Your perfect governement

> You have unlimited power to create your perfect government.
> How it's going to work ?

Set it up, wait 5 years, shut it down

Swap gender roles so that women go to army, men take care of the home etc.


people will be divided into groups based on IQ. Cities will be built for them that look and function exactly the same. Then walls will be built around each city, then abandon every city and chill out with the high-IQ city people.

Typical white finish women eh?

Theocratic Plutocracy would be a lot of fun. And the closest thing to Sup Forums overall.

Political leaders are selected in brutal reality tv style contests that test them in every conceivable way

It follows its own laws. Maybe I could be happy with just that much.

Have a strong culture and united people, no need for a strong government.


excuse me sir that's against the rules

fuck you

and there you have it



>sucking your own dick

violates the NAP

I'm amazed


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>autcap ruins the get

What did he mean by this?


impressive. also i want you to die

A country based on the power of 7.

Praise kek kekistan shall become real





This will most certainly cause a flux in the timeline

Hey has risen

A benevolent, all knowing quantum AI is our Consul.

Giving yourself a handy there chap?

What did he mean by this?

Aww shit!


show your fucking flag, leaf

Kek is with us everyone

so Brave new world . . .

it means our government form has just been decided

Being a robot little toy, how cute.


The idea that a Utopian government can be created has resulted in the deaths of millions in the 20th century alone.

I dont even know whos quoting who anymore


Who did he steal it from?

Benevolent Corporatocracy where (unlike today) Corporations use their power and influence to employ the masses and have systems in place that encourage up word mobility. Competition drives scientific advancement and the leaders possess both competency and human decency.

Constitutional meritocracy imperial dictatorship.
Whenever an emperor reaches 60 years old they are forced to retire.
A new emperor is elected by property owners.
The new emperor must have no family ties and is sterilized once elected to prevent nepotism


Chinese have tried with sterile leaders, they turn to be completely reckless and don't care for the future.

Yes, it would be a perfect unerring leader. It could use an android body for foreign trips, and if that body got assassinated, it still would live.



AI based decisions, block-chain based economy.
We could probably fit in some reasonable social programs.

You really need daddy telling you what to do? People have the right to make their own (wrong) choices.


he is the chosen one

Execute all Jews and that's it. Humanity will enter a glorious golden age that will never end




dude weed

>Implying that jews aren't a force of nature


>up word mobility


These things are not mutually exclusive.






one party system

Marriage will be man-woman and divorce will neither be easy nor profitable. Child custody will default to father or 50/50. Private discrimination will be fully legal.

>Market Anarchy flag

>Best Government Ever Thread

Kek is truly with us

Hi mom!

does this mean that ancap is right?

>does this mean that ancap is right?


Lucky bastard.

Basically an idealized version of the 1950s like you see in Leave it to Beaver
>Children respect their parents
>Wives are subservient to husband's
>Racial segregation
>National Legion of Decency keeps obscenity out of cinema
>Music is wholesome
>People dress nicely when they go out. Dresses for girls, shirts tucked in for men
>Arguably the best decade for automobiles in terms of aesthetics
>Communists are shunned in society
>The worst kind of degenerate you're likely to see is a beatnik which is nothing compared to what we see today
>Reefer addicts are publicly shunned and mocked
>Sexual promiscuity is shunned

We were so close to perfection in the 50s and then the 60s came along and ruined everything with counterculture movements.

I don't think so.

>fire up the ovens now


Meme thread.

We use the unlimited power to not create government because it is not efficient and easily corruptable.

everyone has a gun and can say whatever they want (good luck)


this must count as a NAP violation somehow

You don't already have a gun and say whatever you want? You'd best not be in the US or else you're wasting some of the best parts of living here.

BATHE IN (((YOU)))'s


i can't get out

Everyone will be instructed in the art of channeling autism. We will become so powerful and so connected noone will stop us.

Not my get

>constitutional (citizenship transmitted by paternal lineage)
>the king has executive power and partial legislative one
>no assembly
>council of 10 peers (equivalent of the supreme court) is elected at the proportionnal every 10 years to verify the compatability between laws and the constitution
>king and his cabinet rule by executives orders that are applied at the beginning of each year
>if the kings wants to pass a law he can proposes a referundum
>if the people disagree with an executive order or want to propose a law they can convocate a referundum if they have more than X% of signatures (something like 10% seems fair)
>one vote per family/marriage, husband has the ultimate decision unless he dies
>majority at 25

Only me and robots

a few of my ideas:
>own any kind of gun you want as much ammo as you want, for home defence only, weapons or ammo cannot leave the home,
>no public or concealed gun carry of any kind, in a city juristiction or public building.
>prisons exclusively work farms, hard labor for extreme crimes
>unemployment support exclusively street clean up and maintenance, work farm in unemployment continues for extended period of time.
>immigrants have no rights for 1 year from arriving in country, can be assisted by a citizen if needed.
>high school shop classes made to learn how to make simple things like bike racks to be installed in cities
>national sport will be baseball with strong focus on intramural sports leagues in schools

I had the same idea as you about unemployment

Give the unlimited power to this two

my sides