How do we fix millennials?

How do we fix millennials?

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america! sad!

That's Russia, dumbass

lol the guys afraid to get caught filming. What country was this in? Those kids could get bank suing BK

lol whats going on in this vid, the greasy fast food worker giving a beating for young boys after they spill the drink?

He had a wet ass. Kiddos probably sharked him.

If that was my kid I'd shake that employees hand.

How does one individual shark another individual?

>average burguer logic

>posts video of a bunch of Gen Zers

You, sir, are retarded. Unless this videos is from 2000-2011(which i doubt it is), those kids are not millennials.

might be referring to the guy kicking the kid's ass.

>walking over the area you just mopped
dumb kid

Use your imagination. I have to be at work in the morning. Help him out Sup Forums


Who cares? Just marinate some steaks in beer overnight and stop giving a fuck about the future.

Not another retarded baby-boomer.

Fix the economy you took and spoiled.

Retire from your job- the way you should have done ten years ago- and stop being a worthless load on the job market.

Stop expecting a world where jobs have requirements to just let a person walk up and get a job instantly with nothing but a handshake.

Stop being a mental retard and expecting a minimum wage job to support a family and college efforts the way it did in 1960.

rare t b h

Did he shit his pants? Looks like it

Orcas are not sharks

this couldnt happen in america u stupid fuck

They all just fish, who giva fuck.

See nothing wrong here... he's teaching these little brats a valuable life lesson.

Orcas are mammals, not fish


well what the fuck did they do? i'd reckon that they refused to pay or something? i know that there are some stupid 14-year old fucks in the US that just giggle and run as soon as the check gets placed


It ain't got fur or hair and it would die on land cuz it need water to breath, yo. It's a fuckin' fish you idiot.



Basketball-American detected.

If he weren't a kid this would be violating the NAP


It has lungs.
It lactates to feed its young.
It gives live birth.

Fish have gills.
They have egg yolk.
They lay eggs.

Also, they breath oxygen.
They have to come up periodically. If you put an orca in a sealed water tank with no way to surface- the way some fishtanks are- it'd fucking die within the hour.

What in the Heckler's Ramp Plans is going on in that webm?

That man in OPs webm did something that those little yobs parents never did. Held them accountable. Fuck those little faggots.

Pretty sure he'll never work in fast food again, meaning he'll be a welfare queen and probably beat up his fat girlfriend while playing diablo as God intended.

I'm just a bored, drunk Antifa member here to spy on you and I know how to troll you fascists.

For about 1 second I thought I was watching filthy frank beat a child...

I have no idea what this awoo is.


>you fascists

Pot, kettle, black..

It's BK you don't get your food until it's paid for dumbass.


>You saw these kids laughing at you, making a mess everywhere in your store.

What would you do? Presumably this guy could get fired for this. I work in compliance of gov leg and a minor is just a gtfo card, next case.

>making them clean up a mess they made
I'm fine with this

>constantly slapping the kid in the face when you're twice his size
I'd knock that twig armed lanky cunt out. Punching a child to feel better?? Fucking lowlife

>not hitting your kids

ok stepdad

Hitting kids makes them stupid, violent and dishonest according to studies. enjoy your retarded nigger children.

The employee is a millennial, the kid is gen Z.

Fucking idiot.

Doesn't look like he had it his way.

>meaning he'll be a welfare queen and probably beat up his fat girlfriend while playing diablo as God intended.

The American Dream

>white men
>getting welfare

Theres a point when its necessary as a final solution to a kid acting out. By the looks of this situation its the right time. Only the parent though.

Good little shit proabably spilled something and did it to make the dude clean it up.
If I was that kids father id make him do the same.
Little shits in suits.

some kids need a good beating, especially the spoiled ones that think they're god.


If you can't outwit a child, you shouldn't have them. You'll just make more retards. Then again why not, fuck it, the third worlders aren't stopping any time soon why should the first world trash.


