Is the nazi stuff ironic or naw

Like do a lot of yall do it for a meme or naw, cause i love it as a joke, but some of you might be way to convincing.

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people here are ironically nazis, though theyre unaware of it. Very few would actually want to stay in nazi germany, given the chance.

Ironic but it's a convenient vehicle for expressing disdain for the problems of the world. It's also funny.

like, every group should try to improve and be proud, especially if you're the most aesthetic race atm and i think hitler thought of other races as unfortunate and tried to unite agains the common enemy, the alien invaders which in the end won rip

but you know, he tried and so people appreciate that and you should too

just satirically pushing the overton window to the right, Sup Forums is a board of peace

Listen to your peanut brain and try to make a decision based on reason.

I support the natsocs, personally I think he's dead and we need a new leader but we can look to him for inspiration.

Some of heil hitler stuff is, especially the edgy shit but at the same time most people here ideologically align more closely with national socialism than any sort of modern left-wing ideology.

Yes, sure, it's a joke. Now forget you ever heard of this place and never post here again.

Somewhat, but it's mostly serious.

If you post here and you don't understand the inherent threat of the Jews, you don't belong here. Go back to Facebook.

Speak for yourself, normie.

I wouldn't because it was infested with kikes that Hitler didn't kill. Kind of like modern society in America being full of Niggers,spics and unironically more kikes.

This is a board of peace.

>replying to this bait

The Nazis stuff is fake. You going to the gulags for being a faggot is not.

look up poes law

>digits of truth!! muh based ironic nazi shitposting!!
It's not a meme, we unironically hate kikes.


I really wonder if casually talking about in random shitposting slide threads was part of their plan.

I'm not white. I think the nazi shit is hilarious.

One of my shitskin friends of 10 years has recently declared me a white supremacist. Now I troll him IRL.
>I ask if he's doing okay.
>if he's with a group, I great them with a arm raised high & say "Hi, all!"
>I thanked him for wearing New Balance, he bought new shoes the next day.


the nationalism is good and the socialism is good but all of the pro hitler stuff is a meme

>Like do a lot of yall do it for a meme or naw
start here and get back to us in a few days

so does most of the middle east, I doubt they're nazis tho