Proof of Asian superiority?

If East Asians are smarter than whites, as evidenced by their higher average IQs, then why is there nothing to show for it? Why did they get stuck in the middle ages, and let the West march all over their faces and colonize them? Why aren't we speaking Chinese and assimilated into Asian cultures right now? Shouldn't we have been colonized a long time ago? Where's the proof of their superiority? Also, Asians make up a tiny percentage of all STEM field jobs, while they hold a disproportionate amount of STEM-related academic positions. Something doesn't add up...

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they have higher IQs. That doesn't make them better than us. Truth speaks for itself for anyone with 3 digits, being smart is about the whole picture. Its not just the IQ but the personality that is paired with that IQ

>they have higher IQs.
I'm just asking where the evidence of it is. If their IQs are higher, why did they stay stuck in the middle ages while we evolved the modern age? The same is said of the jews, that they have higher IQs, but we know that's a dubious claim. Are Asian IQs also just the product of commie propaganda?

East Asians might be smarter on average
But Europeans have more testosterone
Africans have more testosterone than Europeans, but have far lower IQs
High testosterone or high IQ on their own aren't enough

lmao take a look at chinese military history. Its a fucking joke when they go head to head against other nations. The mongols were only 300,000 strong at the height of their empire but managed to enslave 100 million people. Chinese superiority is fucking shit tier.

tell us what the mongols did to europe and the the middle east you fucking retard. they butchered europe so much that finland is their offspring rape babies. the mongols fucking raped everybody and had the most advanced military on earth at the time. they didn't push further west cause europeans were too busy fucking goats and having absolutely nothing worth mentioning

this is pretty spot on. they were merchants not interested in conquest but the savage white monkeys plundered them. this is what happens when you push up your populations iq. just look at the west now and how they're so pathetic and weak even shitty stuff like islam, spics, niggers, and feminist can conquer them

if they pushed west mongols would have got their shit pushed in like every country that has tried invading a european country.

I haven't read the white papers myself. Though I do know with East asians (japs, chinks, koreans) its a higher spatial IQ, with the kikes its a higher verbal IQ (for swindling oy vey). I don't think IQ is a sufficient to label an ethnic group as superior, achievements of the people need to be tallied and compared. That would be a much better litmus test for the strength of a race.

Do they really? Because their achievements are nothing compared to the West´s. Japan is the only good REAL country there.

They might have higher IQ, but they are like robots. White man invented electricity, Cars, internet, computer, phones etc...

they were pacifist and isolationist.

>european were literally slaves to the roman empire
>even islam conquered into the heart of europe
>now mudslimes and even bantu africans are conquering europe today
kek you're so fucking retarded.

>human history is 12000 years
>let's talk about the last 200 years we've done so well
>ignore how you're declining right now and the 11500 years you were dogshit subhumans
it's so sad, but luckily you get to survive long enough to see china dominate the world loser. they're going to be the ones who colonize mars, the moon, and space while you're getting murdered by spics. spics will be 51% of the population in 50+ years while china is on mars america will be brazil

Asians are uncreative and only copy only good asians are Japs, they are honorary aryan.

>european were literally slaves to the roman empire
>Implying Romans weren't Europeans
>Implying the "Cisalpine Gauls" who founded the Republic were something other than European
This kind of a schizophrenic view, not sure you realize that.

First, higher average IQ isn't everything. Don't think there's much good data but it's possible that something like pic related is happening where a larger IQ variance would mean there are more white geniuses.
IQ variance is higher for men than women, possible it's influenced by testosterone which is lower in asians.

Second, IQ aside there are other traits like cautiousness, lawfulness and mental health that are all different. Maybe asians do have higher IQ but white culture develops faster because of all the reckless unruly craziness.


>possible it's influenced by testosterone which is lower in asians.
But testosterone is supposedly higher in blacks than in whites, and you have the opposite effect to the one you're speculating on

IQ just means you're good at solving certain kinds of puzzles. There's plenty of valuable character traits it doesn't measure.

> Nothing to show for it?
What are you talking about? China and the Sinosphere have the longest/oldest and possibly largest/most interesting cultural output in total among human civilizations. The Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution destroyed a lot of it, sure, but the idea that there's nothing to show for it is extremely stupid.

