This is the human sex ration worldwide. Countries in blue have more women...

This is the human sex ration worldwide. Countries in blue have more women, countries in red have more men and countries in green have roughly the same amount of both sexes.

Notice anything Sup Forums ?

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There are people on Greenland?

The more women your country has, the richer your country becomes

ohh god we gonna see immigration from red to blue countries arent we ?

What's the deal with Greenland?

>More women
You fail to mention that the disparity is mostly only in the age 60 and above, that is 100% the case here

Greenland is boring and depressing as fuck and people there leave or kill themselves on a regularisering basis


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We're already seeing that a lot.

China is interesting since their red colour compared to the rest of east asia can be blamed on the one child policy. In their culture having a male as your firstborn was a sign of good luck so you'd get more abortions of girls followed by families only having the one boy as their child, rather than the female population being made up by future children who could be allowed to be of either gender.

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China is because of their one-child policy leading to forced abortions of girls. Other shithole areas because they treat women as property and slaves killing them will no repercussions.

Yeah but that would mean mainly the women killing themselves, no? I thought men in general were more likely to go through with it.

I man, I get Norway is Norgay, but you don't see Finland, Russia, or Mongolia colored red and those seem like suitably depressing places to live.

Countries in red work in shittier jobs.


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They mostly emigrate iirc

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do you LMAO at Iceland, Norway, Ireland and Australia as well?

Countries with an older population, have more women.

>muh ratio
Now look at the 0-40 yo ratio. It's 1.05:1 in most caucasoid (aka human) countries. It's just that women live longer and skew the statistics.

Congratulations on being a rootless, blood-denying "global citizen". I'm sure your offspring will appreciate fitting in nowhere.

no because Sweden is more pathetic than the others

I feel so caucasoid right now.

>fitting in nowhere
Are you implying the (then former) 1st world won't be +50% shitskin and mullatos by 2050 when his chilluns come of age.

i believe it, here in DC the ratio of white women to white men is about 4:1

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Bongland is more cucked than sweden and germany combined

How is that even possible?

t. equal gender ratio land

I'm sure my son will be laughed at by homosexual and transsexual femboys from the west.

Feel sorry bro, but we are going to move to Singapore when we have children. Hate this country, just waiting for my job transfer. Whites and half-bloods are treated like gods there.

My country is almost majority shitskin, so I'm happy to leave here. Asia and some select American states are the only last hope left for the civilized world.

thats why all the chinamen, negroes, and muzzies are coming here

det är ju inte riktigt sant

Are you implying his children will somehow "fit in" to that?

It'll be a morass of crime where nobody can depend on anyone else. Everyone is a possible threat, there will be no organization. It will be a continent of rootless "global citizens" at each other's throats, controlled by dictatorial "democracy".

>Notice anything Sup Forums
Non-whites murder their women

I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to get from this information. Poor countries have less women?

Nice meme. Even if racemixing weren't as rare as it is, the offspring the offspring would still be rootless bastards as they'd be accepted by neither of their parents' ethnic groups. Mongrels fit in nowhere. Though of course, that's the point - pic related

The Asians will never accept you, and America is getting BROWNED just as much as your country.

When the whole society is made of LGBTBBQFAQ+++ shitskins with no identitiy, race and religion, they'll be just at home.

oh yea thats why Venezuela is so blue.

post some source op, you can makes this map on your own right here:

Yet the birth rate in red countries dominated

it's from Wikipedia

Grannies aren't part of Muslim/Chinese cultures

the link faggot

He's Greek, ergo he speaks the truth
t. Greek

Because SA has matriarchal societies.

Always did.

The red countries are not cucked.

Yeah, OP needs to look at the census age bracket data. Most of that female surplus comes form senior citizens. Below age 40 there are actually more men than women in all those blue countries. Above 40, the number of women starts to edge out men slightly, but above age 65 the gap gets really big.

here if someone wants to look up his country:

OP is a massive faggot, and it has virtually nothing to do with being a nigger or being european, it's laughable. not defending niggers but this is pretty whack shit truly.
D&C at best.

the green countrys are more liekly to become 1st world soon