When will CNN remember the first rule of the internet: Don't feed the trolls?

When will CNN remember the first rule of the internet: Don't feed the trolls?

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Normies never learn

I hope they never learn.

The funny part is they COULD learn if they spent time in places like Sup Forums, but then they invariably see the error of their ways if so.


How about a little context?

but Trump said that CNN are the trolls.

leaf tier

The avalanche of asspain over:


The man can control the news cycle with a single tweet. The media is like clay in his hands. Unlike previous presidents he doesn't have to bomb a country to keep the media distracted.

Holy fuck that's hilarious

If CNN is the trolls, why are they always taking the b8? Really thinking over here.

CNN reporters are post ironic trolls.

they seriously do not realize that they are trolls

the way they talk about it, it's almost like CNN is hoping someone guns down one of their reporters so they can claim martyrdom, and get revenge on trump... wouldn't rule out shenanigans either

the media STILL dont know why Trump won.

classic troll deflection tactic

>We live in a world where the POTUS and (((4th estate))) are in troll/counter troll battles on social media

CNN is basically cannibalising themselves now.

the Great Flame War of 2017

he retweeted it from @POTUS too....

I fully anticipate a false-flag from CNN soon. They'll have a reporter ugly themselves up, then come forward with some BS story about how they were attacked late at night in a parking lot by a guy in a Trump had who screamed, "CNN IS ISIS!!!"

Never forget (how it didn't work). Her name was Jo.

Holy shit. Never realized Trump was this much of a memer.
I approve.

It's true, the fucking madman retweeted it in @POTUS. He's just so out there that people and the media don't even know how to deal with him

This will actually happen. Screencapped for future happening.

Then Trump will tweet that it's fake and it'll all work out

Most people here don't even remember. Normalfags have no hope.

Apologies for two replies, but can you imagine the blowback if they did that and ONE person with a conscience revealed evidence of their doings?

It would be great. I kind of hope they do try to stage something, because they WILL get busted if they try it. Everybody has a camera in their pocket these days. Just look at how they got busted in London staging 'peaceful Muslims protesting violence." And, sure - it's possible somebody from the inside could come forward and say it was a hoax.

Those fags can't even avoid getting caught in hidden camera scheme that uses 10 year old tactics.

Trump has gr8 8/8 b8

Trump took the bait on Russia for 6 months. I yelled this daily reeeee

Jo 'Remain Dead" Cocks