>brits, snowniggers, and krauts claim the roman empire was theirs episode
you guys are so just so fucking retarded. empires rise and decline. china was pacifist while subhuman brits had a technological advantage and abused it. the west had contact with china 700 years ago but only was able to beat them 200 years ago. why are you so fucking proud you little faggot? if brits were so great why didn't they btfo chinks 700 years ago? cause they were dogshit and couldn't. you just better hope when europe is the caliphate, america is brazil, and china is on mars they don't decide to repay the favor and wipe out off you retards

There is no real evidence for it. The Chinese are the stupidest people in the world, but their oligarchs are able to keep their society just afloat. The Chinese have selection bias for their IQ tests, and they also have a social system that forces"intelligent people" to come out. By that I mean they have young people study nonstop and weed out people that do poorly.
People in the West confuse real intelligence an test-taking ability, which the Orientials excel at because their culture forces them to do so. If you can ever talk to them (you know, if they give you the time of day because of their imagined self importance and racism) you will see that they really are not smart. And yes, I've known a lot of Asians.
As far as Indians...that doesn't even need to be explored

are you that angry HAPA?

>the longest/oldest and possibly largest/most interesting cultural output
Yes, they stopped developing thousands of years ago, and got steamrolled. That's why I was asking: where is the proof of their superior intelligence?

India has whithstood a fuckton of disasters and is still standing today. I can see Indian domination possible if they don't get Westernised or Middle-Easternised.

china refugee count: 0
china replacing its own citizens with spics and niggers count: 0
china banning mudslimes from naming their kids muhammad count: 1

china will exist but white america won't. neither will white europe.

Their connections to dynasties and SHTF many times over has stymied them from fear of loss.

B-but they don't even poo in loo

>they were pacifist
Kek no. They were isolationists to an extreme. They are really autistic.

They may not now, but they did.

>china was pacifist

dude you are a fucking idiot, the asian DNA in finland is sami, not mongol.

Because communism

>china refugee count: 0
There are more Chinese outside of China than inside China, and China is still one of the world's most populous countries. Chinks are literally the kings of the world refugee community.

I want to be very clear about this: there is no evidence, but all of the memes have China as the highest IQ and people believe it. If people have REALLY been exposed to the Asia (not anime) they would see what Asians really are like.

Also, what about Thailand? Why doesnt Southeast Asia have the same IQ? Because 1) they don't have selection bias; and 2) they don't have weebs or rabid nationals praising their actions no matter what

But I'm preaching to the void because Sup Forums will continue to insist upon the high IQ because it has a love-affair with the Orient. The people here think of Orientals are "honorary whites" and "allies" in their fictional eugenics war against the Nog. It's really weird. I always imagine the fat fedora goons that think they are ripped and can slam 1000 Asian qts because US girls don't give them the time of day
>muhh whores
No, neckbeards. "White" women don't what you because you don't bring anything to value. What makes you think a Japanese girl wants you? Your "superior" genes? Hahaha

Because CHYNA stagnated without competition. We had angry fucking neighbours we constantly had to compete with which lead to a constant arms race of weapons, technology and tactics

The last 70% of your post is how I can tell you're a salty nigger.

yeah so autistic
>*takes in 500 million 70 iq refugees from africia*
why can't just be smart like us?
>*watch the lowest slime on earth bantu africans rape white*
women in the street
so glad we don't have autism like them
>*converts to islam otherwise gets beheaded*
we're an open and free society
>*economy collapses and country is turned into the islamic caliphate*

okay but that doesn't change the fact spics are going to be the majority in america in 50 years and islam/shitskins will conquer europe. in fact, it doesn't even fucking matter. there's white people everywhere so why can't there be chinese people everywhere? china is going to own the earth so anywhere they want to go they can

> be Chinese, invent cannon (pic related is from 1200), put 10 of them to defend Beijing

> be British, put 100 of them on every ship
> bring opium from India
> profit

Averages aren't variances. Blacks could have a wider variation but if their average is 70 they're still mostly stupid.
Or testosterone could have nothing to do with it.

>Highest IQ.
>North East Asia including Mongolia.
>Right before Euros.

IQ is bullshit, it's just raw mathematical intelligence

EQ (emotional intelligence) is what matters. It allows you to connect with people better and this means people with high EQ are prone to leadership positions. Jews have the highest EQ's. This is why they come to positions of power easily.

