Are Black Americans Westerners?

Are Black Americans Westerners?

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Yes but not by blood and race is still major part of identity so they're not full westerners.

no, they're interlopers who need to be shipped back to Africa.

no not really, to be western is to be part of the western race / culture that made it so prosperous.

that is not a black american, but a halfbreed
anyway, we need to set up white sperm clinics all throughout africa
that place will be a shithole forever unless: they all die, or all their women get bleached


Mulattoes are worse than niggers. Full niggers are violent, but lazy. Half breeds are violent, slightly more cunning and vicious.

>we need to set up white sperm clinics all throughout africa

you might actually be on to something here. I'm sure it would explode in popularity and the white kids will be smarter and help to improve the place.

They have sort of been adopted into it, since they took their slave owners name, speaks english and even got a little bleached. Havent they adopted enough euroness?

Their racial identity is completely fabricated. They know nothing of actual African culture they just romanticize stereotypical African themes and obsessively cling to what makes them different such as their skin tones and nappy hair.

It's like white liberals who adopt buddism or yoga or any of that exotic shit. It's all frou frou feel good ignorance.

Lol now you are just making shit up

Pic related is half white so she doesnt count. Also no.

God no. Fuck off with your b8 thread.

No and they never can be. Not culturally, not ethnically. I hope blaxit becomes a real thing because we won't miss eachother

No. No minorities in the US are. None of them assimilated. None of them adopted western values.

Half Whites don't count.

Once White DNA is mixed with other races, the offspring become superior... even if the culture they grow up in is degenerate.

It's an upgrade regardless.

Only WASPs are westerners, commie filth

Jesus.. Lyndon B did this

>None of them assimilated. None of them adopted western values.
That's pretty fucking irrelevant when deciding whether someone's western.

I love how shattered her phone is... that turns me on.

No it isn't. You must hold western values to be considered western.

who is this melanin enriched qt

Marxism is western

Africans lack the mental capacity to make these decisions. They don't breed out of planning, they do it impulsively and multiply like rats because it feels good.

Also if they wanted mixed kids they would try to get the local white populations to mix with them. They instead take white civilization for granted and see the whites as the root of all their problems when they fail to maintain it themselves, even though it's literally the exact opposite. But again they are simple minded.

Marxism is semitic and you will never convince me otherwise.

Would you consider HER a Westerner?

But they have adopted European culture, even been given european names since they were stripped from their African heritage when they were brought to America.

Yes but they aren't white so it's irrelevant.

Wrong. You must have western blood to be considered western.
You're a fucking cuck who's accepting multi-culturalism.

I love when you guys post these racial "rationalizations" diatribes. These armchair racial sociology post always sound like they're being made from someone that got kicked in the head by a horse 20 years ago.

They've done a half-assed job at adopting european culture, largely haven't assimilated, maybe they retain very few traits of actual African diasporic culture but they sure as hell don't behave and adhere to the same customs and values that most white Americans and better assimilated minority groups do.

To be Western you need to be:

>European ancestry
>Christian (Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox)
>Not a commie

Anything else is not Western

Don't confuse ethnicity with culture you dimwit.

Nope, just a tumor


Says the retard confusing westerners with culture.
A weeb in japan isn't eastern, stop falling for marxist propaganda you faggot.

Because half the losers here have nothing to cling to except the accomplishments of their ancestors. Why do you think they make such a big deal out of being """white"""?

This chick is 75% white... So I wouldn't even consider her black.

And yes, of course Western.

You have to worship a Semite to be western?

You are actually retarded.
Ethnicity is another matter entirely. I'm not saying it doesn't matter, just that you are a complete moron for mixing up the two. Don't worry though I set ya strait. Now thank me.

Based on what grounds? I have mulatto cousins who look far whiter than that.

That rules you out then amigo

Yes, culturally they are westerners.

being western is based on ethnicity and culture, you need both
civ nat cucks can fuck off

They have more in common with white people than they do with blacks in africa. They inherited the culture of english and scottish farmers and they don't even realize it.


This is a totally meaningless word used by retards now.

If they have two parents and love their country they are Westerns.

If they have one parent and love their country they have a harder road but they can do it.

Idiots will say no but black have been in the west nearly as long as whites.. to say blacks dont belong in the west its beyond fucking stupid because it was white ppl who brought them there in the fist place with that logic the whites dont belong in the west either. Honestly on whites ans black and beaner natives can really claim they. Belong here... and not even all whites.. blacks have been american before majority of white ethnic groups

>Ethnicity is another matter entirely.
It's the same fucking thing you retard, "western" has nothing to do with culture.
Here, let me prove it:
Memes aside, Canadians, Germans, French, Australians, Americans, they're all western correct? Point me to the similarities within the cultures. You can't because they're all vastly different.
I wonder what the similarity could be, maybe it has something to do with the fact they're all fucking white and originate from the west (Europe).
You're a disgrace to your ancestors, kys.

t. nigger

If they're Westerners, they'll do well in Africa because they'll take all their Western knowledge and culture with them.


You have to share the religion that create the identity of Western.

I never say I was Western you cunt. I'm a Latin-American who believe in Western domination.

We would be better as a colony.

no, even niggers that act "white" when around whites revert to pure nigger behavior when there is 3 or more of them in the same space.

the volume itself increases x2 and blabbering about some fucking nigger music you've never heard of.

