Are we biologically more attracted to lighter skin tone?

I don't mean this as a race thing at all, just a color spectrum thing. No matter how much (((they))) try to make dark black women attractive, I think we are just biologically inclined to prefer lighter skin.


>Are we biologically more attracted to lighter skin tone?
>I don't mean this as a race thing

Why am I still a virgin at 29 then?

Nah, the obsession with brown girls on this very website disproves this. Negresses just have ugly, masculine facial features.

have to disagree. brown girls are the best. biologically you should be attracted to symmetry and features, skin tone is probably secondary. search Lindsey Woods thank me later

this. people say that light skin is more feminine/submissive, but i think it's the opposite. light features, for me, signify aggression. i can more easily imagine an ultra-white scotch-irish beating up brown people then i would a tan bavarian doing the same.


in asian culture a fair skinned girl is highly prized

in white culture blue eyes and blonde hair is highly prized

in black culture black people openly hate on more mixed blacks for having naturally straight hair

it's a fact nobody wants to talk about

of course there's anomalies

ironically the super dark hot black girls are almost ALWAYS with a tall white guy

>one of the most famous irish warrior
>darkie sand nigger

Same exact face but it's obvious who's more attractive

most tests come back with preference for medium/olive tones

Probably because your standards are too high or you've put zero effort into it

yeah second from the right

First 4, starting from left, I would deem acceptable. 5 is a last resort. Wouldn't even look at the rest.

the lighter ones look weird, what is this supposed to show?

so you're going to "disprove" my theory with a mythological character?
i would still have to go by what says. darker is better when controlling for everything else, but in real life, the women who have dark skin just happen to have masculine facial features that ruin their looks. also, dark women tend to be poorer and more prone to bad diet, bad grooming, and trashy behaviors.

notice how albino africans are even worse-looking than regular ones.

Negresses are typically masculine, but even the one's that aren't get disregarded.

I wouldn't give pic-related the time of day because she's pitch black

Furthest left and furthest right. I guess I just have a hard-on for extremes.

I oddly find furthest right one of the more attractive as well. And here I am spouting anti-dark tone propoganda...

2nd from the left

We're attracted to contrast. There's no "beauty selection" gene. Attraction is a fundamental state of consciousness

They're so ugly by goodness