Top 5 POTUS?

1. Theodore Roosevelt
2. Andrew Jackson
3. George Washington
4. Thomas Jefferson
5. Donald Trump

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1. Obama
2. Based Bill Clinton
3. FDR
4. JFK
5. Teddy

44. Dubya Bush
45. Trump

Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Franklin Roosevelt
Andrew Jackson
Theodore Roosevelt

1. Jefferson.
2. Jackson.

Not sure about the rest. Not Teddy... he was a progressive. Just seems lit by today's standards, but he was pushing to the Globalist.

I believe a currently sitting president cannot be on any top list as any unintended consequences take a little while to show up. Trump could be the God Emperor, but I wouldn't put him on the list until he has transferred power to another president under the Constitution.

I'd say

1. Washington
2. Jefferson
3. TR
4. Calvin Coolidge (guy vetoed almost everything and let the US do whatever the precursor to /ourguy/).
5. Andy Jackson

Woodrow Wilson...Stuffy prof. The biggest dick my opinion the cause for much of our problems today.

>no jfk in any post

Shameful display.

The first two establish the USA, the third transform the America to a super power.

Leaf thinks there are 45 presidents, lol

1. George Washington
2-5: Nothing the rest fucking suck compared to him

>bad ass
>bad ass
>bretty cool
>bad ass


Obama leaf strikes again. How is it you see dubya and Obongo so differently? They did the same things.

1-a Bush Jr.
1-b (((Franklin Rosenfelt)))
1-c LBJ
4. (((Soetoro)))
5. Woodrow Wilson

This is true....who else had the majority demanding that he become King? Then he says fuck it and goes back to his house until they decide on what to do next

Van buren

Any other list is pleb tier

He was never for space. He just wanted to beat the commies

This is the reason why he does not deserve to be first. He step back and let the rest to decide the future of America.

Bush crashed the economy. Obama boomed the economy. Big diff.

there is if u split Grover's terms

Teddy is best prez

top 5 potus?

1.Donald trump
2.Donald Trump
3.donald Trump
4.donald trump

nobody cares, they both suck.

1) Calvin Coolidge
2) James Madison
3) Thomas Jefferson
4) Ronald Reagan
5) Grover Clevelend

Based LBJ
>killed Kennedy
>hart cellar act
>forced integration destroying entire cities
>Viet fucking nam
>All around good goy

And that is what made him a great president.

This is why he is the best...The Constitution was written and is still to this day the closest document to perfection we've ever had. There is a difference between letting others decide on the future versus "Me a King? I'm gonna chill here, get yo shit together, send a message boy when you're serious about what the hell you want".

>This is why he is the best

This is bad not good. He was President but he let the people to create political parties.

He didn't want political parties to be created, but he couldn't stop the formation of them.

>Bush just accidentally touched something and broke the entire banking industry overnight

Everyone knows it was a combined effort of Clinton trying to give everyone homes, and deregulating banking with bush. And it's hard to call a recovery a "boom" when you add $10trillion to the debt in 8 years

He let the mob to decide the future of America.

>but he couldn't stop the formation of them.

Yes he could.

5. Barack Obama
4. Barack Obama
3. Barack Obama
2. Barack Obama
1. Barack Obama

Not without becoming the dictatorship they fought against.


every time

George Bush: we want everybody in America to own their own home. That's what we want.

Its WAY to early to put Don on that list

He was the one to warn not fucking create political parties. Don't do it, it will be the death of us. He's telling us right now I told you so.


>He was the one to warn not fucking create political parties. Don't do it, it will be the death of us. He's telling us right now I told you so.

He was the motherfucking President.
US President = Dictator
Your President has the authority to declare marshall law and shut the congress/senate

>Your President has the authority to declare marshall law and shut the congress/senate
No he doesn't.

He is the Commander in Chief you brainless idiot!

didn't you not the the memo? Democrats love Bush now.

He still has massive limits on his power. Any attempt to shut down the congress would lead to a violent revolution similar to the one that just happened against Britain and probably even a coup against him by his own military.

They both warred for Israel and destroyed everyone's privacy. Renewed patriot act after criticizing it harshly as a senator. Spied on the opposition party as well using FISA warrants unlawfully. Used the I are es as a weapon against the (((tea party))).

