. This tiny group has moved from empire to empire since Egyptian times and has remained the most cohesive and powerful ethnic unit on the earth for a reason. They aren't like other groups. You should read the Culture of Critique.

I've read a few summaries and listened to Kevin McD a few times. I still don't get it.
But since you've read all that perhaps you can enlighten me in a few sentences.

>all this antisemitism

Pure ressentiment.