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What does Sup Forums think of Venezuela? There have been massive rallies against Maduro ever since pic related showed venezuelans how to have balls.

Here's the situation:

>venezuela tries socialism
>don't worry, it wasn't the real kind
>people starving to death
>have to shit on street because no toilet paper
>no electricity half week so country back to middle-ages
>people killing each other on the street for loathes of bread
>opposition wins congress
>Maduro tries to replace congress with the Supreme Court that he controls (like Obongo in America)
>pic related Oscar "Commie Remover" Perez steals helicopter and raises 1200 modern templars to take down Maduro
>publishes following statement after summoning civil war:

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Why arent other nations/UN people taking control and helping restore keep order? Is it showing "look world, this is what happens with socialism (when a small minority take control and mess things up), we are not going to help them, everyone knows capitalism is all about helping", will they implement capitalism? WIll foreign investors, constructors swoop in and buy property and facilities to implement production on their necessities, collectively buy the nation, give them loans backed by gold with exuberant interest?


>implying the UN isn't a glorified socialist globalist scam

After Maduro, people will probably go free market. Then the government will remain as regulatory agency and poverty will be diminished but not extinguished. Some Chavez-like politician will blame the poverty on capitalism and the cycle continues.

Latin America is just useless.

All the citizens that aren't militant socialists fled before the wheels came off the Chavismo wagon.

Now they're a country of scorpions waving frantically for some other frog to come rescue them before the frog they stung to death sinks below the river's surface.

really makes you think

Can someone post Punished Venom Perez?
This is some action movie tier happening.

are there western companies industries heavy in venezuela? the problems were they are running out of necessities and electricity and stuff, because they depend too much on imports, and outside stopped accepting their money?

No. Maduro literaly ordered those companies to be sacked.

Nobody wants to invest there anymore because government will do socialism with their money.

They won't go free market. Either competing Chavez lapdog Henrique Capriles or international socialist Leopoldo Lopez will take over when Maduro fails, and just accelerate the transfer of wealth into their own bank accounts for as long as they can before being deposed by more socialist dictators.

The people of Venezuela are willing to die for socialism, and only live to find the socialist leader that can make it work (even though there are none).

vene bro last night said this was basically a nothingburger, i'm not shilling here, he laid out basically that the dude basically just did some theatrics with a few guys and that was it. no coup or anything

>have to shit on street because no toilet paper

Isnt your climate warm?
Why dont you guys use a water hose like we do here? Its much cleaner than using a paper

Any Venezuelan here? Are social medias currently blocked in your country?

Btw, this is what people are saying you have to do overcome the censorship, it looks like the government blocked the address in the DNS so this just redirects the DNS to the jewgle one

>muh socialism
Pfft, yeah I bet it has nothing to do that Venezuela being sanctioned by the USA because they ordered several diplomats to leave the country because of anti government actions. It is literally Ukraine 2.0. Or the fact Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserve. The scheme is always the same.

The USA sanctioned them only or got other countries in too? what do you think of nations powers to group up and put sanctions on countries for any reason?

If USA sanctions a country, all the vasalls will follow, because they don't want to break relationship with the USA otherwise they will end up like that themselves.

Venezeula a is ultra-capitalist

Everyone in this thread is so deluded is not even funny

You're delusional, get out of here.

then give us the updated info, msm is not saying anything about your situation, did /ourguy/ reappear?

Most ISP are banned on Sup Forums because reasons, except high tier ISP or mobile phone internet

I'm not talking about 4chin, I'm talking about social medias in general, I read on twitter that the government has blocked access to jewtube, kikebook and twitter

yeah.. no

Social media is not banned, and the goverment, if they tried, will suck at it like they do now that a simple dns change can net you all websites

how are things in the country? what are the biggest problems? any hopeful actions for positive change? receiving any help?

It's gone from bad to literal shit, lines to buy fucking bread, money is literally worthless (some bills are cheaper than toilet paper) everysupermarket is camped by humanoid ants (term that defines the practice of camping the arrival of "price controlled" food or a scarce food item and buy everything and resell it for ludicrous amounts of money). The minimun wage amounts to like 10$ a month


Is he kill?

So, is Oscar Perez a viable alternative then?