What the fuck do wits have to do with misbehaving you retard?

If your wife does something you don't like what's the best solution? What about your neighbor? Your friend? A coworker?
Pro tip, it's not hitting them. You just rely on that because children are small and it's easy. Literal nigger tier parenting.

Your children will walk all over you.

Talking doesn't solve everything, moron. What do you think your kids will do when you aren't there to talk them down?

not adult, still learning what's proper behavior.

They remember the lessons you gave them, believe it or not people tend to react better to being told why things are done a certain way than "because I'm bigger than you and I will hit you if you do not listen".
This is a big part of the reason hitting kids makes them dishonest. They don't understand why you don't steal, they just know they'll get hit if they get caught. So, if there's no chance of getting caught, there's no problem with stealing.

>thinking discipline is evil
You need to be over 18 to use this site, child.

>implying you can't hit them AND tell them why afterward.

Then the lesson is hit people who do the wrong thing. Your kid ends up beating the shit out of his wife or starting bar fights. Maybe they don't steal, or maybe they do because they resent you and now they're bigger and stronger than you or maybe you're not around.
Hitting people is pointless, and I say this as someone who's pulled another man's eye out in anger.

wow if i seenthis i would smash that taller kid.
you cant cuck your own race like that, so disrespect;
i would have eaten that faggots eyeballs.

because you can't parent yourself? weak cunt

Visor wearing fag was mad cuz he didn't have time to jerk it to traps on Sup Forums before work


if the wife starts doing the wrong thing and the guy in the bar does the wrong thing, then, sure.

>Hitting people is pointless
If it solved no problems, why have parents done it in the past? It's not pointless. Children cannot simply be reasoned with like adults can. Adults understand the EVENTUAL consequences of acting out, it IS physical force. Children need to learn that this is the final step when someone has power over you.

It normally solves everythingjust look at america destroying other counries

I remember one day that my Grandpa was doing some metal work in the backyard he told to me to dont come near because it was dangerous as a retarded kid i was, i went there and started running in circles, my grandpa took his belt and fucked my shit up with a single hit

I am not a violent guy and i learned the lesson that day

Let the world in war again. Let all wealth transferred to war effort. If you want to eat, you work.

Millennials can learn the hardships of life this way. And then social darwinism can pick out who can adapt and who are still delusional.

>i was merely pretending to be retarded
>changes to antifa
nope, still retarded

by having more of pic related

> never been in a bar fight
Pussy assed lefty detected
The only two reasons to go to a bar are getting some fucking poontang or beating some panty waist libcuck ass


is that colonel guile?


Trump, go back to bed

but is he still the repo man?

Lol wannabe child psychologist dumbass

>he thinks corporal punishment is discipline

what is
>the military for 500 alex

it's simple. you take away what the child loves the most until they stop acting like a faggot. my dad beat me probably only a handful of times and i'm disciplined, because i knew he meant shit if i did something bad (which caused the physical punishment) or if i just misbehave which he just took away my computer until i stopped fucking around.

Worked. And the other person is right, discipline by corporal punishment ends up with kids with shitty attributes

my guess is that they intentionally made a mess and refused to clean it up

He'd fucking destroy you.

Hi, le Donald.

oh, you mean donnie trump

Probably with some treatment like in your webm.

Is the problem that he's making them clean or that they're little shits that did something wrong at a Burger King?

What is that flag?

It's a pretty old video, from memory the kid through a drink on the floor and it pissed off a worker.

New Caledonia, it's some island owned by the french in the south pacific.

Looks like that guy has the right idea


He was probably laughing about spilling a drink on the floor or, purposely making a mess because he thought it was funny.

And he saved you from losing an eye or something. Once my 1 year cousin call our grandma "pendeja", screaming at her. I slap him in the face, like, from nowhere, instantly. That kid is 18 now and never ever call grandma a bad word again. He's becoming a responsible young adult now.

thx, shame its so short.