Redpill me on Generation Z, Sup Forums. Is it true that they will be the most redpilled/right leaning generation since WWII?

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fuck no; they are as liberal as ever. They're born into cultural marxist academia, cable.

Yes, gen Z here

Ok. Tell me about what got you redpilled.

It started with alt lite, then alt right and then I went further and further.

My honest thoughts on gen Z is that they will be worse than millennials, but, there will also be more anti-sjw gen z'ers than there are millennials because cultural marxism has intensified.

yeah, me too. I'm in Gen Z too.

Yes, but do you sincerely hold these beliefs and are willing to publicly display them?

Also, how old are you? 19 here.

It's probably because there's more Muzzies in Gen Z, tbqh.



I used to have a popular instagram Sup Forums account

Most of my followers were Gen Zers and 35 year old soccer moms.

Hardly any millenials. Maybe not even one.

the only thing suggesting such is the cherry picked cases splattered around Sup Forums

Gen Z are faggots. It's not to late for guys though.

Nah it's real

Seeing what has happened in academia these past few years, it's going to get worse in the coming decades. The fallout of the 1960's SJW takeover will be nothing compared to what's coming now.

Moldylocks, Carl the Cuck, Trigglypuff, Bike Lock man... they are the future of higher education. And it scares me to death.


I was expecting user who says she has an asian bf

who is this pure angel?

>surveyed more than 2,000 people
>more than 10 per cent of teenagers were more likely to avoid tattoos.
>This compared to only two per cent of Millennials and six per cent of Generation X.
>One in seven - 14% - of the 14 and 15-year-olds took a 'quite conservative' approach, while only two per cent of Millennials and one per cent of Generation X.
also >dailymail
I'll stand by what I said

No. I'm gen z and all my friends are brainwashed as fuck. Not as bad as millennials but bad nonetheless. (((their))) conditioning is working. The only redpilled gen z's are the ones who are on Sup Forums

Most of the people my age are pretty liberal. However, most of the people 3-5 years younger than me are more conservative. As much as it's been memed, conservativism really is the new counterculture. It's now edgy to be traditional and want to preserve your race. That's what's drawing people in. The skeptic community was the start of it with their Anti-SJW stuff, but that's not edgy anymore. People are moving farther right

I am 18, and I know a few people as young as 16 who are full 14/88.

Well of course. The pendulum has to swing eventually
Even if gen Z doesnt do it, eventually the next generation will.

All great systems, ethical or political, attain their ascendency over the minds of men by virtue of their appeal to the imagination; and when they cease to touch the cords of wonder and mystery and hope, their power is lost, and men look elsewhere for some set of principles by which they may be guided.

A leftist saif this but it workd for us as well, one occupy wall street leader in the U.S. has spoken of the future as a place where "authenticity goes hand in hand with edginess," and that in this future that he sees being born, "the majority does not follow its center, it undulates towards its inspirational edges.

Modern liberalism is boring. Do you really think GEN Z is going to care about gender equality and other liberal shit? Of course not. Those things had appeal because they were edgy and anti conservative in a conservative world. Now the pendulum is swinging back

The youth will rebel against the blue pills of their parents because they can see it with less blue pill fog, with an open mind, because they have simply not been in "the matrix" as long. Unless they're cucks.

My question is, what's going to happen when cultural marxists push too far? Both millennials and some gen Z'ers have seen the light and understand the issue. As time goes on, more and more of us come to understand the truth.

When millennial and gen z marxists rule the US and push too far, what will our reaction be?

Those are all millenials though

Whats the starting birth year for Gen Z? 1997?


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the survey always cited is like 40% muslim teens

theyre muslims dude


I sincerely doubt it.

It's cope, people just say this because they statistically lose their virginities later and consume traditional media less or whatever, this is in fact only because they're a generation of autistic overstimulated betas that spend all their days wanking to tranny porn and consuming memes. They are the most demoralized, deranged and apathetic generation yet, even moreso than us millenials and our only hope is the unavoidable death of the cancerous Western jew culture

Just fuck my shit up

Yes, you Natsoc genius. They're going to teach Gen Z. Makes sense?