BUENOS NOCHES EL NEGRO!!! We are le anticommunista acciòn!!! Join us Venezuela! We muy good hombres and we will give you mucho enchiladas!!!

and this happened because, depended too much on imports? but lots of nations depend a bit on imports. So a big thing was the sanctions? Werent prepared if you got imports cut off, to have system in place for the country to produce enough necessities for everyone? So it is really the people who placed the sanctions fault? because they are bullies?

you praise a guy who literally did nothing and probably was sent up by the goverment to justify harsher repression to protesters. he managed to fly in a helicopter from a military base, without getting show down? with an active flight restrictions, not even drones are allowed or they get shot down.

Junte-se a nós em Anticom, na nossa luta contra Marxismo e o nosso amor pela fofa fatia-de-vida anime desu

All i have to do is go on the snapchat map, look at random snaps from snapchat and call your bullshit. I see people chilling in cars buying icecream.

so you think some billionaire and millionaires should go there and set up a bunch of farms and industries to make your nation self sufficient (is that what the gov tried to do, will plan to do?)? are negotiations as to what has to be done to, turn the sanctions off? heil


Not our problem let Brazil handle it

>muh CICPC is venezuelan police
mfw CICPC is basically forensic police

weak bait oscar

looks like that nigger leader of golden dawn

Short story, when oil prices were high, goverment gave handouts to the poor and didn't invesst shit, imported everything (even the stuff we made here) and drove our industry to bankrupt because you can't compete agaisnt "free shit" now we're fucked with low oil prices and almost dry international $$ reserves

The wonders of socialism. They wanted it, now they're getting exactly what they deserve.

This dude's going to be my neighbor in Westonzuela, FL after he gets banished.

I want Oscar to drop some bombs in my asshole.

that faggot Oscar starred in movies "muerte nacional" and "fuerza suspendida" which by name alone means prolly financed by the eternal venezuelan jew.
fuck oscar really

The government should have followed Norway's example for how to diversify your oil wealth while still gibbing gibs to your people

Things are not downhill for everybody as many may think, or as plenty Venezuelans want others to believe. I personally am not directly affected by any of the crisis, I am aware of its existence and how it is destroying many people's lives, but I still eat more than 3 times a day and have enough money to go out for a whole day and come back home by myself all good without worrying what I am eating tomorrow or when I am able to afford X thing.
As usual, certain classes/families remain intact in the middle of chaos. Though, the majority of the population is affected regardless.

you forgot:

>steals 1 (ONE) helicopter, then abandons it and runs into the jungle to hide where he will be slaughtered by the million commie soldiers that are hunting him

this "coup" was one big nothingburger

there is no saving Venezuela. millions of people are die heart commies and even if the opposition takes over they'll still be fucking million of commies. civil war and thousands of free helicopter rides are the only solution and the liquidation of millions of commie sympathizers.

daily reminder!! the "antigovernment" protesters are the globalists tools!!!
They are antifa of Venezuela!!! the anti-government protesters burn people alive on the street!!!
To Long Live Nicolás Maduro!

You stupid motherfuker do not forget what happened when the globalists got Gaddafi toppled!
If you lose your government in Venezuela, and become a failed state.... you'll see a real hell!

>money is literally worthless
>buy everything and resell it for ludicrous amounts of money

What did he mean by this?


it is downhill for everyone to some degree, unless you're a member of the ruling elite or deal in international currency, everyone else has been affected one way or another

that looks like a young JBP

Best of luck to you hermano.

Mi General 2.0 when?

No he doesn't you stupid leaf

You are right.
how about let them fucking die of hunger?
how about let's make our countries great again?
If we give them helicopter ride.... isn't it some sort of socialization of their cost with our money?
Starvation is much worst than helicopter rides...
Let's listen to the founding fathers.... "No foreign entanglements"

Think of Germany's currency post ww2, inflation overcomes any kind of proffit if you deal in our currency. and there's a currency exchange lock/control

You mean capitalism? Yeah they do get what they deserve for beliving capitalims

>1 post by this ID
and what the fuck do you know about anything, eh?
do you want a knuckle sandwich?

Odd that the communist cunts attempt to defend this

Never knew Capitalism was based on goverment funded handouts to secure the people's vote, oh wait no, that's lefty socialism shit

Are they reselling the food for the worthless currency? Or for dollar?

The average amount of money in your pocket or card cannot be used to afford anything, you need very high amounts of money to acquire whatever you wish to get. To summarise it, what you are paid is not worth/enough (for) your daily consumption of food/other personal necessity whether it is small or big.
About the resell, say you buy a pair of shoes for $4 at Walmart, and then you sell them for $16 in your neighbourhood. That is what happens around here, and since going all by yourself to any store to buy a product is a hassle, many rather buy it from those who do what I just explained.

