Well, Sup Forums?

Well, Sup Forums?

True. But you consent to it by paying it.

You're fucking retarded. Enjoy the run-down streets and awful schools

>what makes a job not slavery
but it literally is
due to how society is set up you can either work and eat or die, that's no choice at all

You could, you know, harvest your own food.

>what is wage slavery
>what is consent given through the democratic process

That means conscription is slavery and child support payments are slavery in many cases.

explain how this differs from man's natural state.

specifically, if you were in the wild alone what are your options.

>what is the social contract
Live in the wilderness like me

>conscription is slavery
Pretty much.

Funny how Boomers were so anti-war during their youth but don't bat an eye at sending Gen X/Y'ers to their deaths for the petrodollar.

>tfw already have run-down streets and awful schools

Taxation isn't theft because theft is first and foremost a legal definition, and its legal doesn't include taxation.

Sounds like nothing will change, then.

If 60% of the population decides to reinstitute serfdom for the other 40% is that consent?

You libertarian mongoloids are beyond repair.

Well, uhhhh, you'll have fewer people living off your tax dollars! How will you survive without so many aspiring rappers with three baby-mommas?

damn right OP
we shall overcome
down with gibs and wealth redistribution, 100% to whoever earns it

I'm already done with my education. In fact, having run down schools would benefit me as it would reduce competition for certain jobs later down the line, thus increasing salaries.

Not an argument. :^)


Anyone that gets a job knows that they will be paying tax as an unavoidable part of them receiving a salary, so by signing the contract with their employer they have already consented indirectly to paying tax as they earn money.

Of course, unemployed champagne socialists wouldn't know this as they've never had any form of gainful employment.

> being this retarded

ancaps and lolbertarians are the worst LARPers on this board

>BiH in charge of democracy

Can we not live our lives by screwing all the subsequent generations? Society is already hanging by a very tenuous thread.

>Well, Sup Forums?
You pay taxes to live in the country you are living. Don't like it? Move to another country

>i want the government to protect my property rights with police and military
>but I don't want to pay for it
fuck off you thieving nigger
funny how you think the government is stealing from you when you fantasize about stealing from the government

those aspiring rappers with three baby mommas live off benefits funded by taxpayer money.

jokes on you


What makes normalfag trash easy to identify?

Facebook filesnames for example.

the government wouldn't let you do that since it's ''their'' land

ofc you need to work to not die but for instance working for the a tribe that all take care of each other is much better than working just for yourself and some asshole that you hate

then there's this faggot. If you dont work you dont get taxed. If you dont own land you dont get taxed.

If, however, you do work or own land, you do it under the protection and care of the state.

You drive to work on public roads maintained by the state.

You are paid in currency that is printed and maintained by the state.

You live and work uninterrupted by slavers, despots and fucking commies thanks to an army maintained by the state.

why dont you start your own country cock catcher

Fuck off you German hyper socialist. Go pay your taxes so the poor can reproduce even more, coz you know, being a cockroach scum from mid east, living in the desert while being bombed 24/7/365 and earning 2 000/ year (two thousand dolaroo) while feeding 15 kids.

Its actually heaven to get 700 Euros per kid, and living for free on other taxes, they can be free all day, while you work, and while you cant afford having 15 kids with your average salary or even high salary whatsoever. Socialism is the mother of all bad things.

>Hey user let's fuck
No thanks
>Okay bye

>Hey user wanna work for some money
I'm good.
>alright then

>Alright Mr. user, it's time to pay your taxes.
>Cuff em, boys.

Try telling the IRS you don't consent and see what happens.

You are paying taxes because of a contract (birth certificate/ passport/ social security/ id card) between you can your country, the landlord, that allows you to reside in that place
Not paying taxes nullifies that contract and puts you in violation of the NAP

I feel soo sleepy right now, don't you?
Libertarians should move to the woods and wipe with their bare hands, that's what it's actually about and that's where the world would be at if it was libertarian to begin with.
Libertarians are a naive meme.


A well armed, principled meme.

>mong reporting in
What are you talking about murrican?
Libertarians are a sad joke, nothing to do with reality. Never will.

Shit meme, if you don't like taxes, move to fucking Mongolia and live in fucking Yurt crybaby.

>ofc you need to work to not die but for instance working for the a tribe that all take care of each other is much better than working just for yourself and some asshole that you hate

if you work for a company you own shares in then you can live your dream.

Armed with sticks and stones?
If not you are not a libertarian.
You don't have principles, you delusions of the highest order you share with some mong friends when you visit KFC, faggot.

You really like to be cucked by the state don't you ? Dont tell me how mistress lets you lick her boots if you pay your taxes on time, its all scam you will never prosper or profit from paying other less fortunate ppl around you so they can continue to live their shit lives.

