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>cnn exposed as fake news - Veritas 2 - vanjones nothing burger 6/28/17 - Veritas 1 - American Pravda 6/26/17
>Pres Trump meets w/Immigration Crime Victims 6/28/17
>Pres Trump leads the tribes on High Energy roundtable 6/28/17
>Press Trump meets Chicago Cubs 6/28/17
>WH Press Brief (Sarah, ICE Act Dir Homan, )audio only) 6/28/17
>VP Pence remarks @ Tendon Mfctng Cleveland OH 6/28/17
>Pres Trump meets with GOP Senators on healthcare 6/27/17
>WH Press Brief (Sarah, Sec of Energy Perry) 6/27/17
>State Dept Press Brief 6/27/17

>NEWT playlist on Trumpism
Trump Playlist
>Trump SwordDancing to Shadilay
>AF1 Takeoff in the rain
>Donald Trump Emperor of America
>TrumpBot vs Mexico

>Trump Triumphant
>Hold Back The Night
>Inauguration of Fire
>American Hero

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Christian general


These threads are low energy now. Sad!

OP baked too early






then let's sleep desu, gommie.

He at least links it at the correct time, which is a nice change of pace form some.

OP was almost perfect with his timing

Careful boys. The dems are gearing up for war.

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From grace I fell in love with Her
Scent and feline lure
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Her icy kiss fervoured my neck
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That phantomed the dying trees
This debauched seductress in black, took me....

In a pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn
I tore free of my sleep - sepulchre
On the sea misted lawn where stone figures, forlorn
Lamented the spectre of Her
Bewildered and weak, yet with passion replete
I hungered for past overtures
The curse of unrest and her ardent caress
Came much more than my soul could endure....

>Spend the entire thread shilling muh polls
>It was the butthurt TRS faggot all along

Yes nigger, Clarence Thomas is indeed a based black man.


I'm sorry, I was dreaming of married bliss

OP has it, dummy.


"Fleeting, enshadowed
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If Trump gets his tax reform, does that basically force the GOP to accept his radically cut budget? I really think the tax cuts go too far without an appropriate budget. It's nice that the economy would do well with it, but we need to reduce the deficit AND the debt, and a budget balanced to taxes is really needed for that

>Trump tweets: Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare. Wrong, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S.
>Mattis says White House statement stopped Syrian chemical attack
>Trump considering import tariff on China
>Trump will visit France next month for Bastille Day
>Invited by Macron
>Acosta: Hannity needs a hug
>Former press secretaries Fleischer and McCurry support an “embargo” on live White House briefings
>Says the briefings should focused on “facts and substance”, not “gotcha”
>Served under W Bush and Clinton respectively
>Iran says Travel Ban is unfair and racist
>Chaffetz will join Fox as a contributor
>Kasowitz will delay filing complaint against Comey for making unauthorized disclosures to the press
>”Unnamed source” says the delay’s purpose is to ease pressure on Muller
>White House says Trump will nominate Chris Campbell for assistant secretary of Treasury for financial institutions
>Trump says healthcare is coming along well
>”We’re gonna have a big surprise”
>Vice retracts two stories on Trump concerning Disney’s “Hall of Presidents”
>Project Veritas video captures Van Jones saying Trump-Russia story is “a nothing burger”
>Trump posts Project Veritas videos to his Instagram
>Trump meets with Chicago Cubs at White House
>Disney confirms Trump will voice his own robot in the Hall of Presidents
>WaPo bans criticism of advertisers on social media
>Democracy dies in darkness and all that
>House to vote on Kate’s Law and new penalties for sanctuary cities
>Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd: White House waging a war against truth
>Ann Coulter picks a fight with Hannity on twitter
>The Atlantic: Trump will cause violence against journalists
>Chaffetz says not having enough money was partly why he decided to leave Congress
>Trump to nominate Brendan Carr for Commissioner on the FCC
>Hannity roasts Joe’s music video

>Not at a gun range
I can't wait

>remembered Tay
>remembered how they lobotimized her

Feels bad man


Who /hope/ here?

When all is said and done, will Trump give Flynn a new position in the White House? It'd be the perfect end when the investigation blows up in the faces of the Democrats.

Joe "It looks like I killed my intern" Scarborough

I know. I'm just funposting.

If you could stop spamming weird shit that would be really nice, friendo.

go to hell

considering how Justice Thomas rules, he is indeed.

What did McCabe mean by this?

The exact moment our universe collided with another.

Baltimore needs a few MOAB's.

Does anyone in that video have a chin?

