Get fucked Russia

Our ramp is clearly better than your piece of shit shoe horn and you know it.

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I thinck there just saying carriers are out date big targets for drone subs ,boats, planes packed full explosives.

To be fair we only have six destroyers which isn't enough for two carriers but I get salty when the Slavs mock our navy

If anything then why would you be mocking them?. Wouldn't you be pretending they're a swell idea so you can destroy shit easier when the war comes?

I think Russia just mad they only have one and can't afford any more.

they still have better tanks then u

Even we're getting two

but the Kusnetzov isn't "only" an aircraft carrier

its a Heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser armed with

>12 P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) anti-ship missiles
>192 3K95 Kinzhal (SA-N-9 Gauntlet) SAMs
>8 Kashtan CIWS mounts
>6 AK-630 AA guns
>1 UDAV-1 ASW rocket launcher

+ 18–32 × fixed wing aircraft
+ 17–24 × helicopters

that shit is a Swimming Fortress.

>say the Russian flagship is a smoke coughing piece of shit
>Russians can't take the bants and virtually call the new British carrier a target

Why are Ruskies so pathetically insecure?

No idea be fair.

Everyone knows drones are the future and carriers are fooked vs swarms drones packed full explosives.

To be fair British could convert them to drone carriers two is not that bad mistake.

And there not as big as american targets.

Now america on other hand

>implying tanks matter anymore

They have more than you too

so it's got a fraction of the armament of an actual carrier battle group?

Why can't you work together with russia? It's beyond me. Free yourself from jewish shackles / shekels lads.

okay the boat's alright
but its useless cargo of penguin planes will only make the eventual demise of those boats that more expensive

why did it have to be f-35

>that shit is a Swimming Fortress.

*engine failure in the middle of the ocean*

Uk starting to flex its muscles after brexit

I want to but they always act like cunts to us


I wanted an upgraded harrier or something

You think you so smart?
Russia smart too
We have tugs for that

Sukhoi a shit

its not travelling on its own, its assisted by other ships and subs.

for example the Kirov

>20 × P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) AShM
>14 × SS-N-14 Silex ASW cruise missiles (Ushakov only)
>96 × S-300F Fort SA-N-6 Grumble surface-to-air missiles (Ushakov, Lazarev, Nakhimov)[citation needed]
>48 × S-300F Fort and 48 S-300FM Fort-M (SA-N-20 Gargoyle) long-range SAM (Pyotr Velikhy)[2]
>128 × 9K95 Tor (SA-N-9 Gauntlet) point defense SAM[2]
>40 × OSA-MA (SA-N-4 Gecko) PD SAM
>1 × twin AK-130 130 mm/L70 dual purpose gun (2 × AK-100 100 mm/L60 DP guns in Ushakov)
>8 × AK-630 six-barreled Gatling 30 mm/L60 PD guns (Ushakov, Lazarev)
>6 × CADS-N-1 Kashtan gun/missile system (Nakhimov, Pyotr Velikiy[2])
>1 × 10 RBU-1000 305 mm ASW rocket launchers
>2 × 6 RBU-12000 (Udav-1) 254 mm ASW rocket launchers
>10 × 533 mm ASW/ASuW torpedo tubes, Type 53 torpedo or RPK-2 Vyuga (SS-N-15) ASW missile

this shit is an even bigger swimming fortress full of dakka and rape

lmao, we at least have planes to put on it

>implying that this isnt what they are actually going to be used for after brexit

also some Udaloy Destroyer armed with ASW weapons, torpedos, AA, Anti Ship Missiles...

Currently visiting a fort used in WW1 and 2 and just saw this lol

Because we live not on the fucking island

>ramp on ramp violence
Fucking two children bragging about their bicycles with training wheels

Carriers are useless and expensive piece of shit anyway if you don't invade shitstans and ricenam on regular basis. You need the only one to wave your dick sometimes.

Carriers are cool

It needs the ramp so that the jets can do a loop and land straight away, otherwise people might notice there are only a dozen planes on your 'carrier'

It's just bantz, m8

With a smidgen of truth.

Russia is always taking the piss


>a historically naval power has better navy than historically with historically mediocre navy


>than a country with historically mediocre navy
ёбaный aнглийcкий

UK is fucking trash anyways..

