Who is the worst regular TYT host and why is it Ana?

Who is the worst regular TYT host and why is it Ana?

She's just Cenk's style, but without his experience or insight, 0 foriegn policy knowledge, and a superiority complex.

Worst reporter is easily Michael Tracey by a mile.

Best non-Cenk host is clearly Ben Menkowitz, followed by Jon Idarola.

>None of this is ironic or trollbait but is a real persons real opinions.

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>watching tyt
retard pls go

Interestingly, people who say things like this have never offered a better alternative, ever.

I have asked many people, aside from Cenk, who would you turn to for American political commentary. And have literally not once recieved an answer of any substance. Just morem indless TYT hate and


So who would you recommend?

Who? I don't recommend you watch anyone. You should use a news aggregator like drugde, or news.google.com. also follow people on twitter who consistently break stories.

Again, this is what always seems to be the cop-out go-to.

>You should get your news from different sources.

No, godamn, shit.

But give me one example of someone of quality in that rotation that you get your news from.

Cenk is way worse.

Do you know what aggregation means? fuck off.

They're all regressives.

Listen to Rush or something. Anything but these turds.

I do man. Rush is my favorite band!

Despite people identifying with them as libertarians, I've often found many progressive and liberal overtones to their music.

>being this reddit

I would much rather hate fuck Ana over genk though

Eat my dick, pal.

>worst regular TYT host

A turd is a turd, what's the difference?

TYT is not a news show, it is an opinion show about the news. He's telling you to only read the facts and come up with your own conclusions.

If you took a bratty 13 year old American highschool girl who doesn't like Trump and put her on TYT, you'd get the same insight as Ana.

>implying cenk has experience, insight and foreign policy knowledge
He also has superiority complex
That being said, all TYT hosts are shit and so are its viewers

You are just a dumb jealous hater!
Get over yourself nerd.

Ana is so sweet

>hey guys I dont know where to get other newsources apart from youtube vids with crazy angry liberals

Are you seriously that fuckin retarded that you dont know any other newsource that is more informative and less biased and outright retarded than the fuckin young turds. There are plenty of other newsites like the bbc or any other malltime newspage. Hell, even the breaking news accounts from twitter tell the truth more than these assholes.

And if you are really retarded and cant seem to grasp the idea of reading news.


do you actually watch these buffons?

fucking fermion

Anna is cancer, but Jimmy Dore and the black guy are more consistently retarded

>watching tyt


>angry liberals

Tell me, what Right-leaning program of a similar nature can I view that does not include anger? Why is anger only a problem with libruls.

>tell the truth
Also interesting. I understand peoples vitriolic hatred for their perspective and take on the news. But can you point me to where they actually lie and don't tell the truth?

Or is it more likely you are just mad as fuck and pulling shit out of your ass


Chenk stop shilling here. No one is going to watch your show

I like Jayar. But we can agree all day long about how fucking moronic Jimmy is.

TYT has direct connections to the Turkish Government.

archive.4plebs.org/_/search/subject/knowledge bomb/username/anonymous5/tripcode/!!9O2tecpDHQ6/

Does anybody else watch them solely based on hate? I don't subscribe to their channel, but I make sure to leave a dislike. It feels like they only make click bait videos these days, with such titles as Trump voters get cucked, or some bullshit.


her main problem is that she is a woman

never 5get


Every view gives them money. Try to find a mirror.

lost all respect for Cenk after his interview with Sam Harris & that time he got irl trolled by Alex Jones. He has average intelligence, and is weak-minded

Has she ever commented on that meme? That picture is essentially her only important contribution to this world.

Dave Rubin
Sargon of Akkad (yes)
Peter D. Schiff (smartest one of them all, but its mostly finance)

Ana is fucking sexy and smart. She's real wifey material. 15/10 would definitely tap...

He did you dumb, smelly, autistic turkroach.

I didn't know ben menkowitzsteinberg was on tyt. shame cause I like him on tcm

Different sources is the way to go what the fuck are you even arguing about? You want one specific reliable neutral source so you don't have to form your own opinion you lazy fuck? Good luck you will always end up biased, I mean what would you say to someone defending Alex Jones the way you do?


Tucker Carlson, Daily Stormer

I followed Tracey on Twitter for a long time. He seemed to be pretty neutral on most things.


>She's just Cenk's style,
>but without his experience or insight, 0 foriegn policy knowledge, and a superiority complex
so she's just cenk's style

Why do you think she has a superiority complex? She seems pretty down to earth a lot of the time?

jayar jackson is pretty awful

jimmy dore makes me laugh sometimes, though he is commie scum

Any of the other good looking female hosts that Cenk drags on. They are worse versions of Ana.

every video though i am cum