With teens under 18, their minds aren't near completely developed. That means though they understand the truth, their minds can still be shaped by liberal nonsense and fear mongering.

Make sure that doesn't happen, user.

Anyone between about 35 and 18 is a millennial. Also, fuck off you cancerous piece of social media whoring.


It wont. They barely watch TV. They get all news from the internet.

Rodger that.

dunno man, just saved it on Sup Forums

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If you can't remember 9/11 , you are gen z

This is generation z.


it seems kinda split. But they are just kids. Kids are typically stupid faggots. Think of what you believed at 14.

There will definitely be a lot of turbo sjws soon, but there will be a lot of redpilled ones too. All it takes is for someone to stumble upon Sup Forums one day to wake up.

Gen Z here, it doesn't take much redpilling to turn Gen Z's into nazi's or fasci's. The newer generations are nationalist and conservative as all hell.

Read: Pro-western anti-vital apathetic provincial cuckolds

Dumb niggers on Sup Forums unironically believe some autistic Kekistan memers and sockpuppet shitposters on Twitter represent an entire generation of people, lmao

Whatever takes to perpetuate your spergtastic meme spouting, huh?

True! I hate LGBTQ's with a passion. Degenerates is all they are.

Hold on to that thought. This is a gift for you.

Fellow Gen Z.

In Oklahoma it isn't as bad, but they've yet to accept Sup Forums.

kids will be the counter culture of all this gay shit thats being shoved down throats and having common sence will be naughty cool thing

Kill, kill, and keep killing until they surrender or go extinct.

yeah pretty much, every single one has an open mind. I'm 20, and people my age or younger you just basically state easy facts that people are lied to and explain that they can be open about their beliefs, they almost instantly come out.

lot of em are all too scared to come out of their shells, we were raised with this shit, so we have had to hide our true opinions, except ofc on the internet which we almost never have exceot Facebook but nobody our age really even uses it, unless it's to troll

gen z is definitely redpilled, but they aren't by any means socially conservative either, all pretty much classically liberal, even the ones that act like they aren't will still be like "yeah traps are qt as long as they pass" and "I don't really care about abortion because it kills niggers"

one thing Zs are really redpilled on more than any generation is the actual world we live in, and all the things that are rapidly changing. we know a new dawn is coming, crispr, automation, singularity, all the new discoveries in quantum physics, quantum computing, Google being able to defy time, our entire understanding of science being reshaped. you'll find most of us are not atheists, not religious, but spiritual and do believe in a higher power or meaning. our gen who's been woken up have seen the writing on the walls, 2030 is closer than 2001 was, it is a different world and it's ever changing

if you're 19 you're part of Gen Z

on the jews and their lies is also good

Fuck no, lmao I don't know what Sup Forums is smoking but there are less shut-ins like your kind, they're a lot more social and less autistic.

the real answer is it's too early to tell

I have high hopes. I expect a great revolution to happen within my lifetime. A day in which the truth is going to prevail over everything else.

nah a lot of us are seen as shut ins but we spend all our time online with other people socialising and all our time irl socialising with online friends

Source: straight out of my lying memer ass

fuck off mexico

96/97 is the sweet spot masterrace

nah it's true like a lot of us don't do anything but stay inside, if we go out it's to visit spend time with online friends

we still are neets just less hikki

No, Most of them will scramble to their deaths, down to earth Gen-x and Millenials will probably be the one to pick them up. The rest will die.

>fuck off! stop questioning muh memes and delusions!
Excellent contribution

>it's true
>therefore it's true
Lmao, what a fucking retard

oh wait ur in Mexico, our generations don't apply to other countries, these generations are only for America and to a latter extent the rest of the Anglo world

trips of truth


i wasn't telling you to fuck off because of what you said

i was telling you to fuck off because you're mexico


They're taking the redpill at a very young age.
The force will be strong with these ones.

I am observing them. Redpilled and Anti - PC. In my country every generation is redpilled though.