When are the superior Russians going to come in and rape your disgusting women and flood the gene pool with pure goodness

>Implying I'm ever wrong.

well UK military isnt a thing anymore, u are irrelevant accept this fact, u arent the empire anymore

We have the 6th most powerful military in the world but k



Now let me tell you something about the Kuznetsov.
The thing is of absolutely no use to the Russian Navy, i doubt it is even included in any war scenario they have.
It's propulsion system is faulty by design, so much so that it almost never leaves port.
And when it does, it has to be accompanied by tugs in case it's propulsion system breaks down.

During it's last cruise to Syria, which was politically motivated and militarily superfluous,
it managed to suffer TWO (!) arresting cable failures that resulted in the loss of 1 MiG-29K and 1 Su-33.
After those two crashes they actually transfered all aircraft that were on the Kuznetsov to the Khmeimim Air Base.

Keep in mind that Russian Naval Aviation only has around 40 combat aircraft in total.
That means that in that one deployment they managed to lose a sizeable chunk of their aircraft fleet.

Now it's back in Severodvinsk for maintenance and modernisation and will be unavailable for 1-2 years.

F-35B is a direct replacement for a Harrier; in order to pull of STOVL, it had to be crippled as a weapon.

yes but it has tons of other weapons it can use, like anti ship missiles and AA missiles.

also its now in port getting refurbished and repaired.

Yes, with the help of proletariat capitalist United States you do..

Fun thing is that Kuznetsov was designed as cover for subs. It meant to be operational only in Baltic Sea as one of the core groups for European war. That's why they put diesel engines instead of reactor - to make it cheap as fuck, since it's operational range doesnt require nuclear reactor.
Only retards would compare Nimitz and Project 1143. It's like comparing tanks and SPGs like "HURR DURR BOTH HAVE GUNS N TRACKS"

And it can be disabled by a can of rust remover

>Laser CIWS
>the fact that they're fucking huge and don't simply sink from anything short of a close range nuclear detonation
Mobile airfields and force projection sure are outdated kraut. Oh wait, germany has literally zero force projection. No airlift, no sealift, has to use USA Airborne tankers to refuel

keep talking.

How will Slavcucks ever recover?

go and try it and get raped by all the other ships in the battle group.

all that shit can easily be overhelmed by Anti Ship missiles and torpedos.

also a German Sub already managed to sink a US carrier group, the french also managed to do this.

Please get off my thread posting dead soldiers you disrespectful cretinous cunt

You wasted a lot of money on a shitty F-35B carrier which doesn't have any F-35Bs on it in the first place, won't have for at least two more years. That's a fuck up in my book, especially knowing your current Brexit shitstorm (to your credit, nobody knew about Brexit when QE2 was wstablished as a project).
Still, the whole idea of this carrier looks like it is meant to be a supplementary force for americans in their bombing of random shistans imho.

>Laser CIWS
>the fact that they're fucking huge and don't simply sink from anything short of a close range nuclear detonation

Burgers will defend this.

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You don't have anti-ship missiles or torpedoes.
You don't have the launch platforms for them either.
Nor do you have the C&C or Intel/Recon to fire them accurately.

The USA launched 59 tomahawks from two destroyers into Syria only a few months ago. Russia has difficulty launching more than 50 at a time.

We saw the winner in cold war. Now fuck off commie from shit tier country

Wait does the Dolphin survive? D:

Haha Russia is the biggest country in the world and we still have a bigger economy than you, fuck off commie

>Crippled as a weapon

Pick one.

>We saw the winner in cold war.

I have bad news for you :^)

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Germany has one of the Best Subs in the world.

and during exercises we already managed to sink your amerifart carriers with ease, if we can do this I bet the russians could pull it off as well.

And how many of them reached target?

>a wargame where USN strategists vs USN strategists improved USN strategy
>a wargame that involved multiple scenarios for the testing of USN strategy and training of USN commanders
They reset wargames all the time for the purpose of providing commanders training. Just because you've been declared dead doesn't mean you aren't going to respawn in about 30 minutes for the next training objective.

Wargames are more about training more than what actually happens at the wargame. And yes there are after action reviews about what worked, what didn't work and lessons learned.

