What's your opinion of the increasing amount of women leading giant tech companies?

What's your opinion of the increasing amount of women leading giant tech companies?

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Women are being promoted everywhere now days. I watched a trailer for the new forza 7 game coming out and the drive in the video is a female. The video even takes about a minute just to show her standing there. We are experiencing levels of feminism that shouldnt even be possible.

(((Feminists))) will ruin one of America's few remaining successful industries.

You mean destroying tech companies? Because they're women, you moron.

Interesting point OP.
Read about a video game I wanted, watched a review and this game was busted on launch and full of propaganda.
Turns out lead dev is a woman.
Also its tanking in sales.

Yahoo run by a woman.
Being sold or has been sold due to being non

Just make woman CEOs of every fortune 500 and the west can burn down overnight rather than in a few years.

What game?

Sitting on a throne does not make you a King.

powerful women are sexy
years ago i had a female manager
she wasn't great looking but she dressed like a stereotypical power dresser businesswoman
i masturbated furiously in the office toilets every day thinking about her

A woman is the frontrunner for the new CEO of Uber as well.

If you own any stocks and a company gets a female CEO or many female board members you better sell really quickly.

I'm pretty sure he's takinout Ubisoft

It worked out so fucking great for Yahoo. What could possibly go wrong?

I'm handsome and fit. I reap all the benefits of matriarchy.

They will just run them into the ground eventually.

they're put in positions of power because muh equality. watch every tech giant with a women at the helm stagnate, they make shitty decisions. look at a government full of women, it turns to shit.

I wonder how it feels knowing you're in the position you're in just because a group of people want you to be there because it looks good and not because you've earned it or the best person for the job. i guess this doesn't bother women because they can easily delude themselves into believe they do deserve to be there, the pedestal mentality, keep getting positive reinforcement for nothing

Tech will benefit greatly from having more paranoid schizophrenics who see and see hear patriarchy in every shadow and voice.


RIP Uber.

HP had great success, too!

Tech is cucked big league but it depends...

AMD seems to be doing very well because Lisa is doing a good job. I don't think AMD has the money for *diversity* and massive feminism.

The thing with women leading tech companies usually means that the CEO has no Idea about the product she is selling because she ran the marketing department before. It also explains why so many female CEOs seem to be focused almost exclusively on equity. Eventually the company is forced to sell shitty products and they go bankrupt, sit on welfare or are forced to downsize. Look at IBM or Xeros and why they failed.

There is evidence that suggests that the more women sit on the board of directors of a company the worse they do.

But i have to say, make a shitty women CEO of Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet, Apple and all those other tech companies and they'll do a race about who goes bankrupt first. What a great show that would be.

If they're qualified idgaf

Boards of Directors usually only take on women CEOs when a company is in serious distress and a capable man doesn't want the job. If the woman fucks up, it's easier to blame it on "well, she's a woman," factor.

Elizabeth holmes does she scare you?

Nothing like a SheEO to crash a company.

duh, he was railroaded after he said some non-pc things, ofc they are going to hire some SJW replacement.

Just like what happened at reddit, they are going to stagnate by handcuffing themselves.

Kek Uber is diving anyhow. No mighty cashburning woman can turn that around.

Those eyes sure do.

All of you would be singing a different tune if you were a woman.

They ruin them where ever they go.

Yup, but I am not and I won't transition to anything else but a furry.

hiring a ceo to be trendy is not a good business decision

I mean I dont personally have a problem with women running a company, I do think it would be great if there were more qualified women in tech. But being qualified is an important caveat.

probably go the way of yahoo

post feminine benis

>liking other women's success
go suck a dick so you can actually get in touch with how a woman thinks

Lisa Su is pretty awesome, and the real deal.

Sadly, she's the only really good female CEO I can think of in tech. The other ones that come to mind are or Marissa Mayer, or *gag* Carly Fiorina.

At least I can't really blame Mayer, because this is Yahoo we're talking about.

So am I, but you're a faggot for being ready to sell out your comrades

>"she wasn't great looking"
>look at flag
Yep, story checks out

Don't buy the game if you don't like the propaganda or if you really want it buy it and mod the character to have a shirt that says fuck feminism.