Posting based westerner

You actually think the only basis to being western is "loving your country"? What? It encompasses so much more than that.

>Point me to the similarities within the (western) cultures. You can't because they're all vastly different.
Stop posting. Seriously. I won't bother to read them. You are a fucking moron.

They iz free n sheeit

m-muh dick.

we've been here for tens of thousands of years.

you know that "the west" doesn't refer to the hemisphere, it means western civilization. As in anything west of the black sea.

cause your post indicates that you kinda didn't know that.


Not an argument you little nigglet.

based western man

*chewtoy noise*

That's right, let my race dominate your ass and your women, and your country too, you're so co-operative and understanding.

>You shouldn't be proud of your ancestors' achievements, but you should always feel guilty because of slavery

Fuck off chink. I am 100% pure Bavarian phenotype.

Sure you are Tyrone Hernandez.

there was a nigger training manager at my work the other day. some black girl asked if somewhere in new orleans was a good place to transfer to. The response was, "yea it has great food, (some disgusting seafood dogshit like crawdads), and it's really diverse!"

immediately, I know Louisiana is a fucking garbage dump of a state and by her saying food is the only thing they have to offer is like saying the air is breathable. Also when she said diverse, I immediately thought of a run down city with dindus all over.

Based on the fact she has way more white blood than she does black.

She is multiracial or mixed race, not black.

my urge for petite chicks with perfect boobies takes over my hate for niggers. 10/10 would actually fuck this silly. i feel so dirty & wrong, reeeeeeeeeee.

>speak english and english only
>have euro name
>lived in america for 200+ years
>lose african heritage and replaced with euro heritage given by slave master

How are they not western?

>but you should always feel guilty because of slavery
When did I ever claim something so stupid? Quit grasping at straws.
People who can do nothing but feel good over other's accomplishments are a waste of space. The world needs more people who can accomplish great things for themselves.


You have no way of knowing that. Get outside more.

Implying : The Post

that occultic harpy is no american, shes a globalist

Your kind always argue like that, it's not a strawman at all, liberals are this fucking stupid.

>Your kind always argue like that, it's not a strawman at all, liberals are this fucking stupid.
Not an argument.

In the inside, you know it's true. Don't lie to yourself.

is that an elbow piercing?

"My daddy Alabama, Momma Louisiana
You mix that negro with that Creole make a Texas bama."

Mixed qt thread

The one in your pic is like 1/4 or less nigger, which just shows how terrible mixing with niggers is.
Niggers behave like barbarians and don't hold western values. They're no more western than aboriginal tribes, Muhammadans savages or their African brothers.

Americans and Europeans are white or American Indians. Everyone else is an invader and has no American identity.

Jews are not western

Jesus christ she is half black half white. Found her on twitter got her account bookmarked on my laptop

Everyone who isn't white leaches off whites. Muh cooperation doesn't count when you're the one doing all the help.

Yes, to the same extent that plastic paddies arent Irish or any other american is European, in blood and name only.

People over in Africa are used to going out in the wild and handling shit, most black americans have trouble with suburbia

I can has mixed qt?

that's why you continue the bleaching, how are quadroons? 1/8? 1/16?

Not likely...

The average so-called "African-American" is 20% Caucasian, so when they produce offspring white a white the baby has way more white blood than black.

No way that chick is even half black.

black people will never be westerners. Western men and women are inherently white.

Where is the proof that she is more than half white? Your unsourced """"statistics""" do nothing.

gross mullatos are disgusting, pic related is me; a purebred black

Fuck no, if you've spent any time around them you'd know that. They fucking hate us and want nothing to do with "white culture" even when that means doing things that are good for you and your family.

I'm sure her 23andme results would prove the obvious.

just because they're standing where westerns are doesn't make them part of the master race.... wow you can't think at all.

see yourself out and set up a screening for dementia

Tits or gtfo

No, only Whites are Westerners. But you already knew that.

negroid genes are dominant genes, and unfortunately that's not a good thing in any way.

it takes like 5 or 6 generations of breeding in one solid direction to get them close enough to count a little bit. but they'll still have negroid blood for another couple of generations.

why is everyone so itching to count blacks as whites anyways? blacks seem to want nothing more than to be white like a snowflake yet they want to live like a lowly negro in the ghetto. no white people do that on purpose.

They are part of the west.
But only if you consider South America as Western

Their culture is the bad part of the West, in the US. Though it is necessary to point out that many blacks(probably not most) in the US do assimilate, but ever since reconstruction failed to reintegrate both the South and Blacks, they've been a fifth pillar. The south only reintegrated because they reacted against the anti-slavery win by becoming pro-White, thus they came closer to the American culture, while Blacks did not, since they were initially still an underclass. Though they came close to integrating in the 50's-80's until the ghetto culture took over and gave them the reverse of what the southerners had, they became Pro-Black and Anti-White, it drew them farther from American culture. The ghetto culture must be removed and replaced with the American culture for them to be considered to be full westerners.

South America on the other hand must fix itself by removing corruption, or accepting foreign rule. At this point foreign rule is more likely, America is right across the Carribean and could very well enter another imperialistic phase in the coming times.

>white sperm clinics all throughout africa
get this man a nobel prize for bettering humanity.

omg i want to hug you so hard. i never even thought of this; i was flirting more with the idea that it's beneficial for negroid women to have white babies but totally idiotic and backwards for white women to have negroid babies - it is so obviously a massive step backwards