How many pakis are in Moscow alone again?

what's wrong with sea harriers?

wouldn't 40 sea harriers be more effective than 12 f-35s ?

or even say 20 sea harriers and 6 F35s

Russia militarry is shit tier. If they disn't have nukes they would be irelevant.

>Implying the challenger 2 is not one of if not the best tank in the world rn.

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Yeah, but later they changed the rules to make sure blue side can win.

Yes comrade, the US is just months away from a communist revolution!

Also we overfulfilled our plan by 200%, soon we will have achieved full communism.


Heh, it doesn't add up to all the fearmongering in Central, Nothern Europe and USA :)

There are more muslims in Russia than in the U.K, now fuck off.

>Germany has the best subs
>6 Diesel-Electric Type 212 submarines
>56m long
>12 week endurance, 2 weeks submerged

Wow because you are pussy cunts.
>wahhh Russia meany butts to us wahhh
Be a man

how many weapons systems were deployed during this exercise?? a shit ton of P-3 and P-8 and SOSUS would find the majority of Russian submarines in a limited war.

That's inacurate

>Equaling bro-tier Kasachs with pakis
>English education
You fucked up bro.

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>20:1 while the f-22 has racked up 75:1+ ratios and the f-15 has racked up to 25:1


The Blue side is the actual USN Ships and Sailors who are receiving training. The Red side are the people who are running the wargame. The Red side is the dungeon masters and the Blue side are the players.

Just because Red does a rocks-fall everyone dies doesn't mean Blue won't roll new characters or timewarp backwards with a wish and "win." You still don't understand wargames are 99% about training the Blue forces.

They aren't saying that at all, in fact, Russia announced that its building a new aircraft carrier


>B variant having half the internal weapons bay capacity of A and C variants
>not crippled

That's a huge money drain and a big strategical mistake imho. Unless the'll come up with something heavily focused on AA\AD in Black/Baltic sea. Who knows, there are plenty of idiots out there, Britain being the prime example, but they can't hold the crown forever ;)

They are just butthurt because their design is shit. They just keep it because they have lost the tehnology to produce something decent. Ukraine had two of those in docks when USSR collapsed. Obviously without funds to support USSR level of militairy Ukraine tried to sell them. One was bought by China for training and the other found no buyers and that heap of junk went for scrap metal.

Wew lad, is this the 20th century? WW3 will be a nuclear holocaust if it happens, if it won't be a nuclear holocaust somehow, it will be the age of agile light tanks and IFVs such as the CV-90.

The F-35 is nearly reliable arleady. The same thing happened with the CV-22 Osprey which was previously considered a marine deathtrap. Some minor upgrades and mostly a change in pilot training for where and when a CV-22 is allowed to hover has brought its safety record to parity with other military aircraft.

It turns out when you study why the CV-22 crashed you could identify changes to the pilot's driving that eliminated the deadly accidents.

F-35 is only getting better and smart people are studying it in a practiced manner. Compare to WWII where germany was rushing equipment that was not standardized or tested and it turned out it fucking failed.


Russia's last naval battle went well...

>not launching nuclear warheads from your nuclear submarines

Have you fixed its software? Can your f35 pilots use its gun?

>They aren't saying that at all, in fact, Russia announced that its building a new aircraft carrier

They are not, they're even admitting that themselves.

And even if they wanted to and had the money to do it, they probably wouldn't be able to.
All Soviet carriers were built at the Mykolaiv Shipyard in Ukraine.
Russian shipyards have zero experience in building carriers.

We have Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles for a reason, lad. Once one drops thousands more will follow, who didn't get baleeted with the power of a thousand suns will have nuclear fallout for years after WW3.

why is six not enough?

Make same picture with American warship from this month.

>Mykolaiv Shipyard
Probably one of the reasons pro-russian "rebels" were so eager in to capture southern port cities of Odessa, Mariupol and Mykolaiv and less active on our wild steppe and northern fronts. They still try to assault Mariupol sometimes and strangely absent in the north.

HELLADS will soon make all modern missiles obsolete, and we will of course share this tech with our allies.

So all that's left is subs, and ASW is pretty damn effective these days.

>Burger nigger Navy
>Relevant anymore

Tip top KEK

It's not half the capacity and it is also more than enough.