>implying you have a choice to opt out

I'm going to have my first paycheck this year. Knowing that the State will steal 40% of it to feed the millions of negroes and arabs on welfare makes me feel absolutely terrible

>down contact and scrape up
You are perfect corporate dicksucking minions.
Go exchange some sea shells for a warm wank in the evening, fag.

Nothing prevents you from emigrating to a libertarian paradise.

>...with sticks and stones?
This just in: libertarians can trade for goods! It's almost like it's one of the core principles of libertarianism or something!

The fact your taxes go to helping the rest of the country, my taxes can go to a state thousands of miles away and feed an orphan or build a road, or buy a boat for defense. The money simply doesn't vanish from your pocket. And by agreeing to live in the country and have a passport and birth certficate you have agreed to abide by it's laws.

>Muh natrual rights
Might makes Right. dumb ancap niggers and libertarians along with the social democracies we have are dying at a rapid pace. It's gonna be a war between the communists and fascists.
Join or die

We don't live in the wild west or some icelandic medieval village, we are in a globalized world where all the resources of a state are needed to run the country now. Power can come from thousands of miles away with coal dug from the ground and the state is the best way to ensure all of this works out and to ensure practical working of any kind since anarchism has never worked once in the entire history of humankind nor has it came about naturally.

If we go by ancap rules, to calm your autism just imagine the current system we have is actually a big McDonald corp and your free to go to another country or lie down in a ditch and die since if you don't work or agree to a communities rule in ancap it's lie down or die. Just like here if you don't follow the rules. You'll feel much better then

lol. dream on.

Just about any private school is better than all the government schools. Just about any private healthcare is better than all the government health care. Look at private roads and how well maintained they are, compared the shitty job your government does.

Just as you tacitly consent to being physically removed (and possibly roughed up a bit) if you trespass on my property, your presence in [country] is itself consent to follow its laws.

Your Constitution dumbass. Literally blame your ancestors to allow taxation

This orphan is orphan for a reason you mongoloid, its either bad choices in the life of its parents or accident, anyhow it will grow to be at best average member of the society, but most likely poor ebt card mongoloid that relies on the state to be led by.

That being said, you contribute nothing to the society, you are actually harming society and yourself or your kids in the future.

>Just about any private school is better than all the government schools. Just about any private healthcare is better than all the government health care

Obviously, any service which is run for a profit and whose functionality directly duplicates that available for free at the point of provision is going to have to be better than the government provided option. That's basic capitalism, dummy.

The question is, what happens when the government provided option no longer exists to provide a baseline of competition.

if you werent cucked by the state youd be cucked by corporations

you underage faggots and your pipe dream non government need to fuck off. its literally childish thinking

Not if there is now law BY THE STATE that encourage taxes on me by the corps, If I dont like taxation by the corps, fuck me I will distill my own water or buy it from George down the (((private))) street. And if the water from the corp is that good, sure I will pay something. I won't go to prison for not paying, they will just cut off their service. Or make it so its affordable.

>Consequences of me not paying taxes are an argument xd

To this day, i still try and find an argument.

By the logic in this thread, civilisation is slavery, as you never gave consent to obey the law or use the money. Ancap will only lead to a more "might-makes-right" society, which will inevitably mean a new person at the top, who you will have to obey when you can't outgun, and hey presto, you achieved nothing.

>what makes a transaction not robbery?

When you fucking exchange cash for goods and services. What does consent have to do with a transaction being robbery. Can tell op made this picture, its retarded

not an argument

>60% tries to impose on 40%
>40% rebels
>end up like Bosnia
>democratic process works goys

>literally SJW tier argument

The only taxes I would be glad to pay are for military, police, courts.

But the govt taking from joe to give to bill is absolute bullshit.

How do I benefit from having my property stolen to pay for someone else's education or healthcare? Poor people can eat dirt for all I care.

Ron Paul literally never said anything outlandish or objectionable. Suck my dick.

But I want to pay taxes!

>This orphan is orphan for a reason you mongoloid, its either bad choices in the life of its parents or accident, anyhow it will grow to be at best average member of the society, but most likely poor ebt card mongoloid that relies on the state to be led by.

Wrong the Abo was but plenty of good people have come from bad backgrounds but with a bit of social help or money for food these people succeed and strive in life. Who's to say the parents weren't run over by a car and killed?

If your argument is muh welfare leeches then instated of pussyfooting niggers and getting rid of everything even for those who generally deserve them, war veterans, orphaned children etc. You boot the niggers from society or force them to co-operate within the society

Ancaps lack morality of any sense, they are self obsessed greedy kike tier people. Learning from the teaching of Ayn-rand,Rothbrand etc who are all Jewish. The entire premise of the movement is fuck everyone else I'm a jew i like money and hate giving a fair share.

