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fucking christ
what the hell happened this week? it was like the MSM pearl harbor
i-i have hope lads


this is fun

>C-c-coming soon!!

T. the increasingly nervous cuck for the fight time today.

(((They)))'re sliding this.

Oh yeah I'm sure CNN is shaking in their boots

He said tomorrow is a bombshell, so I guess today is pretty tame.

Confirmed nothing burger coming.

It's going to be a "Now This" style opinion hit piece with nothing of substance.

This has been the best week since the election. Enjoy it lads.

Me too.

This bastards are eating each other meanwhile the potus it's using his black projects money in another lion for Barron.


user predicted we would receive what we were waiting for this week. It was probably O'keefe.

This is gonna be a fun summer, user. CNN dead by Christmas.

CNN is fucked

It's nothing...


This isn't ok guys... Leaking shit like this is a threat to American security.

We need to come together as a nation and stop worrying about this!

Nothing burger confirmed. O'Queef already spent his heavy ammunition


are you actually shilling or this is larping?





No mercy now. It's time to stick these pigs while they're still belly up and vulnerable.... CNN cannot be allowed to survive 2017.


Make sure you fuckers are completely boycotting CNN. Don't even use their webpage to keep track of how false the liberal narrative is they're pushing. Completely black them out

Theres a Kekistani mole at CNN?

Praise the LAWD praise the lawd.

Swing lowww sweet chariot

Comin for to carry me hooooome

>are you actually shilling or this is larping?

It is hard to tell isn't it?
I know the O'keefe videos are both true and effective by the sheer number of shills with pre-scripted attacks that show up here as soon as these threads start

I visit Reddit every new moon just to fuck around with the idiots on there
Last night, someone wrote an entire essay about how O'Keefe paid them to say those things. These people are fucked beyond belief, and this person truly believed what they were saying.

Feels great, what a time to be alive

what kind of a faggot says nothing burger?

Hey look everybody! The Serbshill is back!

Clinton's paycheck finally went through?

We really need to do a better job protecting CIA agents, I agree.

This kind of faggot

van jones

A Hillary Clinton puppet.

Oh yeah, O'keefe's totally going to take them down now!
Just like he did with those Donald Ducks on the ground tapes!

Seriously, the first one almost got me, but then I found out the guy he was talking to was a fucking nobody.
The second video at least had a good target, someone very involved with the political bile on CNN, but that video was 50% O'keefe jerking off in his Dateline set, 40% replaying the first video, and 10% a cut snippet of the conversation with nothing burger in it.

Why can't this faggot just make videos showing the full conversations he gives? Why does he need to do the fucking intro sequences, the dateline shit, and replay his old material?


It's UP


Pretty lame TBQH
Last couple days were fucking bombshells this one is very weak by comparison.



Everyone just stop treating them like a news organization and they will die quicker

Well that was a big nothing.... so he didn't answer a question? People do that all the time

>his address
>his routine
>what his body guards look like
>their routine
>the vehicle he travels in
This is fucking brutal


>Zucker said nothing
>This is somehow a story
It's fucking nothing morons. Calling this "running away" is the same shit CNN does to Trump every single day. If you can't see how hypocritical it is to hate CNN and then engage and celebrate in the exact same behavior you are a HYPOCRITE and worth less than the dirt under my shoes

bretty let down, today's vid didn't need to be its own release.

God Squad

O'Keefologist Here.

I have examined this latest material and can say that (you) should all be feeling very HIGH ENERGY because my O'keefological analysis says that he will deliver yet again.

Its a threat
The video is suppose to cause Zucker mental duress because anyone that wants to now knows where and when they can take a shot at him.

And this is how Zucker will win: call it a threat and get Veritas arrested. Game over before the week even ended.

Trump is a big fat loser for just letting himself get bullied by the press over and over. At least we know Zucker isn't such a baby

This is now classified as an assault thread.
Shot this thread down immediatly.
My mom's husband has had a seizure
I hope your happy Sup Forums.
We are coontacting the FBI .

tell the feds to bring taquitos or else they can suck my thick hairy shaft.

Is it legal to dox his address like that?

Why does this video make me feel like he just gave CNN a huge out?