Obummer is the only pres in history to be at war every day for 8 years and I think we were bombing 8 countries when he left. ThIs was after (just like Bush) he ran as an isolationist.

ran as the anti wall st candidate, then the first thing he did was give them hundreds of millions in bailout and let Citibank pick half of his staff. Actually the fed started buying up stock to hold the market up under obama, see Dallas fed pres Richard Fisher. They continue to hold it up this way, the bubble is fucking massive.

He doctored up the numbers economicallly, one of the big things that happened under radar with Soetoro was fudging unemployment by moving masses of welfare niggers onto disability. This just reclassified the money they were/are getting.

Auto bail was a shit deal and he helped them out again with Cash for Clunkers, destroyed the used car market.

Opiod epidemic he did nothing.

Flint Michigan he did nothing.

Chicago murder rate he did nothing good.

He and holder covered up numerous Clinton crimes and silenced the FBI informant in Podesa group for 5 years. Soetoro is the only pres in a long time not to appoint his own guys into his party.

Order 65k worth of Chicago boys to corn hole with his cianigger friends for a weekend.

and Republicans elected Bush 2.0

1 thomas jefferson
2 calvin coolidge
3 grover cleveland
4 Herbert Hoover
5 jfk

>They both warred for Israel

lol obama was mean to israel and Sup Forums hated him for it

President in USA =/= Dictator

We still have our Constitution and Commander in Chief does not apply to dissolving Congress.

The Military Requires Civilian Control...An order by the POTUS to dissolve Congress by force without ratified constitutional amendments authorizing him/her to do so is an illegal order. An illegal or unlawful order carried out by a member of the military even from the President can carry the penalty of death under the UCMJ. The Military under their own law cannot perform illegal orders even if it's from POTUS.

Why do you think they destroyed Libya

What/(((who)))was all the tomfuckery in Syria about

Bombing 8 countries and they're all clustered around Israel.

Soetoro extened the bush tax cuts you dumb nigger.

>Trump is a neo-con
nope, Obama on the other hand loved sucking that corporate dick.

lol trump is giving Goldman Sachs and other corporations trillions in tax cuts

Obama ended Bush's wars and reduced US troops in the ME by 90%

You literally have no response for any of my criticisms of King Shlomo.

i literally just countered u

Trump is deregulating Wall Street and slashing taxes for the rich by trillions
>President Obama, who hoped to sow peace, instead led the nation in war

Cutting taxes is standard procedure for republicans it's also something he campaigned on

Obama extended the bush tax cuts cuts: not standard fare for dems, not what he campaigned on.

>not an argument
Obama was Goldman Sachs puppet, btw

Dodd frank is a false solution that obviously didn't work in 2008.

Glass stegal is what's needed and trump is in favor of reinstating it.

lol trump is serving goldman sachs

>Dodd frank is a false solution that obviously didn't work in 2008.

jesus fucking christ how r u retards this dumb

i honestly can't take how stupid u people are

DONALD TRUMP doesn't deserve to be #5. Granted Donald trump did some incredible things for the country, I still feel DONALD TRUMP was the true bringing of the MAGA movement. So give him #1, and Donald trump #2 or #3. Give the other spot to donald Trump.

All of your criticisms of trump are for doing things that every president or every republican does.

You have no defense for Soetoro he was a disaster and that's coming from someone who voted for him the first time.

>not an argument

Jefferson had a chance to settle the Lousiana Purchase with industrious German settlers. Instead he settled it with slaves.

So much of our problems would have been undone if Jeff just had a bit more patience.

1. Washington
2. Jackson
3 Teddy
4. Reagan
5. Trump

honorable mentions Jefferson and Coolidge

>still waiting for an argument
If Obama wasn't a stooge he would have ended Bushes tax cuts not extended them.

Obama RAISED taxes on the rich u fucking retards. Repeatedly.

1.) George Washington
2.) Thomas Jefferson
3.) Andrew Jackson
4.) Jefferson Davis
5.) Theodore Roosevelt

Obama extended the bush tax cuts idiot don't you know how to read?

