Talk shit get 1776'd

If your flag isn't my flag then I feel sorry for you.

there is no mag in your gun, friendo

>Homeland of capitalism
>Half of the country is full of Marxists and anarchists

theres no hope in your country, buddy

Don't need bullets to tear up a leaf


>guy is fat
>guy in the background is also fat
Why am I not surprised?

> borderline 3rd world shithole, where the people are obese scootering burgerboys
> ground zero of autism and cuckoldry
> 40%white


Trust fund babies make up a small part of America's population and everyone hates them, they're just vocal.

Coolest thing your country ever did was murder someone from 's country after fucking up like four times.

for as much as you want to try with you ultra pathetic attempts at divide/conquer "bants", ALL europeans would always unite to laugh at the lardasses from across the ocean
you're not even fucking white LMFAO

>Nogunz shill, get bunker hilled

/k/ here

>no optic
>no front or rear sights, not even shitty $30 FAGPUL plastic flip up backups
>trying to look OPER8R with his stupid MLOK meme rails that he'll never even use instead of just getting a standard profile handguard or a KAC RAS or jesus christ even just a cheap keymod rail
>lmao muzzlebreak for a 5.56x45 rifle
>operating in flipflops
>ugly desert tan furniture despite living in a temperate rainforest zone (he's in the Pacific Northwest; see Rainier beer umbrella in the background)
>eating processed carbs in the form of deep fried factory farmed corn chips
>half finished and uneven paving stone backyard looks like something a high schooler who got fired from his summer landscaping job would do
>good god is that a fucking USMC globe and anchor rollmark on his fugly ass non-milspec billet lower that's probably made by Spike's Tactical STOLEN VALOR STOLEN VALORRREEEEEEEEEEEEE RRREEEEE

2/10, would not operate with

And Europe is? Good joke. Fucking Switzerland has a greater percentage of Mudslimes than the US.

You wear your flag on your asshole and sweaty balls, so stop lecturing me

who are these people posting so many pictures of dead burger soldiers, seems like shill thing, going by the file names, they're the same for all you burger soldier posters.

Being American is his redeeming quality. 10/10 review.

Talk to me again when your flag has stood the test of time. Say, one fifth of the time ours have on it at this particular moment.


Isn't it beautiful?

All of this. A true /k/ommando has a deck.

Also he appears to be hiding a Galapagos turtle under his shirt. Trading in endangered species is a criminal offense.

what tacky taste in weaponry, off with you

You're overweight and wouldn't last in a prolonged firefight. When DOTR happens you'll be one of them that doesn't make it. I feel sorry for ((you)).

It's a random picture I saw on facebook. I run everyday and would never let myself get to that point.

European scum, Im going to enjoy watching Europe fall and all you pathetic, cuck eurotrash get bombed and raped. Fuck Europe, the death of Europe is the greatest thing to ever happen in human history. God bless Merkel and Islam, kill these dirty European devils. Musilms should start killing European children

>I run everyday
Preparing for a 'tactical retreat'?