They cannot be called nationalists in any-sense. A better thing to call them would be Jews

Life isn't fair kiddo.

>Hey, give me $100 and i'll like give you this shoe..

>But i don't want to do that transaction.


>fuck you, i don't need [infrastructure] anymore
haha, yeah

I don't have a car

"Christianity is the best kindergarten of communism possible. Christianity taught believes to put others before self, an ethical mandate that matched the collective emphasis on the group over the individual. thus a new system of individual, non chirsitan ethics was needed to prevent the triump of communism."

if you thought this was something that sounds like it comes out of Vargs mouth your wrong.

It comes from a Russian, Jew immigrant into the United states. T.(((Aynd Rand))) the anti christian greedy kike and big figure head in the libertarian movement

>muh gud gubs dey lookin out fer me they wanna be dad

In my hometown the old high school is in such poor condition from releasing most of its staff and cutting all the extracurricular programs that even typically irresponsible high school students are protesting at city hall, not to mention the recent troubles with no less than three state governments having to shut down due to poor budgets.

But it's okay, I'm sure we'll see a lot of use out of that F-35

She's not totally wrong, but Jordan Peterson's interpretation is more workable.

Welfare is actually extortion money given to subhumans so that they don't chimp out.
Sadly, history has shown that it's the most efficient way to handle them.

She's right, christianity is for weak minded faggots.

muh goberment taking all muh money. Now how will my very specific brand of anarchism work???

Remember black flag Anarchism and anacho communism aren't true anarchism. putting a small thin layer of capitalism will make all the reasons they failed in the first place work. ;)

work harder dhimmi
i need my vacation au bled

If you don't want to pay taxes you can go and live on Panama.

They would compete with each other instead, the same way they compete with each other in all the other industries. No mystery there.


You're free to not pay taxes if you fuck off the government property. Unfortunately pretty much all of the land has already been claimed by one government or another, so looks like you'll have to go live in an ocean or outer space to avoid paying taxes. This of course wouldn't be a problem in an ANCAP society, since there will always be land that has not been claimed by anyone... right? Right? Right?! Oh...

If you enjoy good infrastructure and schooling for your kids then it applies as consent of a transaction

If you disagree with taxes, feel free to leave.

t.Very moral libertarian and a true race patriot who puts the white races concerns at the forefront of his thinking and isn't just a greedy jew.

Bible thumpers are retarded.

>In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, "common, universal")[1][2] is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology and movement whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a socioeconomic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money,[3][4] and the state.[5][6]

>supports private ownership, oops
>mandates social classes: estates of kings, priests, bourgeouisie and workers to be more precise, oops
>doesn't want to abolish state (just render unto ceasar), oops
>feed the hungry, heal the sick, shelter the homeless

Only one of these things match up with communism and then only very superficially because no communist system ever fed the hungry, quite the contrary. I am not surprised that Varg "Christianity is Communism" Vikernes is aligns himself with Jews in order to bring down Christianity.

Why can't these kikes and they lackeys just be honest for one single day and say "ok we just hate Christianity", but no, there's 6 million+ rationalizations hinding their true motive.

White supremacists can suck my dick, I'm Hispanic. Better teach your kids my language, they are going to need it.

Shitskin logic at it's finest.

> "I never consented to be taxed despite me working in the system willingly, knowing I would be taxed, and benefiting from the taxation system by use of public goods and services."

>reply to an actual argument without anything.
That's why you guys are weak at arguing on the topic and lose all the time.
You are citizen of a country and must abide its laws. If it doesn't please you, change them.
Constitution define the form of the State. I know you didn't personally accept it, but you both expressly and implicitly accept it by living on this country soil.

It's not bribery. They hand it out because you are worth more to the state if you are a capable consumer that moves money around.

You see a disproportionate amount of tax money go toward animal housing and new toys for police officers because those are two BIG demographics that LOVE to get out there vote.

>tax/ government funded schooling
>Good schooling
P I C K O N E you blue pilled swine

You can still live tax free in Alaska. One of the few places left. Homesteading is still a thing there. Or perhaps in some out of the way area in some shit hole country.

You have the choice to not work and pay 0 tax, ancapanon.

anything you can do without a state you can do in a state

Kikes want Ancap and Kikes want communism. They both end with moral degradation and the eventual end of the White race and all his religions.

if your sole reason for being a retarded ancap isn't to improve the white race and it's morality your not redpilled, you've just drunk from the pool of Jewish tricks

a Libertarian is a Republican who still lives in his parent's basement.

Have you tried not paying it?