What about Francisco Franco Sup Forums? Good leader? Bad leader?

What about Francisco Franco Sup Forums? Good leader? Bad leader?

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he promoted family values decency and killed antifa ... what you think ?

A good soldier but didn't have international support
The day after he died the Freemasonry reconquered Spain.

He was the last spaniard.

Sup Forums doesn't read history

A monarchist traitor. But he kept Spain degeneracy free at least.

A very bad one. I hate her wife.
t. jewelry store owner

He sell our country to the yankees, who stole our last colonies in 1898.


Apart he sell the truly revolutionary fascist know as falagist.
Only cringe braindead kids likes him here.


Only Spanish people can tell you, so don't listen to anyone's opinion on him unless they're displaying the geolocal flag. Regardless, I doubt any Sup Forums user is old enough to have actually experienced the time when he was in power, so take everything said with a grain of salt. He was definitely not bad, though, from what I've heard. He was against communists and masons, and he put Spain first. Our current politicians do none of those.

Low energy

He saved Spain from Communism but doomed spain economically.

Freemasonry hated him and most of the army because they were not infiltrated. There is a long story behind that.

Leader? more like same shit than Stalin with different smell


great guy

Thanks to Franco Spain is not another south american style shithole

South Americans tend to hate Franco, why?

Franco is also a taboo in Spain. Only fringe authors like Pio Moa talk openly about him.

>Thanks to Franco Spain is another south american style shithole

Saved Spain from commies. Good in my book.

God rest his soul.

Brilliant soldier and commandant, cuck politician.
>Era «entusiasta de las cargas a la bayoneta para desmoralizar al enemigo»
>Got good Opus Dei and Falangist technocrats in the Governments.
>Cucked to worst Jesus due to his wife.


Spain is a monarchy, you modernist cuck.


kek, why is that? Why do discussions end with him?

Sorry. Some faggot following a fashionable ideology doesn't cancel out centuries of tradition.

Implying that americans knows who he was hahahaha.

More than half of the americans don't know even where is Spain.

Pathetic little man

He put the Falange aside and hos legacy was destroyed in a blink.
4/10 still better than the commies
José Antonio Primo de Rivera was GOAT

>mfw centuries of spanish traditional monarchism

Spotted the butthurt Catalano

I thought Mark Zuckerberg had blue eyes


There's your problem.

He was the fascist leader of Spain, who rose to power after he won the Spanish Civil War. I know who he is, I just wanted to know more about him.
Europeans heads are so far up their asses it looks normal


Primo de Rivera was a Mussolini fanboy who wanted to remake Spain in his one image. He was a shadow of his father, who was a great man.

If he was fascist why didn't he ally with youknowwho during ww2?

Asturias mofo, we are Spain. The fucking midget wasn´t even able to erradicate regional nationalisms in 40 years. Sad

Useless piece of shit.

>They were both from the House of Trastámara were second cousins, being both descended from John I of Castile; on marriage they were given a papal dispensation to deal with consanguinity by Sixtus IV.

The kids get all inbred and shiet.

Franco came from a military line, different from Salazar. He kept Spain in tradition, anti-commie and nationalist

Because he was smart enough not to fuck up his country like everybody else did.

>second cousins


he was not a fascist, he was monarchist ultra nationalist and ultra chatolic

He BTFO'd the commies and prevented Spain from becoming a Soviet satellite state

But in the long run the marxists won if you look at the current state of Spain... It's amazing how quickly Spain got subverted and his legacy got wiped away

>Because he was smart enough not to fuck up his country
lmao then why is Spain such a fucking shithole?

By and large saved Spain from WW2

he killed Jose Antonio, so he's bad in my book

So eventually Spain did become a South Americans shithole then? It was just delayed

No he didn't, you LARPing faggot.

Because Spain got fucked up during the Civil War and wasn't ready to help Voldemort find Harry Potter.

Franco was NOT fascist
He was a pro-monarchist cuckservative that infiltrate into Falange
This man right here was the actual face of Spanish fascism

No it became a cultural marxist degenerate commie liberal refugees welcome shithole just like any other Western European country

South American countries may be relatively poor but afaik they're not so degenerate (apart from Brazil probably)

Fun fact: a girl once named my cock after this man. I think it had a bearing on the way I turned out. I still call my cock General Franco.

Captcha: CELL Avenida


He was more of a Traditionalist Conservative than you wannabe Nazis will ever be. Go jerk off the Richard Spencer's tits, faggot.

>He was the fascist leader of Spain

Meh, no really a fascist, maybe the first years, later he had to be softer because they were afraid of (((USA))) since they were completely alone once the axis got defeated.

You may call him a traditionalist, atleast in the spanish sense.

Spain has evolve always around the idea of catholicism, that's what Spain is and the reason why the left hate so much their own country, and he was a catholic with steroids.

