Tell me about Chiya

Tell me about Chiya

How does she hide the boobs?

It would be extremely painful.

Lotta loyalty for a hired barista

I want to marry Chiya!

Me too!

If she doesn't bind then they'd pop out of her outfit too easily since she can't wear underwear.

Fuck off

the fuck is wrong with you

With tape.

What the fuck?


The masked rabbit?

She doesnt

Same way my waifu does.

Was telling me to fuck off part of your plan?

Of course.

obviously she uses bindings.

This is hypnotizing

Best girl's magic indeed.

It's actually her sister whenever you see her with smaller tits.

She's a boring girl

You're so wrong,

her mischievousness makes her the less boring girl, unless you like the one with brain problems.

anime name?

It's the prime high quality onee-san/MILF feel she give as token yamato nadeshiko.

Is she bigger than Rize?

for you.

Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka. First season aired Spring 2014. It's a good show!

I think Rize is bigger.

She's a big girl


Can someone put a [born this way] stand out of nowhere from a open cleavage?

well congratulations we fucked off... now whats the next part of your master plan?

R*porting these posts with no survivors

Suck my balls dry of course~


*teleports behind you*

her boobs deflate when she's nervous








This is a fake cocoa
She doesnt have massive udders like this

She's still growing