Washington DC Free Speech Rally - June 25

On Sunday, June 25 at 12 PM, there will be a free speech rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

If you are anywhere near DC or its environs, join your fellow Sup Forumsacks in attending this event and help make it the best it can be. This is your opportunity to get your message out.


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archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/filename/lauren southern white genocide/

>you will never be tied to the bed and have them fight over your seed and rape you for hours
why live

>it's another free speech rally where civnat subhumans and anarchist leftists fight each other and pretend they aren't both cringe as fuck
no thanks

honestly, the Bolsheviks and Nazis can kill each other all they like.

Its the fringe of Left and Right.

I have leftist, right wing, and libertarian friends. We argue all the time - but we arent cunts about it.

"Free Speech rally" isn't code for "Nazi rally" even if CNN told you so


Nathan Damigo was the one who BTFO Moldylocks, he is no civnat.

You're acting as if you can't change that. It's a FREE SPEECH rally. If your message is more appealing, go and spread it. No one will stop you.

Those permits are expensive as hell. Who's paying for them?

How expensive are they? Do you have a figure?

Yes, please wear lots of Kekistan merch and display Sup Forums memes so we can identify eachother

More unemployed LARPing faggots run around the street and destroy working men's property for Internet points. Great

No idea, prices don't get listed but people mention all the time how expensive they are

FUCK . I work about a block from there. Was all drunk walking to my metro train home and got cought in the middle of a protest . the lefties telling the cops I had a box cutter on me . ( no but next time ) and righties calling me a degenerate for being drunk .. ( after work drinks with the boys ) FUCK both of them .. I'll hit 7-11 fill my cup with rum and coke and hope both sides kill each other while I am taking side bets...

>getting so drunk from after work drinks that it's noticeable to everyone

Holy degeneracy

Our guys won't, but I hope antifa does so they can all get arrested again and go to prison for 90 years for rioting.

And why not this weekend ? D.C. comic con is going on . awesome-con.com/ ..
Be FUCKING AWESOME if we had a fatal 3 way death match of righties , lefties and LARPING COSPLAY fagg0ts ..

I talked to several cops that night . not 1 thought I was drunk . just one of ( YOU ) Sup Forums tards throwing a big word you seen on 4chins .. DEGERATE .. As I sit here in my back yard poolside . Guess I am .. you cucks have fun in the 100 degree heat protesting something you can not change .

hmmm it's 3 metro stops away. maybe i'll go witness the idiots and autism.

kek, you sound allright



Lauren is my political waifu. Free speech is A-OK!


wow that dude manage to sound so fucking dumb he doesn even make any point... he sound like a niger sjw himself the left and the right is a false dichotomy used ti divide and control and the horse shoes theory is not suppose to be explained by the only fact that an horse shoes is close at his extremity.. damn i would love to punch that manlet in the face


This. I just hope Antifa captures (((Lauren))) and brainwashes her into Blacked

This is the closest that one of these events has been to me, what should I expect if I go there?

sage eceleb threads

Fuck these things are never near me!!


pls stop bumping this cancer

isnt hard to type sage before you post

be courteous to other anons and sage cancer threads

every time you bump garbage like this, a good thread dies

thank you for your cooperation in ensuring Sup Forums doesnt become t_donald

Put your name tag back on, Moarpheus. Your shilling is easy enough to spot without it.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/filename/lauren southern white genocide/

When will the Soros shekels run out and you move on to working at the local Wal-mart?

OPs pic: One jewish whore vs. another jewish whore

Lauren is not Jewish:



It's another cringe fest. Which budget Avengers origin story will we see this time?

American civil war soon, antifa cucks and pede subhumans will kill each other in this shitty protest and the kike (((southern))) will get sniped by an antifa sniper cuasing all the pede beta males to cry and strat genocide of antifa
After that, jewsa will finally die in blaze of disappointment

Fuck you. Lauren is based. She fought bravely in the Battle of Berkely.

fuck off pede

Don't these people have anything better to do?
Antifa won't repeal your free speech laws.
Why do this faggots take it as a threat as if they'd actually do something?

Her grandparents were. Relgiously she claims she isn't Jewish but she has Jewish blood.

No they were not. You talking about this tweet? She's not saying her grandparents were Jewish. Did you even watch the video I posted?

Free speech rallies are always Alt-Light retards fighting ANTIFA retards. When there's no fighting the speeches are always mediocre ''we love legal immigrants bro'' speeches.

There's no reason to hype any of this.