>He was a pro-monarchist cuckservative that infiltrate into Falange
I'm not going to list every fucking political gender on the right wing

>lmao then why is Spain such a fucking shithole?

Look where Spain is, and look where Chile is, spot the difference?


who did it then?

He refused to go and rescue him several times, waiting for the communists to kill him.

What the fuck kind of shit source is this where it lists Greece above Japan?

Come on pal

It was never proven that Franco did anything to prevent the rescue.


This table is so retarded, and since when inflation is not a tax?


Go read what Primo wrote.
The only think that defeated fascism in Italy was ww2.
Franco's regime died with him

Piece of shit

Yeah he was very wise.

All the other posible leaders that could compete with him died accidentally.


I can also make these (((índexes))) like this.

>Go read what Primo wrote.

I have. It was Romantic nonsense. Franco was a more practical thinker with a greater sense of tradition.

Meaningless conjecture.

You are too naive.

Eat a dick.

>All the other posible leaders that could compete with him died accidentally.

Kek, it really makes you think.

If Spain is such shithole, why do south americans migrate there in mass?

Spotted the Catalan cuck.

And you're too butthurt that the traditionalist lead Spain instead of some foppish playboy.

Chileans that migrate to Spain only do it to steal.

We have higher living standards than the dumb Iberians. We are whiter too.

He was no Mussolini copycat.
His ideology was different (national syndacalism not national corporatism)
In the long run he would have been better than Franco

In the long run he would have gotten Spain involved in the war. He wasn't as practical as Franco.

>We are whiter too.



May he rot in hell.

Spain's GDP per capita is 2x yours

He died in a plane crash.

Another coincidence.

all the data is truth, oecd stats.
The stats they choose is their option of course, but they make sense, in quality life terms.

Lol Even italy wasn't enough industrialized to be in the war, he wasn't dumb Spain was poor and destroyed , even if he wanted he couldn't had done nothing.

Also Franco wanted to be in the war, it was Salazar that convicted him to be neutral (merely)

Stop using a Chilean proxy.

Another cuck from Catalonia.

This is the average Iberian

And this is us. See the difference?

We are white.

>88% mestizo and white

Best of the worst

Primo de Rivera was much better but he died in the first month of the war. Then the Axis got BTFO which left Spain dependent on the West, so the fascist elements were toned down. Franco wasn't really a fascist anyway, more of a monarchist and nationalist conservative. He promoted Catholicism more than anything else. He wasn't a great leader, he gave away Spain's African colonies, he didn't do anything against the Jews, and he took some of his beliefs a bit too far imo (he was very superstitious and this mindset seeped into Spanish life generally). But very much better than what came after, Spain has been betrayed by its politicians and the monarchy, and now things are fucked basically.

based Astur
i am a young Asturian-Californian saving every dollar to my name to return to glorious Asturies and return into the ancient sacred land that gave our people life for millenia

Whiter my ass.

The most recent study in the Candela Project establishes that the genetic composition of Chile is 52% of European origin, with 44% of the genome coming from Native Americans (Amerindians), and 4% coming from Africa, making Chile a primarily mestizo country with traces of African descent present in half of the population.[78] Another genetic study conducted by the University of Brasilia in several American countries shows a similar genetic composition for Chile, with a European contribution of 51.6%, an Amerindian (Native) contribution of 42.1%, and an African contribution of 6.3%


If your shithole country is less lame than the rest of South America is precisely because your spanish and european heritage, basques mainly.

Lol no fuck you nigger i searched Chile in instagram and yall are a bunch of half breeds

Our white genes are fact. You cannot deny them.

Excuse the reddit face plastered in it. The criminal's color skin isn't important anyway. The police captain is proof enough of our superior white genes.

We are a race mixed with based Irish and Germans. We are superior by the mere definition of our genes, to the Iberian counterpart.

Franco never wanted in the War. He only let Hitler use a few troops on the condition that they would fight the communists.

>he didn't do anything against the Jews

He banned the Masons and other Jewish organizations. He was trying to solve Spain's problem's, not the world's.

He was among the few leaders to ever successfully conquer and destroy communism in his country.

>This thread.
I was expecting shitposting, but it's actually a pretty civil discussion.

primo was national syndicalyst

shut the fuck up dude, what are you smoking, doesnt matter if we're white or not, what matters if we can fucking hold this dammed country, even then, Nicolas Palacios and Miguel Serrano knew we were mestizos and didnt care, in fact, they were proud of that

Masons was a start but he did very little to do more than that.
He didn't actually do a great job within Spain either. Much better than the alternative but Franco's Spain was hardly a utopia.

Is it you?


>is precisely because your spanish and european heritage

Guy on the left? Spanish descendant. Clearly Iberian genes.

Spain never reached the south of Chile, which is where half the country resides. Our based forefathers were Irish colonist, and German colonists.

The Spanish conquest is the biggest meme is since 9/11. Spain isn't good enough for us. UK and Germany are.

What does Sup Forums think about this guy?