If you have low EQ you won't get far in life. Asians have some of the worst EQs.

Finally! I've wanting a (you).
But no, I'm not black. I'm just tired of the goons on Sup Forums not understanding that Orientals are vile mammalian drones that have bottomless stomachs and torture other creatures for their assumement.

>Or testosterone could have nothing to do with it.
Well, I'm sure its more complex than more or less testosterone.

>EQ (emotional intelligence) is what matters
yes. eq is what matters. open up your heart. there's only one race the human race. we're all equal bro. egalitarianism ftw


*breathe in*


Intellect also covers creativity besides IQ, guess who has both IQ and creativity and not only one among the 3 races.

China was a pacifist to an extent that they didn't seek to conquer the kingdoms that border them but only pacify them to make sure they'll never attack. Unlike Europe who manage to find someone to aim it's sword at instead stabbing itself repeatedly, even then China did find one but they were completely BTFO by mongols.

This woman is 42.

Don't post things you not understand, boy-o
You are finding a correlation, not a causation. Ethiopians are black, and the ones I have met at uni are the smartest people. One was a major qt3.14, but I slipped up. She gave me her number and I never called! Super cute, thin, smart, and religious.
Don't make the same mistake I made!! Learn from me

sure you aren't, nig

im sure nig iq is actually high too

>42 years old
>Still doing duckface

Wow. Not an argument

They just cheat on tests like on everything else. Go on faggots tell me the Chinese don't copy.

>asians IQ??
asians have no culture an can only copy each other. the nips and the gooks copied from the chinese after ww2 korea became usa 2.0. only good think about this radioactive monkeys are good at is making anime.

>Ethiopians are black, and the ones I have met at uni are the smartest people
can't make this shit up

>talks about correlation
> uses anecdotal evidence
>think iq doesn't matter
>niggers are smart
>is a nigger himself
of course the nigger denies iq. africa and south america prove the iq beyond a reasonable doubt. there's been only 3 areas in the world with actual civilization and culture. europe, asia, and the middle east. they all have higher iq than you subhumans from south america and africa and iq is the reason

yeah white people don't cheat
>*steals, murders, and conquest everywhere*
we wuz gud boys and dindu nuffin we folllow the bible and shiet
whites cheat as much as asians retard.

>China was a pacifist to an extent that they didn't seek to conquer the kingdoms that border them
The Chinese have been invading their neighbors since before the Mongols. Sun Tzu is not famous for his "pacifism".

asians always cheat in life

Think what you want, Fedora man. I've got studying to do. I have an exam tomorrow.
Thanks for the morning chuckle


>implying Asians had no hand in the modernization of military technology

This meme needs to die

Asian girls have a face shape that allows ugly girls to pretend to be hot with ease, doesn't mean there are not naturally hot ones like the latter pic

Speak in terms of proportion only when referring to racial contributions to technological progress, please.

love these threads. keep telling yourselves we are inferior. you have no perspective. in 1000 years we will still exist. can you say the same, white man?

> meme
> actually believes the girl above didn't had any surgery

weebs will claim he is natty

B-best Korea i-is that you?

Asians are not superior. How many of them in the world? Why aren't they in control of everything? Also their culture is shit. Authoritative, suppressive, and stifles innovation. Creativity is their largest weakness. Asians cannot think outside the box, which is why China has the most spies on planet earth. They steal ideas from countries that encourage creativity.

>post modern era
>commie china

China never completely eat a kingdom. they were known for eating little tribes and provinces, if they fight kingdoms they'll just make them pay taxes.

Chinese bureaucratic system is always a stymie to innovation. After Manchurian conquest in early 17th century, taking advantage of civil wars among Han factions, they close the country for fear that Han people will get muskets and cannons that negates Manchu/Mongol advantage of heavy cavalry.

In the mean time, Tokugawa Shogunate feared that introduction of modern arms will diminish the value of Samurai caste, so they did ther best to curb innovation.

Oh, and not to mention, it was after mid 17th century, Newton and Leibnitz invented calculus, and western science took off with the help of Ashkenazi Jews in Weatern Europe.


>China never completely eat a kingdom.
Sorry, how many times did China invade korea? "Sino-Korean war" returns too long a list of results in google...

>Why did they get stuck in the middle ages, and let the West march all over their faces and colonize them?
Isolationism. China and Japan both essentially saw themselves as the center of the world with no reason to expand.

