Does Sup Forums have any murder conspiracies?

Does Sup Forums have any murder conspiracies?

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How dare you speak to me.

Literally who


Dave did it

Sup Forums? notta one. no sirree

stanley kubrick

Does Sup Forums like this tool?



no because movie stars don't kill themselves like gay loser rock stars like kurt cobane

he didnt do it u retard. i love ferris buler. shurt your fucking mouth

How does Courtney keep getting away with it?

she's a jew



fuck you Nirvana is ass go back to Sup Forums

How does he keep getting away with this?



I bet he could give you the basic gestalt.

Also, just listened to this song for the first time in years. I forgot how great it is.

Gish and Melancholy are the best Pumpkins albums.

*tips fedora*

Natalie Wood

>he hasn't listened to In Utero

>he fell for the In Utero meme

Roman Polanski murdered Sharron Tate and Manson took the blame.
John Landis is fucking killer and got away with it and now we have to deal with his cunt ass no talent having son.
Christophen Walker killed that one chick on the boat.

Art Bell MIGHT have killed his first wife.

>he thinks it's a meme

can't get me this time bub

You're loss m8

There's for that

Max Landis' father murdered some Chinese children and Jennifer Jason Leigh's father.