Based George

>Cardinal George Pell charged with historical sex offenses
Is Cardinal George "Red" Pell, I dare say it, /our guy/?


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he's your guy all right

he was a leftist "reformer" praised by feminists and Jews-- the same people who are now calling for his blood
they raise up these fags just to bring the church down

yesterday a jew was convicted of pedophilia in USA
This is just to distract people to focus on the "Evil Catholics"

If you are a pedophile, sure.


Regardless, I doubt anything will come of it but we will see how it pans out in court.

nice try shareblue

pedoscum, gas yourself.

Kys fuckwit CUNT

Cardinal Pell can BURN IN HELL

So is he guilty?

Not severe enough, he used to play for richmond you know?

Fuckin oath he is.

DIRTY FUCKING PEDO just like the rest of those Vatican cunts.

It's catchy


On what grounds do you know he's guilty?

No smoke without fire.

He is a catholic. Everyone knows this cunt is guilty. They all are in the vatican.

If their not, they are not doing enough to stomp out pedophilia

plenty of things emit smoke without igniting



So you have nothing.
Good talk.

Are you not up on the Vatican and child abuse? Have you not read the testimony's from the victims? Have you not heard the victims?
Nope, your just defending someone you have no idea about....

HIV and AIDS are no longer death sentences.

Yes, it's pretty rare. Rarer than public school sexual assault statistically.

those are all fake claims made by (((lawyers))) to hurt Catholicism

Pell is innocent, the sodomite mafia are behind the accusations.

lol catholicuck defending his child diddling priests. what a surprise.

Australian penalties are pretty light though so even if found guilty nothing will happen.

I don't know a thing of the man. I was asking for information.

>ask for evidence that he's guilty
>I'm defending him

The pope is pro immigrant and kissed their feet but sure man.

>historical sex offenses
What do they mean by this?

Fuck you, CARN TIGES!

He traveled back in time and diddled an underage Martha Washington.

Found the pedo

Catholic priests and monks have a very high percentage of abusers. But I am sceptical in this case. I know Pell is hated (because he seems like an asshole). I hate abuse of kids, and am not Catholic. I am just a bit sceptical in this case. Not all accusers are honest, and in fact there is a bit of a bandwagon inspired by ((feminists)) to portray all men as guilty before trial. I know there has been somewhat of a conspiracy to get Pell

lol, although Catholicks only seem to like leetul bois, must have been a young Abe Lincoln

As suspected, sex abuse in the Catholic Church has been endemic for centuries. Endorsed, by example, from the very top of this pyramid scheme. Shameful beyond words.

That's why I dumped this pitiful religious cult.

theory: muslims
action: roman catholics

strange world we live in...