This isn't a joke

this isn't a joke

what is happening?

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We let the can crazies take control of the nut house.

>"hahahaha just ignore em dude they will stop when nobody gives them attention ye hahahh.."

maybe they make little stickers or stars..make 'em yellow...that they could wear, so we know what to call them...

normally it takes a long times (decades) for things to slowly filter down from the craziest fringes of universities, to being broadcasted by police depts.. now it seems there is a super fast track, where it comes out of the ass of some campus marxist, and then out of the mouth of police & courts within months

how the fuck is this happening so fast with no filters or checks along the way?

>when you allow the mentally ill to dictate social protocol

Just start calling everyone it-its-it

is it this bad in america?

are you beginning to view close proximity & relatively open borders with canada as a security threat?

>when you don't just kill every single person with mental problem


people fatally underestimated what they were facing.. it's not just a couple insane freaks that can be safely ignored, it's insane freaks who somehow have total control of the political & legal system


The internet.

that makes sense but it doesn't explain how nobody even tried to question it.. certainly there must have been people along the way who would view this as complete insanity, why did they do / say nothing?

the first step that leads to a massive uprising.
only reason why sjw stuff is allowed to grow is because it has not effected the lives of normies yet. well that is about to change.
sjws won´t be a thing in 4 to 7 years

I like the ey em emselfs, makes you sound like a drunk northern British person.

Tell them that they are using the old lgbt logo and that they are insensitive pigs

we're talking about canada

will there be an uprising that will sweep away sjws when normies are finally affected, or will they continue to cower in fear of being called racist / homophobic?

black, red, yellow.. why does the top look like a crypto german flag?

Have you been asleep or in a DUDE WEED induced haze? Bill C-16, which is now Canadian law, forces you to use a snowflake's chosen pronouns or face legal consequences.

You have to address trannies and weirdos in whatever way they want or else you face prosecution.

It is happening b/c your police are fucking pathetic twats unwilling to stand up for the people. The whole government looks down on you. Canada, stop shitposting and run for your lives. Get your family away from that nonsense before it sucks the life out of you.

>Ey went to the store to buy emself a hat. I saw em wearing eir hat today

Sounds like a bad accent usng "he/him" pronouns.

never tried any drugs

i know C-16 passed but I'm still in a state of disbelief, like right after a parent dies or something like that

I probably need to get the fuck out of here fast

where should I go? I'm young, highly educated (grad STEM), in good shape, no health problems, no dependents, no debt, no criminal record, blue-eyed blonde-bearded anglo saxon


In commiefornia it is but no where else

>where should I go? I'm young, highly educated (grad STEM),

Im in the same boat as you. Canadian, early 20s, just finishing an engineering degree and no criminal record. I would say the US is the best bet, preferably a red state.

Don't go anywhere just bomb (((something)))

day of the rake when?

i dont respect fag police sorry.

link or didnt happen

If you canucks have that "what's this aboot" accent you'd probably do best in N.Minnesota or North Dakota... Maybe Michigan upper peninsula


I don't get this. All examples they used is what to say when the weirdo is not there, it's what to say when they are not around. So what difference does it make what you call them when they are not there? Are they expecting people to call the police and say "Hey I have a complaint, my friend Joe didn't call Mary by zir's preferred pronoun"?? How the fuck is it supposed to work?

>Are they expecting people to call the police and say "Hey I have a complaint, my friend Joe didn't call Mary by zir's preferred pronoun"??

Yes. Then you get judged by a social justice tribunal, fined, and sent to reeducation camp.

>"Ey want to ta store to bui emself a hat. I saw em weering eir hat today."

All of these exist in Canada BTW they aren't memes

>Daily reminder the Govt is not your friend.
Thankyou now remind the Europeans.