Meghan McCain Going OFF on twitter about Trump


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Her and her father to need to fucking go.

>muh feelings

Every McCain needs to die. Sadly this will never happen. John McCain's fucking MOTHER is still alive.

Meghan wants some leaf dick

What does she think is worse mean jokes or slaughtering libiyans and syrians?


she gets made fun of everyday of her life?.. wtf?

She is right. This might be the early stage of frontal dementia.

lying bitch, she isnt Rumer willis, she doesnt wake up each day with a giant fucking chin.

>someone says something about someone who happens to have a uterus
>sets up the sexism strawman

every single time with these petulant brats. beyond that, who even gives a shit what this corpulent hellspawn thinks? fuck off, misprint swedish shit head.

Should probably take care of her dad first

Boo fucking hoo. I'm a custodian and people yell at and berate me constantly simply because I have to close a restroom to clean it.

These fucking people think they have such hard, difficult lives. They don't even know the meaning of the fucking word difficult.

Miss Piggy needs to go back to the trough and shut her mouth.

Explain it to someone who may have just struggled to type out the captcha

>making fun of a woman's looks
what the fuck

isn't ben sasse a pedo enabler

>"I do not think making fun of a woman's looks is acceptable."

drumpf does both :)

She's chubby like her dad.

About time a brave womyn stood up to that dumb, orange misogynist!

cmon son

The only reason anyone listens to this titcow is because she got sprayed out Songbird McCain's nuts.


Not even once

she's the definition of a roastie, parlayed her father's name into f-tier fame whoring

That is songbirds daughter.

Who cares what that RINO media whore says about anything? Oh right, no one.

What could be worse than John McCain? A midget version with a vagina

I'm wondering which part of Trump's tweet is sexist and about Low I.Q. Crazy Mika's looks?

she was either bleeding from a face lift or she wasn't. Seems like an interesting detail to me.

Ugly men have it worse.


The entire media makes fun of trumps looks on an hourly basis but can't handle the banter when it comes back at them. Really oodles my noodle.

assblasted into infinity

>I get it everyday of my life

top kek

The irony is the only reason her father even has a political career is because of his father. Hell he wouldn't have even made it being a pilot if it wasn't for his dad. Nepotism is disgusting.

>Who would make fun of this every day of Meghan McCain's life?

I'd be trying my damndest to put my face/and or dick in between them, not mock them.

>mfw Meghan McCain blocked me on twatter for telling her she has nice feet.

racist bitch

Probably insecure about her facelifts. Ugly whore daughter of a senile
faggot standing in the way of progress. I hope her next facelift kills
her and her daddy dies of a heart attack because he cant fuck his
daughter anymore.

she looks like a fucking brick, she even wears the right red

Too bad the VC didn't finish her dad off in the Hanoi Hilton. That war mongering psycho deserves a bullet in the back of his malignant head.

>Trump compliments a woman's looks
>Fucking chauvinist pig!
>Trump makes fun of a woman's looks
>Fucking scum, fuck you!

Clearly, one should not speak to women at all.

>entire attack in Trump on how he's orange old and ugly
>Talk about a woman getting surgery to stop herself from looking ugly
>Worse than Hitler
Fuck off with that double standard.

Someone tell this fat pig to have another hotdog.

"muh not presidential" is one of the most annoying sentiments of the last 2 years. I don't give a fuck how nice or professional is, I care if he gets shit done the way I want him to. People got so used to Obama treating them like a baby while fucking them in the ass. Fuck being "presidential".

Tell that fat pig to sit down and shut the fuck up and mind her own business

>I get it everyday of my life
Boo hoo

Making fun of anyone's looks is not acceptable. Why did she just say women's? Does she think calling men ugly and fat is ok?

Meghan McCain is a disgusting drug-addicted whore that framed an innocent man for exposing her criminality and I hope a plastic surgery mistake disfigures and blinds her for life

she does look like a young john mccain in drag with tits tho

>Women are too sensitive and weak to ever be criticized for anything in public! Treat them with kid gloves and like children!