No, it is not downhill for everyone. Different aspects of your lifestyle might have changed drastically (i.e security, overall wealth, shopping), but it has only changed slightly for many others who notice very little difference in comparison to their 'previous' lifestyle.

Stupid monkey

Ok, I know my education/knowledge is not top notch, but you are really dense burguer. if you are serious I did an example using your currency so you can at least grasp what I meant since it's challenging fo you to grasp your head around it

Common practice in South American countries for the owners of supermarket chains or whatever else whenever they hit hyper inflation. Since when that happens, the government just tries to freeze product prices , owners just have someone "buy" all the products as soon as they arrive then sell it as if inflation was still affecting their price.

Nice CIA thread

Because half of Latin America unironically backs Maduro. You don't understand how strong the "muh America / muh capitalism / muh right wing" shit is down there

>raises 1200 modern templars to take down Maduro
What ARE these 1200 guys doing anyways, as far as I can tell there has been no news on them. Are they even real?

i thought yuor money is worthless tho, why is everyone still chillin on the streets if they got no money?

Never knew CIA taking private control of shit was socialism.

I'm not a spender, I invested in stuff smart, and at least I have a car and place to call my own, but even so, the reality of our economy has made me poorer and everyone ont he middle class, and again if you haven't been affected at the very least, you're one of the elite.

One does not go from richest country of Latin America (2001) to poorest (2017) without having it affect their people. You are either very rich, a shill or a delusional idiot.

I'd replace CIA with Cubans or the Chinese for that matter, they probably own eveything of this country by now.

No (((Central bank))) + oil = American 'nation building'

Norway has about the same GDP and 30 million less people

You now remember (((David Smolansky))), opposition leader that claimed Maduro would unleasch his chemical weapons onto (((peaceful protestors)))

fucking commies

And if Venezuela managed their economy better, and set up a sovereign wealth fund, they wouldn't be beholden to oil prices. Even the Saudis have weathered low oil prices.

Reminder that Maduro is a Jew, who admitted that Socialism is Jewish.

so what do you think needs to happen moving forward? to restore order, cohesion, security, and make sure something like this doesnt happen again? If it was truly socialism, why were so many people given handouts instead of jobs?

>quoting lenin

35 million people in their country, this person is 1 of them. How much are you affected by the state of your countries people?

>richest country of Latin America

someone mentioned multi nation sanctions, if that is true, does that play in?

I'm against socialism... but the protesters (and future rebels... if what I'm seeing keeps going and CIA gets its way), are also communists.
The anti-government are radical communists!!
just like the anti-Asad forces are radical Islamist!
What I see is a CIA cookie cuter destabilization in the work
I also can see Iranian style of dealing with the CIA plot... there might be some Iranian inteligencia helping Maduro!
If Maduro can weather these hard days... he'll secure a decade long peaceful government and a future for Venezuelan kids!

you're dumb and an idiot

Obama did lay sanctions in 2014, but the price of oil collapsed before that.

>What I see is a CIA cookie cuter destabilization in the work
What's the profit of destabilization if it brings communists to power? They want to see you ded?

u forgot stupid

stupid dumb idiot is classiest of insults reserved for epic memers like ourselves

It targets certain government officials, not the country. Venezuela still sells oil to the US when they want to (they have tried to purposely sell to China or give it away in oil for X schemes, but they need $$$ now).

Helicopter "found"

Kind of suspicious but let's see what maduro does after this attack

Im not sure that is the same heli, need to compare serials and shit. goverment could just put another CICPC heli in that place.

Also no vehicle marks? for me this was all a big false flag, but i will still wait if this guy does something.

He's on the move to save us. Right now half the country thinks this is staged by Maduro and the other half believes he is here to free us. I hope he's ok.

The big issue is you guys don't have enough guns to do anything. You would need large numbers of troops to defect and allow access to tanks, weapons, communications equipment etc.

Otherwise your only hope is intervention from other countries and that will get even more complex

it is all about desalinizing a foe government.
as soon as the government got replaced by a puppet version... no matter how cruel and in human it gets... you'll never going to hear about it in the news (or even in Sup Forums)
Why no one talks about the slave markets that right now are operating inside Libya?
They don't care about the ideology of the people that they are going to hit.
the best example of it is Saudi Arabia.
They don't even care about the history of the country that they are going to hit
They might even do it to Trump inside of the USA