Short the stocks.

Yes, in-group preference exists. What bearing does this have?

lol it's happening in Europe mostly. Your guys are fucked. In the US our women go to college get a worthless degree and then become mothers. But you guys really went all out in the name of getting pussy and now they have choose to import the dick instead.

They only got there through being coddled and given affirmative action. It will only take one disaster for feminism to disappear overnight.

Have you ever worked for a giant company? The whole thing is perfect for women. Masculinity is ridiculed or demonized, most of the men are effeminate betas, boldness is discouraged while obedience and obsequiousness are rewarded.

Who let Stacy out of her kennel?


My favorite "women leading tech companies" story was when Yahoo bought Tumblr. It made so much sense.

Less than a year after Marissa Mayer was CEO of Yahoo they bought tumblr for $1.1B. Last year Yahoo basically said that money was wasted.

If they even go to college. College maybe mostly women but the number of college students has dropped in general since the 90s

Meyer actually made some decent decisions that popped headlines deservidly.

Then they spilled the beans that they had colluded with the feds to put some sort of worm on their system and then dumped their entire user database and didnt tell anyone for lieterally years.

Turns out if you dont address the technicals parts of tech they tend to sink your company, who knew.

It's alright. I mean also AMD is ruled by a woman and ryzen rocks.

If putting quotas in place was a winning strat every buisness would have already adopted it. If a big company finds a winning strategy like this everyone copies it within a year. Without all the goverment money.

i dont care, tech companies are not important.

Masculinity is demonized because of envy and "muh highschool chad" archetypes portrayed as villains.

Her laugh is so infectious. I love her!

there is only so much they can affirmative action their way around. at some point, if they are incompetent, the market will punish them

Pretty much, but also because you'll get fired or sent to HR (the adult version of the principal's office) if you try to put a passive aggressive beta or woman in their place. If you're not a cuck, it's fucking awful working in these environments. I have to listen to a bunch of whiny manbabies and fat ex-sluts talk about superhero movies all day.

Dunno. Had a few vaginal bosses that were top tier. Had a few that were obviously promoted cause they shagged some higher up. I don't mind providing they are not cunts and providing they actually deserved their promotion.

Post feet.

So what they're all leftists and kikes and shit.

Do you not realizing that America has to go to shit economically for (((them))) to be named?

>At least I can't really blame Mayer

She led the move to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion dollars and it's now generally accepted that that was a complete waste. She was atrocious and the few things that Yahoo has done well on during her tenure had absolutely nothing to do with her.

I think there is a very strong case against Mayer. A yahoo shareholder should sue her and the company.

Not really...


Who fucking thought paying anything for tumbler a 1.1 billion was reasonable? It's just literal shitposting? Why are these things so over valued?

Look at Mozilla and see for yourself.

>muh comrades
Fuck off commie

you're right user she wasn't up to american standards
i mean she didn't even shit herself or anything

keep dreaming

Miss Melissa is a real Goddess, perfect in every way and insanely rich, I wish I could just grovel at her feet and worship her as her complete and utter inferior and submissive.

She's an idiot that continuously compares herself to Steve Jobs. I hate Jobs but the number of retarded business fags that compare themselves to him is laughable.

Jobs and Woz created a company worth hundreds of billions from scratch. Marissa got into Google because of nepotism and was promoted because she was fucking Larry Page (and several other Google execs once Larry dumped her). She then became CEO of Yahoo and ran it into the ground and was responsible for one of the worst security breaches in history.

she looks like she's going to mongle my cock

Lots of money to be made shorting said company's stock

Female leadership single handedly destroyed Yahoo. Anyone have that pasta of the user explaining how it happened? It was a good one.

Fun fact: everyone that matters (shareholders) knows what a failure she is. You just can't bash her because commie journalists from the MSM will try to murder you.

Women led companies

YouTube: never made a profit
Yahoo: never made a profit.
Some biotech company: turned out to be a fraud.