>cutting off the part of her head that shows she fuckin dyed her hair
What a vain cunt LOL you will never be a true blonde, bitch.

How doesn't that tweet say her grandparents were Jewish?

I hope she gets piss on her again, that's so hot

Nathan Damigo is not alt-light.

She's giving examples of people being oppressed in the past and doing well today to counter the person whining about aboriginals being oppressed. She gives Jews and her grandparents as examples.

back to rabbit you go faggot

hey Nazi boy.. Since I work @ the Ronald Reagan building . Would you like me to get a pic of that slab of concrete they call the Berlin Wall ? You know the one.. That got REKKED .. ( go back to your wall mart job Cleatus )

>She gives Jews and her grandparents

Those are not mutually exclusive. She said her grandparents fled the Nazis, they were Danish Jews.

They left Denmark because the nazis seized their trucking company. That's what she means that they lost everything. Watch the video already, talking to your retarded ass is boring. You can't even comprehend what an independent clause is.

What a waste, moldylocks is damn good looking.

Hmm wonder why they seized their trucking company.

Also I tried watching it but couldn't get past 5 seconds, she has a horrible voice. Sounds like she's talking through a paper towel roll through her nose.

I know, but the Alt-Right has a very small presence and doesn't talk/doesn't get to talk because the proudboys and oathkeepers are boomer faggots who cry ''muh racism'' and kick them out.

The Portland free speech event last week had oathkeepers as protection and they forcibly removed a few people with 'white genocide is real' signs. These free speech events are nothing but civic nationalist rhetoric.

what about when the kid was hanging Pepe signs in his dorm window @ OSU .. Stupid Buckeye chimps were protesting outside his window every night.. ?

>Hmm wonder why they seized their trucking company.
Because they were in a war and needed resources?

Here, I'll give you the results if you're too lazy to watch

Thank you based centrist. Why can't the right wing retards realize that violence will never solve anything, politics isn't about power

>ur a fat virgin


While I do appreciate the picture, how does it prove she isn't Jew-descended? It just shows she's European but there are European Jews. Hell, there's plenty of Danish Jews.

The test she used has a separate category for European Jewish that would have shown up in that case.


>US elections are always conservative cucks vs liberal shills. There's no point in voting, much less running a candidate of your own. It's all been predetermined from the start. Give up

That category doesn't catch all European Jews though. It says in it, it's a specific type and region, which the site broadly termed "European Jews". In fact it says it tends between Ashkenazi and Sephardic since they spread around disparately.

So her descendends could totally be Scandi Jews for example, and the site wouldn't group her under "European Jewish".

>Battle of Berkely
Can this meme just fuck off and die already? It wasn't a battle.

If they were being accurate instead of spinning propaganda it would be called the mild tiff or the slight altercation of Berkeley instead.

These snow niggers are acting like it was Gettysburg.

Inb4 the thread is filled with people discouraging others from going cause they might be cringy. If you're going wear something nice and bring a shield and flagpole. But keep the memes at home


You're just grasping at straws because you feel dumb for misunderstanding her tweet. You would have to believe she is lying about her ancestry to believe this shit. Which would make you a paranoid idiot. And if she was trying to hide being Jewish, why would she leave the tweet that supposedly "reveals" it up?

Hold on but that doesn't disprove the line of logic you went off on about her ancestry test. Nothing about it suggests she's lying, just that the site itself indirectly proves that there are Jews in Europe who don't fall under what the site specifically terms as "European Jews".

Maybe easier then, is there anything to prove that her granparents weren't Jews? Regardless of how the tweet may be misread.

Knowing DC, a bunch of cucks dressed in black and a bunch of edgy redditors waving Kekistani flags

I'm right leaning centrist and as much as I do support free speach and think the left is going insane. I hust saw a vid of a bubch of retarded trumpsters waving a confederate flag and shout CSA CSA CSA

imagine how retarded would look if u waced a conmie flag sgoutibg USSR USSR

There's nothing to prove her grandparents were Jews, and there is an abundance of her talking about her Danish ancestry specifically and saying she is not Jewish (when people are claiming she is ethnically Jewish). It's so fucking retarded we always have to spend half the thread talking about this bullshit. The autism is real.

She says she isn't Jewish but being a Jew can either be religion or race, or both. She can say she's not Jewish because she isn't religiously a Jew, but still have Jewish blood.

So any tweets by her saying "I'm not Jewish" are not the same as "I'm not descended from Jews". If you've got some tweets like that, where she says her ancestry is not Jewish, then I'd say you've got good proof. Because the ancestry.com test doesn't prove that.