Ditto about the spies - our local manufacturers, don't allow their "chinese partners" to go into their facotries without heavy vetting - if even. Too many hidden cameras discovered, and deals which were never followed through after having guided them through their premises.

There was a documentary on BBC 2 the other night about China's Terracotta army.

It turns out Archaeologists now believe that the Terracotta army was designed by people who learned from the Ancient Greeks, about 1,500 years before the arrival of Marco Polo in China.

Within a 20 year period, the stumpy Chinese art is rapidly transformed into full European-like models.

Also, European DNA was found at the site.

Simply remarkable. China's artistic revolution was created by the Greeks.

yeah, and what was the reason why china invaded korea? hmm? might need to google that one as well.

Chinks and gooks are basically human insectoids no personality or independence whatsoever,literal subhuman trash the niggers of asia.
Only nips could be called "honorary aryans" and even they are a bit fucked in the head and soulless.

Isolation is the way to go. The west ambition in bringing civilization to the world will ultimately lead to the collapse of the west. Just look at the refugee ships coming to Europe. If the west had remained isolationist none of this would happen.

First the Kangz, now the Chinks BTFO. 2017 is a bad year for non-whites m8

Isolationism and overenforced cultural/societal conservatism enforced by national leaders.

This was the case in both China, Korea and Japan. They all began to see big improvement once they reformed themselves to compete in the greater world sphere.

However, Korea got fucked over by the Japs and the Chinese got fucked over by opium and colonialism.

Japan was able remain independent and achieve increadible progress in a very short period of time, but then got smacked back down in WW2.

tl;dr, Asian intellectual assets were held down by self-inflicted societal restriction and isolation. No, I am not a cuck.

Too much opium

>what was the reason why china invaded korea?
Which time they invaded Korea? There were so many...

No shit. Civs brought great changes to other civs. Italy and Greece have turned the world upside down more than once. Greeks got their civ from an older civ too, but they perfected it and made it shine with its own light. Same for Romans, and they revolutionized the world several times.

>Only nips could be called "honorary aryans
only reason they dont have a loud mouth anymore is because we calmed them down with TWO SCOOPS. They are still asians and degenerate

Societal progress doesn't develop in a vacumn, senpai. There were likely progenitor nations that Babalonya stole their cultural icons from.

Asians Smart. The biggest contributors to the civilisation?whites (tesla, newton, darwin...)
But muh IQ? Asian IQ is faked, look to the chinks.

collectivist societies ride on the coattails of individualists ones, technologically speaking. of course individualist societies eventually collapse.

>honory aryans
Stop. They're Japanese. Their achievments don't make them any more or less Japanese.

Retire that term already.

East Asia is going to lead the civilized world by the time the century's over and they aren't falling for multikulti. Who're the dumbasses here, us or them?

You were butt-raped by a European man, weren't you?
Keep losing, loser :^)


>subhuman brits had a technological advantage and abused it
Now there, don't blame Europeans for what the Eternal britbong did.

>Societal progress doesn't develop in a vacumn, senpai

Has long been assumed that this was the case in China.

>molgols are chinese
t. pol historian

If she's stil alone at that age (like the pics of her instagram seem to imply) then she has some other problem that are so bug they weight more than her young looks

Pick up a history book faggot.
Protip: whites are in no way superior to everyone. Almost every group of people had their highs and lows during history. We just happen to live during the high of western civilization (which is slowly declining again). At one point Arabs were dominating the world, then mongols, etc. etc.

>whites are in no way superior to everyone
>he says in English
>using western communications technology

They had their day in the sun, and it ended.
The same is happening with Europeans now.

HAHAHAHAHAHA says the spaniard
>pic related

Here you go.
GDP through history.
China fell in XIXth century due to a huge civil war (huge = 30 millions deaths). You don't even know shit about that war because you're west-centered.

China's fall just pulled down all surrounding countries.

This is why the whole continent is a shithole, and is rising to take back its place.
This is also why africa has never been relevant and will never be.

They're not behind, it's just you who lack historical knowledge.

Here's another source:

>the Chinese imploded once they were exposed to the rest of the world (ie, Europe)
Pretty much the premise of the thread m8
>They're not behind you're just ignorant
Pretty much a caricature of "being in denial" lol