1. Washington
2. Lincoln
3. Reagan
4. Coolidge
5. Polk

Bush slashed taxes on the rich. Obama RAISED taxes on the rich. Trump is slashing taxes on the rich. Trump is Bush 2.0

>"It is striking to note that the best growth years for the bottom 99 percent since 1990 have taken place in the mid to late 1990s and since 2013, shortly after increases in top tax rates," Saez wrote.

That pic is messing with my mind

this has to be a bot. it is absolutely insane how every time there is a thread like this, you are here.

Still wait for your argument retard.

your hero Bill Clinton repealed glass steal btw

I think Obama only extended it for like 2 years then ended the bush tax cuts

i'm still stunned by how fucking retarded you are

>Dodd frank is a false solution that obviously didn't work in 2008.

>Dodd frank

just stop

it's over

you're mentally handicapped

Obama didn't raise anything, he just allowed the bush cuts to expire, after extending them beyond the initial timeline.

and? what would that matter even if it's is true done make him any less of a piece of shut neocon that sick so much jew dick he gave his teenage daughter to one.

You going make an argument or is this all you can do?

read the article retard. Obama raised multiple taxes on the rich u absolute fucking moron

Taxing the rich: The record under Obama

Ah that's right, it was after the subprime crash

What they needed was glass Stella, what they got was 22k pages of minutiae that didn't address the underlying problem

What do you care, you're not even American.

Everybody was too busy off shoring to notice.


I don't visit CNN pages.

Obama allowed bush cuts to expire in 2012 instead of 2010, raising the top bracket back to where it had been, 39.5.

This is a relatively minor issue that youre presenting as the end all be all of his presidency.

letting the tax cuts the he extended isn't "raising taxes" it's being a lazy nigger.

1. George Washington
2. Thomas Jefferson
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Dwight Eisenhower
5. Richard Nixon

44. Jimmy Carter
45. Lyndon Johnson

You do realize that Obama fought Republicans tooth and nail to raise the top tax rate.

And Obama raised more than just the top tax rate. He brought back the estate tax that Republicans repealed, and had Obamacare taxes on the rich. Holy shit you're fucking retarded bro. And it's Republicans who cut the top tax rate. Are you retarded bro?

1. Franklin Pierce
2. Calvin Coolidge
3. Millard Fillmore
4. Reagan
5. Rutherford Hayes

lol right wing retards are this mad that Obama raised taxes on the wealthy elites that u worship, serve and obey and cut the budget deficit by 2/3

>mistaking a doting protective father for pedo activity
mark of a person who knows first hand.

Dad or Uncle?

Still waiting for an argument, btw.

1. George Washington
2. Andrew Jackson
3. Trump (if he lives to the hype)
4. Teddy Roosevelt
5. Dwight Eisenhower
6. Grover Cleveland (to slide up if Trump fails)
41. Woodrow Wilson
42. Obama
43. Lyndon B. Johnson
44. FDR
45. George W. Bush

u missed it

1. Jackson
2. Washington
3. Jefferson
4. T. Roosevelt
5. Coolidge

1) Calvin Coolidge
repeat for 2 through 5

You win.

I honestly don't give a shit, saying "Bush did it" or "Trump did it" is literally toddler tier.

You're a sad sack of shit.

I want to hatefuck her

Warren G. Harding

1. Washington
2. Trump
3. Eisenhower
4. Jefferson
5. Jackson

>thinking that is an argument
you are legit retarded.

He was an imperialist who overstepped his boundaries left and right. He was badass, but if Sup Forums knew what they were talking about/had a little ideological integrity he wouldn't be one of the most hated presidents on this board

>it's Republicans who cut the top tax rate
We've already been over this, bush tax cuts were made by bush who is a republican, and extended by Soetoro. Trump btw added a fourth bracket for top earners, the 3 bracket plan liberals refer to was the selling point but it's not the current plan. IIRC the top bracket which starts in the 400k's would stay at a similar rate.

Estate tax is a separate issue I can understand both sides of, but it's standard party politics for a dem to want to raise them. It isn't transformative and it doesn't negate his numerous failures detailed here even if it's something that you personally see as a positive (I don't).

are right wing retards this fucking stupid? You retards don't understand drone technology?

LOL Bush spent $6 TRILLION invading Iraq and Afghanistan. How do right wing retards STILL not understand this?