ITT: Racist Jokes - Mods Are Asleep Edition

ITT: Post really funny racist jokes, I'll start.
Why doesn't a gorilla smile
Becuase in Ten Million Years it will be a Nigger

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>Why doesn't a gorilla smile
>Becuase in Ten Million Years it will be a Nigger

how many americans it takes to fill the grand canyon ?


fucking kek

What did the quarter say to the 5 cent piece?

Why do niggers always wear snapbacks?
so that the birds don't shit on their lips

What happened when the nigger looked up his family tree

A gorilla defecated in his face

Cringy nupol trash kys

What does a black man do after sex?

15 to life.

>just saw a thread get pruned like 5 minutes ago
>this dumb nigger thinks mods are asleep

>How many black people does it take to screw in a lightbulb
>The light is out how can you count them


If you're gonna be racist at least be funny about it

how was copper wire invented?

two jews fighting over a penny

A jew once asked me for my number. I told him we have names.

Heh a fav

My Nickle

What do you call
2 niggers fucking
Fucking niggers

>neglect kid
>huwite man tries to help
>fuck you huwite boi

You how many smiles

What's do you call an abo hanging out of a tree ?

An abocado


>What's the difference between a nigger and a basketball?
>You don't kick the basketball