Redpill me on 9/11

Redpill me on 9/11.

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It was hilarious.

redpill me on fatass columbian qts

Deep State and (((MSM))) goons were involved
Planes were actually CGI

Ultimate redpill: it was al qaeda


Wrong type of jet engine found at the scene

Watch a documentary called "loose change"

Also, it was a nuclear destruction of all 3 towers. They didnt name it "Ground Zero" for nothing.

Yes, watch Loose Change if you want to see a slickly-produced disinfo video created by CIA agents to push "no plane" disinfo.

If you want some real facts:

At least two separate FBI investigations (Colleen Rowley's team in Minnesota and John P. O'Neill) knew the attacks were coming, but FBI chief blocked their investigations. Richard Armitage (Bush's deputy Sec. of State) allowed known terror threats in the country without interviews, ignoring direct requests from the FTTTF to deny those visas. Independent experts have determined Building 7 did not collapse due to fire. The only reasonable conclusion is that it was a controlled demolition (the owner, who profited hugely via insurance payout, even slipped up a bit and said they "pulled" the building, which is demolition slang for controlled demolition). Mossad agents were caught dancing and celebrating the attack. Saudi and Pakistani governments, which have very close ties with the U.S., contributed to funding the attack. Pakistani intelligence chief Mahmoud Ahmed, who wired $100,000 to the lead hijacker, was literally in a meeting with Bush Administration state department as 9/11 was unfolding. Drills were planned that day to provide an excuse for the slow response by FAA and Air Force (included a literal "plane into building" exercise at the NRO). The 9/11 Commission was a coverup and they stonewalled on tons of key questions. Bush Administration showed they had motive when they used it as an excuse to shred privacy rights and invade Iraq and Afghanistan. The 1999 document "Rebuilding America's Defenses" shows they had this planned, and literally says, "The process of transformation will be slow, absent some catastrophic, catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."

Tons of other fishy shit, like finding intact passports in the immense pile of rubble, and somehow instantly knowing bin Ladin was the culprit.


Redpill me on the Pentagon

Best 9/11 redpill in music video form:

Pnac, "new pearl harbor", new axis of evil, israel

Controlled demo is disinfo, but they did let it happen


It never happened.

what this guy said , post some fat ass columbian thotties pls

unironically this.

Bush did the Holocaust as well.



All the information you need is out there.

Go looking for it and you will certainly find it.

Start with zeitgiest on Netflix

Wow checked

well that's just conspiracy talk you wackjob.





Flight 77 hit it. Interesting thing about that one is that Cheney could have had it shot down. An aide was in the room frantically asking if the order to stand down (i.e. not shoot it down) stands, and Cheney was just sitting there trying to ignore him and finally lashed out "HAVE YOU HEARD ANYTHING DIFFERENT" (i.e. Cheney allowed it to hit the Pentagon as planned). Don't recall the aide's name, but he was ethnically Japanese.

Asbestos fallout will give up to 25 million Americans deadly lung cancer.







3000 people turned into ghosts

Genuinely a lot of pretty suspicious things that should be investigated, mainly to do with certain people in power having knowledge of it and allowing it to happen, or perhaps even funding and helping to plan it. Unfortunately nothing will ever come of it because those things are drowned out by nonsense about controlled demolition and CGI planes by people with mental illnesses.

There's probably nothing new to actually learn about it at this point, it will just become this generation's JFK assassination

The Twin Towers never existed it was actually mass global hypnotism

>JFK assassination
Clearly it was sudoku. You can see the gun in JFK's hand

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Promis software, insider trading, missing gold
(((PNAC))), Kissinger, CIA
Able Danger, military drills, stand down
Patsy hijackers, planted evidence, media complicity
Numerology, Occult ritual, foreshadowing, mind control
Military Industrial Complex
Patriot Act big brother police state

Was a false flag, because the jews wanted a war whit Afganistan

A im right pol?

kikes paid sandniggers to murder Christians.
In other words, same old story. Nothing special except the scale.

Ritual programming. Lots of symbolism.

Red pilled every engineer that knows about architecture. I'm a PE on the list.


There's a lot more to it. Mass hypnosis.

Way for Jews to tell us to invade Iraq and start a BS war in the ME over "terror" (Israel's security competitors)

Way back in the day these movies redpilled me.

"road to tyranny" was his best imo, covers OKC bombing too

Oh yeah and Trump knows. He builds fucking buildings and knows lots of architectural engineers.
TRUMP knew Truth on 911

Slightly better quality version of endgame. Didn't realize I linked a 240p only version.

"Everything is a rich mans trick" is a good one too.

Hard yo swallow.

Jews and some scumbag pods from the CIA and DIA and USAF.

No faggot.

That one is by Richard Hall iirc, good tho


>fuel not fire

you had one fucking shitty meme to post and you fucked it up

Saudis did it, your government panicked and covered for them because oil, attacked Iraq and Afghanistan because they planned it since 1994, and you retards went with it because you are unable to differentiate between countries outside of the US.

You're dumb, Saudis wouldn't have been able to plant explosives to demolish WTC7. Plus anything that Saudi does, the CIA is in on it.

Israel did 9/11, the Saudis might have funded it, amd the CIA facilitated it.

hm, well. see. when an airplane and a skyscraper love each other very much...

What the hell???

Cia and blacops mossad paid off suadi princes to pay radicals t9 take down wtc12 and fake penn attack. Wtc 7 was the fix for lucky larry and there is the payoff.

Here's one

that piece of shit is on cuckflix?
not surprised

It's just another distraction to keep the general population fixated on the "real world" while the real gov continues to experiment with alien tech that the greys give them in exchange for us not massacring their low numbers in the lower levels of the underground bases across the US which is where the remaining greys live.

the plane that supposedly crashed is still airborne to this day.
the ayy lmao meme slid the info into obscurity and posting it might get you v&

who is richard hall

independent film maker from the UK

Holy fucking shit user.

>alien found

here's a quick rundown of 9/11

It ties into their desire for a one-world government ruled by them.
They had to get America worked up enough to do their dirty work, and what better way to do that than with a big terrorist attack.
They blamed it on their targets.
It was also great for smoke-screening all the rights the took from us.

Norman Mineta.



Most likely done by al qaeda

But the US gov had information that it was going to happen and chose to do nothing like with pearl harbor