Too late

It's going to look like Portland most likely - a large gathering of /ourguys/ facing off antifa protesters across a police line. It will be fun.

What would you like to see at this event, user?

So her constantly talking about her Danish ancestry, larping with Northern European relics like Thor's Hammer is not good enough? That's what a Danish person would say, "I'm Danish". They would not say "I'm non-Jewish Danish". Please cease your autism, you're scaring the children.

Antifa getting shot and stabbed by DCs pavement apes.

There's nothing wrong with being Danish, or her celebrating that. But if one branch of her family tree is Jewish Danes, that doesn't invalidate the rest of her Danish family tree from the other side, being soundly Danish as far back as it goes.

It just means that she's descended from Jews, in part. She could be literally entirely Jewish Danish and still safely say "I'm Danish". So posting constant tweets about her saying she's Danish and not Jewish, doesn't invalidate the claim that she has Jewish ancestry.

>doesn't invalidate the claim that she has Jewish ancestry.

But that claim has no ground to stand on in the first place. There's literally zero evidence she is Jewish in anyway. If she was Jewish Danish, and considering she cares a lot about her heritage, don't you think that would've come up at some point? Do you not think Jewish Danes celebrate their Jewishness?

Nathan Damigo is a fed. Why do you think he is still walking free after punching a whore? The state takes any opportunity and flimsy evidence to throw real nationalists behind bars, yet he is perfectly fine? It's because he works for them as an informant.

>But if one branch of her family tree is Jewish Danes, that doesn't invalidate the rest of her Danish family tree from the other side
It does as much as being a quarter nigger does.

The ground is a tweet which many people consider damning. If we toss that aside though, given her position it would be harmful to her success with part of her audience if she proclaimed her Jewishness from the rooftops in earnest. Jewish Danes may celebrate their Jewishness, but a popular right icon would have reason not to.

Validity or not, it's quite a simple claim, which very simply could be disproved. As of yet though, I've not seen any evidence that it has.

Because the whore didn't press charges because she was there fighting with wine bottles too? Is that so unthinkable? Seems like the Occam's razor explanation.

Fuck that that's too far away

There will be a free speech rally on >EVERGREEN COLLEGES CAMPUS

6pm sharp

Anyone going?

Anyone streaming?

>The ground is a tweet which many people consider damning.

Many retards. All Danish Jews were spirited away to Sweden by boats, they weren't standing around Denmark with their trucking businesses when the Nazis arrived.

>Validity or not, it's quite a simple claim, which very simply could be disproved. As of yet though, I've not seen any evidence that it has.

It hasn't been disproven because there has never been a reason for Lauren to go "hey guys, I'm Danish, but not Jewish Danish". Just because a claim hasn't been disproven doesn't mean it has any value. I could claim you enjoy child porn. That claim will go disproven because you can't prove otherwise. Does that mean the claim has credence?

>founder and leader of Identity Euvropa is a fed

Shill harder fag

So why not tweet at her and ask her if her grandparents are Jewish?

Should be simple enough, and would dispel any doubts.

She's not going to respond to random people she doesn't follow, she has 286k followers


just don't bring meme signs, you reddit niggers.

This has been known for a while. They ask their members for identifying info like tattoos and so on. Also Damigo was charged with assault and got off with less than mandatory minimum sentencing, which is a big red flag that he made a deal.

>protesting something you can not change
not with that mindset

ya she wore her spelunking gear like all the other fucking high schoolers lmao

yeah...another "free speech" "rally" where boomers, conservacucks, and memelords will autistically screech at libtards, commiefags, and general idiots. Maybe a couple people will get hit. Can everyone that goes to this shit cut out all the bullshit and frivolity and Gangs of New York this shit already. I could watch paint dry and be more entertained than by watching another one of these fucking rallies.

Wasn't he in prison for years? What was the mandatory minimum?

You think maybe she would respond then, if the concern got big enough to necessitate her attention? Which, a good way to reach that point, would be to not continually state "Lauren is not Jewish" like you did. Surely letting the claim be soundly refuted, is better than just shutting it down?

>if the concern got big enough to necessitate her attention?

There is no real concern. The only concern is coming from a few 80 IQ Sup Forumsacks and Daily Stormer readers.

>Surely letting the claim be soundly refuted, is better than just shutting it down?

It wouldn't have any effect, because even if it sufficed for you, it would not suffice for the people who believe she is constantly lying and a paid controlled opposition agent.