Its not legally a threat, though. Its not even implied. Sort of how the New York Times isn't liable for printing the location and time of a congressional softball practice session for no reason, on accident

pretty sure addresses are public record anyway

I always knew a leftist crazy whitey would try and kill because of the news.

Let me repeat that: BECAUSE OF THE NEWS.

Same shit that's happening to Trump and his administration right now has happened here with Pim Fortuyn. Was critical of Islam in a reasonable matter and the media piled on and on until he became a devil in leftist eyes and tadaaa, now he's dead and we Muslim now.


I guarantee you that property isn't in Zuck's name. Probably an llc or something. Still easy to locate, but considerably harder to do so without leaving a record somewhere that you searched for that information. Of course any lunatic can find Zuck tomorrow morning at around 8 am.


this! every click is ad dollars for them. dont give them any attention.

>body guard sets up a pick
>this dude gets shot down
>Zuck gets in a car
This is the same reporting level as MSM. Look, Zucker is the the focus because he is the one who has transformed CNN to what it is today. There are sound bites of him saying outright how they want political coverage to be done like ESPN where there are sides and people pick their favorite teams etc. all for the sake of ratings. The problem is politics is not some sort of team sport. There is no left or right, only dialogue and consensus of the governed. What has happened recently to how the press covers news and particularly political news has become a this team vs. that team. This veritas dude needs to step his game up.

Remember, it's all about the ratings to Zucker, CNN, and the rest of the MSM and this crap will continue until either a new platform is adopted or reform happens. The irony is the "new" media loves to spout their record viewing numbers too...

It's a vicious cycle.


God damn shut Zuckerburg down. I do not want to watch him run for president. Though the cuckerburg memes would be fun.


>are you actually shilling or this is larping?
It's literally: He didn't want to talk to me, he is hiding something...
Why would he talk to him?
>He dindu what he does usually
Maybe he had something come up.

Well its not like CNN can claim that they haven't doxxed plenty of public figures.

Jeff Zucker is now a public figure, he made himself part of the news. Lets see how he likes a crowd of reporters at his doorstep every day.

um, no, sweetums
Zucker is a different jew

this is seriously nothing, zucker ignored him and rushed into his car

this is why james okeef loses credibility

CNN is very fake news either way


thats the one.


No. it's public information. Don't be a fuckin pussy. Also bump.


>x hate thread D&C
>Drumphy BTFO threads
>"well Sup Forums threads
and always
> (1) post by this ID

Have a well deserved bump

That shit was posted on the 22nd, and stated 2pm the next day it would happen. LARP/10

I like James, more journalists should be like him... but he has a tendency to overhype things.

I doubt he has a video of Jeff Zucker himself, it's probably some employee just talking about Jeff Zucker.

Too bad the moral libtards won't cover it because of Trump tweets.

Fucking idiot. The next day lynch was called to testify before the Senate. That was announced before 2pm. WH user also referenced "happenings" next week. That's all the project veritas vids obviously. WH user was spot on.

LOLOL This week ROCKS!

Seems to be basic journalism


the consequences will never be the same

You're the fucking idiot if you believe some random faggot on the internet saying "something will happen in the news tomorrow NLT 2pm" (no shit there is news every day), and "big happenings next week" (like we aren't in a period where there are breaking stories every day). It is a self fulfilling prophesy user, and you're just eating it up =]

He's probably doing a bit of both, but he's probably not wrong. O'keefe usually releases the most damaging video first while claiming to save the best for last.

Remember when we all thought Okeefe was going to drop a video of Hillary Clinton on camera going on a racist rant, but it turned out to be that lame "Donald Ducks" video?

no he wasn't, the lynch thing is inconsequential and she won't be indicted, the larper said there was going to be a massive happening and nothing major has happened.

>you're just eating it up
Fucking right we are.
Nice try Shlomo

Just went through the tapes this morning. It's literally nothing guys, don't bother. O'queef BTFO.

John Podesta, you will hang

cool flag bro =]



>Zucker do you have a comment?


Zuck Fuckerberg needs to go away for good.

Yeah Sup Forums is infested

Zucker BTFO

it was just tape of zucker running away from okeefe

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Thats kind or bad Isn't it?

No great

CNN leakers deliver