Can Sup Forums draw the US states from memory?

Can Sup Forums draw the US states from memory?

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No, but what's his face can. That dude who used to be on snl...kikey mckikelstien or whatever.


Remembering artificial borders that were estabilished 200 years before is stupid


easy, hol up

fuck i thought i was better than this




real shit

giving it a crack, brb.

Obviously. Why not do something notable like draw the African borders from memory?

If you can't put 170+ countries on a map, get off Sup Forums.

no one gives a fuck about african borders you autistic nigger

>no one gives a fuck about the fastest growing and most linguistically/culturally/racially diverse continent with a population above 1 billion
oh nu/pol/

Try drawing Trafficking Networks based off that map.

Or just look at the Blue Districts in the 2016 Election Map.

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They breed like rats but all they do is starve and kill each other. They block all of their own progress through intense corruption.

you said it yourself. a country with unsustainable population growth in a perpetual state of disarray and fragmentation

who gives a fuck

Tryed my best

>doesn't think the republicans and trump are pedos too

Oh my poor country. What did you do to p Pennsylvania??

But the artificial borders are the easy ones.
It's those damn rivers you get screwed by.


>mock americans for shit european geography knowledge
>can't place most states outside of coastal or border states

>shills for Africa
>is also a limp-wristed democrat barista
Like pottery.

Pretty accurate desu

Portugal has no nukes.

Every border is artificial.
After all we live in a world where everything is a Social Construct.

What? I'm a progressive, I prefer national socialism and integralist fascism to the democrats. They are the scum of the Earth.

i didn't cheat.
going to compare now and see how close i am.

yes but it was harder than I thought.

i do this too but its okay because one is a country, the other is a continent




not too bad


His midwest is pretty fucked.

Why did you fuck up Ohio so bad?


You got most of it, 7/10

.>Forgot bassed Oklahoma

The only state where every county voted trump

and Connecticut.... two states I keep forgetting exist.

You got the West mostly correct, which is what matters.

he didnt forget it but he didn't put it bordering texas

Really, how hard is it to draw a chevron under Lake Erie?

rest in piece wisconsin

best I could do

Jesus. I'm suprised how many people shit the bed with Colorado. It's a square. Wyoming is a rectangle.

Leftism is leftism. In this political climate there are Democrats and retarded Democrats.

What the fuck kind of Texas is that?

did I do good?


Washington fuck yeah!


Texas decided to become a battleship and sail out into the sea.

Where is my green card burgers?

thats the best i can do

>its all true

You bastard, you left out Missouri!

USA states are irrelevant tbqh most of us Euros aren't learned anythging about them USA as a whole is what matters not states themselves.

Ay yo nigga, what's with Texas

r8 no h8

i think i got the basic idea right

Really good if true



I got the margins alright but it breaks down towards the center

It's corn, not potatoes

pretty gud

at least you know there's an upstate new york and it's not just long island; which isn't even a damn island, it's a fucking peninsula. someone needs to start a vote to rename long island to long peninsula.

How did i do guys?

expansionist policy.

Where is connecticut?

If you did this without help that's really good. Better than most Americans would do. But can you name them?

This is decent job.

This is also OK.

Nigga if I can do that then I'm pretty sure I know the names

Something like this right?

Are you an austist?

It's in one of the states that you couldn't name.

Am I doing it right?

Northern NE mainly NH/Northern and Eastern maine are based.

>tfw no one can fuck up drawing your state

So based that you spell it "bassed" nice work


Literaly who



draw me from memory senpai


Frank, just stop. Before it gets worse for you. There is a reason no one who is identified on Sup Forums stays on Sup Forums.


looks just like my dick/10

lel, I always thought it looked more like a hippo or a pig

shieet, forgot the pic



fraw yurup now

this is the true map


My mind went completely blank halfway through this

>Montana, the only state in the US that matters
Are you a retard?

>chicago 300 miles away form lake michigan