And this is just covering the ceos. Women are absolute shit at all level of the company, the more women the more shit.

Watch "News: Bankruptcy is Our Strength (TFM 420)" on YouTube

>she'll never ask you into her office and eat your soul
why even live

i think women should locked up in dark dungeons, naked and tied up with their asses out in the open. used as rl-sex dolls. hosed down everyday with saline and soap. clean up their blood, shit, piss.

big if true

I don't give a fuck

Frankly, I hope it impedes the advance of "tech" for a few more decades.

>giant tranny feet

Are you sure they are women, or tranny weirdos?

Women basically made a big coup on human ressources and marketing department during the last 20 years because well, let's face it, it's mostly bullshit jobs and more about networking/socializing/copying what has already been done than anything else, for example the tech industry is still copying Jobs marketing style 6 years after his death and it will most likely still be the case during the next 15 years.

It's especially the case in tech companies because most men there are autistic, they are nerds with an engineering formation and have most of the time no clue how to explain their products to normies.
I'm skeptical about the future of the sector if they begin to enforce "equality" policies though because I doubt very much you can build a competitive department composed for half by women and not turn the engineers mad.

It is just that, 2/3 of female CEOS support gender quotas.

You give them an inch and they take a mile.

i dont really care that the (((FORTUNE 500))) are masscaradeing women as leaders


Those are normal sized feet, pretty nice ones too.

Womens coup on big goverment is a lot more dangerous. If the free market manages to crush political correctness the thing you are describing will be a nonissue within short time.

Personally, I like having female bosses. I'm 33 and I have two lady bosses, one 32 and one 38. One is a 6.5 and the other is a solid 8. 5 minute conversations turn into 30 min easily and we talk more about personal shit than work. It's cool cuz as long as I do my shit I can get away with a little mischief every now and then. They also both trust me and tell me stuff that they don't tell other employees (not shit talking others though). They've both made some borderline flirty remarks to me but I would never take the bait (married)

Lisa Su comes from a hard STEM background and only gained business skills while already working professionally. Its most likely sjw's hate her, because she didnt need gender quotas to become prominent in her field

you are describing the problem you fucking dingus, they ruin the camaraderie in the male workplace and turn it into a soap opera when women bleed your company bleeds

And they go bankrupt within a few years. To be honest about this. The more evidence we can get on social justice CEOs sucking at their job the easier it will be to argue for the opposite.

All I'm saying is that in my situation it's a win. I'm not staying at my current place forever so having lady bosses that I'm cool with makes the day much easier. Now, that said, I'm in health care, which is dominated by women anyways

It is done for no reason other than the fact that most CEOs and leaders are naturally male. I don't mind a female CEO, but when you force it through affirmative action you are just dooming your company to failure.

Its like when Tyrese climbs the ladder faster than everyone else (wouldnt have even been employed or graduated if he were white and had the same brain) and thinks that he is hot shit. Women do the same, they get a little power and go crazy with it - anyone who has EVER had a female manager knows this is true. The can be the manager of burger king, or something else equally lame and they will still act like they are the Fuhrer himself.

Spoken like a German, but...
Evidence doesn't matter.
It is all about feelings.
You don't argue with fucking emotional women.
You assert your dominance as a man.

It would be different if it was a different work environment (pic related)

mayer a thot

It is because women are children.

When I was 13 I was a very abusive admin on a counter-revolutionary server.

The only thing that matters in business is money. Women aren't nearly as good at making proper business decisions to make money as men, that's all that fucking matters.

Gender quotas are for cultural marxist faggots who would see society torn down just to help soothe their feefees

But publicly announcing your quotas or female tranny ceo can grab you big wads of cash from the virtue signalling crowd.

If I ever founded a company I'd have its constitution state that no woan may ever join the board and ruin my legacy.

Sad thing is the government stops discrimination against women.


when I was 13-14-15 I was running my own CS servers, multiple and was also a hot head would ban people at the drop of a hat for pissing me off

good times

Women hold 6.4% of Fortune 500 CEO positions. Not sure why we're limiting the discourse to just tech companies.

That's a leaf quality post.