Oh wait I thought that was McCain's second, younger wife, my bad

1. Sage this shit
2. WHAT THE FUCK DOES "PRESIDENTIAL" MEAN? It's a term without any purpose and is just used to describe things that they don't like. Hillary would have been the least "Presidential" of anyone because of her gash. Fuck this.

Words don't mean anything anymore.

imagine, if you will, McCain in drag

it's like looking at john mccain in eyeliner with tits

When the president does it that makes it presidential

The shrieking harpy """women""" also said that he couldn't be president because it was unpresidential to call Rosie a fat pig, insinuate that Megan Kelly was bleeding out of her vagina, and call Hillary a "nasty woman."

I am glad that these female banshees get BTFO left and right with Trump's continued success and shitposts.

He fucks his daughter.

Nobody would give a shit what "she" looks like if she was plugging away in an office or factory somewhere but when you make your "look" part of the product you're peddling you make yourself the potential victim of scrutiny of those that do not appreciate your perspective.
Its why you don't see fat, sweaty, pimple ridden dudes trying to sell shirts.

I wish 99.999% of all facelift and silicone injection recipients should be publicly shamed because it always looks like shit. Only really shows your unhealthy relationship with your own body.

>cry and moan about equality
>get it


>Trump is unpresidential!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surely repeating this for the 6000th time will stop Trump, r-right guys?

fucking retarded women, they've been making fun of trumps looks for all the elections

>suck muh fat tits Drumpf!

I want the tiddy

I missed where he made fun of her looks
Stating facts is now considered bullying?

Why is Trump talking so much shit?
He's an old obese bald man with a fake tan
The dude is seriously pathetic

Anytime you defend yourself against vicious life threatening attacks
from leftists its considered "bullying".


How is it making fun of her looks, if a guy got a hair transplant and was bleeding all over the place then people would mention that as well.

>France is this cucked

It makes me legit sad, man. You get a lot of shit, but you really were cool once. It's sad how you've changed.

You're a dick sucking SURRENDER MONKEY in a country that hasn't been relevant since who gives a shit? Go back to surrendering to Muslims.
President Trump is the most powerful leader in the history of the World. I know that hurts you. But its ok.

>stop making fun of womens looks
>haha look at fat ass drumpf playing golf
>stupid orange troll drumpf

>muh wimmin!
>muh feelz!

God, it's so great to have a zero-fucks-given, uncucked alpha male in the White House.




>tiny hands retort
literally the dumbest bitches in america are on tv

Oh shit


oh yea face lifts are just totally a normal part of a woman's looks, totally natural to be bleeding from the face

>blindly defending absolutely everything Trump does

It was petty, pointless and infantile. He isn't doing himself or us any favors with that shit.

AH HA HA HA! BTFO bitch, this is the Trump Timeline!

I am ok with it. And you should be too.

did he make fun of her looks?? seemed like he didn't woman with a bloody face coming to mar-a-largo. looks like he was worried for health and she shouldn't be out partying.

Can't stand listening to this cunt. Everytime she opens her mouth it's more autistic screeching. All McCains need to go,

Did he lose your vote, faggot?

It's not worth it. The milk has gone sour.

>small heads
>micro penis
>two scoooooooops

this is double think right.

Trump is shifting the Overton Window for what it's acceptable for a president to talk about. Plastic surgeries today, race realism tomorrow.

I thought women wanted parity with men. True Equality includes shitposting and ball busting. Women only want equality to a degree but I can't figure out where the line is. It seems to be when you actually treat them as a man would treat another man.

How can his behavior be unpresidential if he is the president?

What makes her so special? Trump goes after EVERYONE.

I can explain what's going on here, and if you're paying attention to Megyn Kelly, good:

These people are cuckservatives pretending to be real conservatives, but by going after Trump they're basically saying "Look at me! I'm the sane Republican!"


FRANCE, not even once

The quads has spoken

>Makes it all about her

Typical woman

Don't forget-
>Bill Clinton, actual serial rapist
>totally okay