The problem with Marxist theory is that it is not true. The only way to alter our natural psychology is to constantly feed us with propaganda. It's like a dam holding up a river.

What counts for Gen Z? I was born January 21st 1999, and my bro was born May 27th 2002. Which one of us would technically be Gen Z?

Very very very doubtful. Their parents are so fucked up though that they could be when they go through their rebellious years.



ding ding ding, look at every gen z by the time they're 18+ so the current 18-21 year olds

I'm more right wing than any old boomer, Trump has manage to unite whites, blacks, latinos and asians my age against liberal mental illness. I have been to plenty of free speech rallies with other friends, of all races and we are finally fighting back against the libs

There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers and researchers typically use starting birth years ranging from the mid-1990s to early 2000s, and as of yet there is little consensus about ending birth years.

>fuck off because you're Mexico
Individuals can't be countries
Instead of trying to censor me why don't you just filter me? Really proving your autistic tendencies here buddy

Yes, I'm in Mexico at this moment, what of it?

Claiming something is true doesn't make it so

i forgot mexicans can't read english

ur just a lonely loser than I guess nerd LMFAO

>on Sup Forums
Nah you're just seen as an autist mate.

Ok thanks. Yeah, I have definitely noticed it. Most of the guys that are at least Gen Z or close to are pretty conservative minded. Girls are usually an interesting case. I dated one who turned out to be a hardcore conservative. But then again there's always the Bright-Haired crowd. It's obvious what side they are on.

>Individuals can't be countries
Individuals constitute the nation. That is the entire reason why we oppose immigration.

Gen Y and Gen Z are starting to rebel, but for different reasons.

Gen Y/Millenials grew up in the last few precious years of normality before 9/11, the war on terror, mainstream internet, social media, social justice, etc. They've spent most of their lives following the advice of Boomers - while those same Boomers conspired to swindle them out of everything they were promised - a good home, a good spouse, a good family, a good job, a good life. Most Millenials are just hitting their late 20s early 30s now and are waking up to not just how much they've been fucked over, but for how long. They're driven by nostalgia - all they want now is to go back to the way things used to be.

Gen Z is another story. They grew up after the everything went to shit and they've grown up never knowing anything else. Now they're growing up, they're in high school or even getting ready to go to college and they're waking up - they don't know what the world is supposed to be like, but they know it shouldn't be like it is.

We're still a long way from Gen Y and Z tearing down the establishment en masse, but we're getting there.

See? All larping and low quality trolling, no evidence.

We do, we just do it above the level of chav britcucks

It's still stupid to refer to people as countries

>you're chile
>you're brazil

Not even dumb elementary school kids express themselves like this to refer to nationality, but we're on Sup Forums so the bar is quite low

i can't hear you over the sound of all the bricks the americans are laying for their wall

What about them?

It's still stupid to refer to people as countries
No. It is not. Nations consist of people. If you move the people, you move the nation. If you move to the US you bring mexico into the US. It's in your blood, it is who you are. You're Mexico.

Fuck no. If being born in 99 counts as Z, hell no. If those a few years younger than me count, still fucking no.

And if they are right wing in any sense they are essentially neo cons that view politics like a football game. No morals, no thinking, just following the fucking leader and "lol nothing matters dude, watch RICK N MORTY!".

Tons of fucking berniebots that unironically believe in pure communism and socialism and either hate religion or are too apathetic towards anything in life to care.

Well I grew up in a conservative house hold and always hated liberals. I also hate minorities, so when Learned about SJWs I knew something needed to be done. Turns out friends at school are just like me. They recommend Sup Forums and now I am here.

>neo cons that view politics like a football game
This is how the two party system is flawed.

>you're interacting with dumb fucking children


It is the rubberband effect. Because they are taught and pushed so far left, any of them with slightly above average intelligence become the exact opposite. The problem is that they need to be guided towards the goal. The iGeneration is even better, my fucking 6-year-old cousin hates gays and thinks black people smell.


Eh, what part of my post are you replying to? I don't exactly understand what you're saying.