You're a murderer Joe

you're a dick bro


The Two Scoops Man Show starts in 5 minutes if anyone wants to watch it with me

It makes me sick that we are now completely controlled by Republican thugs and have Trump as President. I was at my mom's for the holidays and literally broke down crying there thinking of the world my wife's daughter will grow up in. I was screaming and lashing out at family dinner, since most of my relatives voted for such a racist, sexist, and Islamophobic piece of shit. My aunt had to give me a valium to calm down. I still wake up crying every night knowing that America, the country that once embraced progress and voted for the First Black President and had a chance to break the glass ceiling and have the First Woman President, actually voted in the embodiment of Hitler. A man who literally wants to throw gays and Muslims in camps.

FUCK. I need to go calm down. I can't believe uneducated white people did this to us. My eyes are literally bloodshot red from crying for the last hour, and I just threw up from the stress. I can't believe we lost again. The president sexually assaults people, the Republican in Montana bodyslams people, and this bitch in Georgia refuses to let women with breast cancer get treatment. And the worst part is people still vote for them!

It's happening. We are in 1930s Nazi Germany. We must resist.

and a bunch of other people of course

kek, beat me to it user.

I haven't been following McCabe. Can I get the tl;dr?



Niggers are gonna kill em

Guns are icky

Whats he gonna whine about today?

>haha dude trump is just trying to help his rich buddies
Is there any evidence at any point that this is even remotely true, or is it just a fallback point for people who don't have an argument?

Kellyanne is nicer.

Can Tucker bring an antifa person on? I want to see them get roasted and be fascists.

I don't know, come and see. It's always ridiculous.

Paul "the market will never recover from Trump's victory" Krugman



>le antifa are teh real fascists


I'm just saying the weird pastas would be best not posted so much anymore.

tfw pretend to be a trump supporter because of my bf when im actually very leftwing

thanks Sup Forums you saved me since just reading you i know how to fake it

that is not how you spell used goods & spoiled eggs. not even close

Please stop with the COF / KAC pasta

>i missed out on the Gassad posting a few threads back

someone is hacking 4chunes cloud flare right now.

>just an fyi...

People we know are under FBI or Senate or State Dept investigation, probe, or inquiry:
Jane and Bernie Sanders
John Podesta
Andrew McCabe
Loretta Lynch
Hillary Clinton

People we know for sure are not and never have been under investigation by the fBi Senate or State Dept:

President Donald J Trump


Oh really? Would you hire the lawyers that represented the opponent of the target of an investigation? Would a beaten foes lawyers be used to prosecute a case against the winner? NO FUCKING WAY. John Sunnunu says he believes those lawyers are a strong sign Mueller is about to clear trump completely, investigation closed with no charges and the Clinton lawyers are there to prevent criticisms from the left when he does.

So...its good to be a registered Trump voter. Bad times for the rabid left tho aint it?

They literally are though.

y loli not wan pancke

You'd think they would train at an MMA gym or a boxing gym or something. Not a single person in that video was throwing punches correctly. Even the rear naked choke form at 1:00 is incorrect.

saddly this.
She should've found a smart but somewhat meek guy that was willing be a stay home dad to take care of her brood while she did her career. Not the most traditional but probably would've worked for her.

t-the russians??

pretty slick edit. but where is the real one?


>Is Joe


Reminds me of this, kek

>Ann Coulter picks a fight with Hannity on twitter

shes a big girl. She don't need no panckes

MAT has been pretending to be natsoc lately. Trying to apply their purity testing they have on the left to us.

he did. He had that crazy azn teacher chick from Berkley that Sup Forums had threads on.

wtf i'm with her now

They are commies for fucks sake stop defending communism by deflecting their actions

false alarm. its my own gear being dumb.
>also the rum has impaired my ability to shitpost.

tl;dr swamp rat is being exposed, and the man Trump wants to replace him with helped take down Enron

>all authoritarians are fascists
lurk more faggot

If Ann had kids she wouldn't be such a combative cunt. She accused Hannity of censoring her for fuck's sake. Either unwittingly or not, she is practically speaking, an agent of the left.


>Fox News is first
>not Trump

The latter. Democrats are so tied to the gibs that they have to paint the middle class as "the rich."

Yeah they are causing crimes because their candidate lost an election. They try to intimidate people. If they weren't a bunch of effeminate numales and could actually cause damage they would be labeled terrorists.

>Nobody will name the Red.

I thought this was America dammit. These people are communists!

but it's not real communism

What does that even fucking mean?

Anyone else live in an apartment and change their wifi name to "0CNN Fake News" or something to troll people?

>the zero to bring the wifi to the top when searching

A stirring statement, to be sure

the dude abides

>>Disney confirms Trump will voice his own robot in the Hall of Presidents
A Steak salesman will stand next to Abraham Lincoln, George WAshington and the first Black President KEK



People meme about menopause but I think it hit her hard

goodnight Sup Forums

it does almost nothing to stop the ocare death spiral. it will kill people precisely because it too closely resembles ocare