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Europe recently enacted a vacuum cleaner ban.

Is there a flashlight ban I’m unaware of? EU decide the strobe feature makes it a weapon?

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>A lead trying to bants about nanny states

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That was pretty stupid.
They just banned vacuum cleaners with excessive power consumption, though.

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I bet that regulation came from some German technocrat.

>They just banned vacuum cleaners with excessive power consumption, though.
how long until they need to drop from 50hz to 30 to save power lol.

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Could very well be, given that the ban on glowing filament light bulbs came from a fat German social democrat.


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KEK, can you imagine your leky being delivered at 20hz "because it keeps the wires cooler"

>meanwhile in Melbourne
I hate this fucking town sometimes (most of the time), it's become a joke

>flashlights that use non standard batteries
Bin it, for real

You can still buy those lamps, I buy the industrial versions in boxes of 10, every 5 years or so.

Power, and decibels. Even if your old vacuum is within power limits do you know exactly how loud it is?

That would waste power instead of saving it. Check out the physical formulas for magnetic flux changing over time. You need a certain frequency to transform voltages over transformers.


That and you can bean someone with it pretty good. Consider those mag lights that double as night sticks.

I like the Streamlight ProTac USB rechargable

Solid light. After I bought it, some company made one that also doubled as a phone charging battery pack and a couple more hundred lumens but I forget the name.

Anyway, the Streamlight is f’n awesome. A must have!

I didn't know that. Good to know.

Not loving my giant transformer :(

I bought a regular LED flashlight three weeks ago at Aldi. Not one of the superbright ones like in OP's picture, a small one for two AAA batteries. It still had two yellow triangle warning stickers on, one "Warning! Laser!" and one "Don't shine in eye". Estimated range I'd say is about 10 meters.

My dog approves of this

>"Don't shine in eye"

>Tesco apologized for staff not using their judgement.
Gosh, guys, when we said nobody under the age of 18 is allowed to buy cutlery we didn't mean THIS cutlery.
Why didn't you risk getting fired for using your judgement about THIS silly rule that we implement?
Haha but no jokes sell him a spork and we'll spork you up your arse.

Well at least we don't have such a rediculous legal situation as your cousins across the Atlantic where I could ignore the sticker, shine the lamp into my eye, be temporarily blinded, stumble, break a leg and could then sue Aldi for $2 million in compensation.

Why the fuck you're l would you shine the light in your eyes in the first place dumb ass?

Our cousins.
Yeah, an amazin phenomenon, not sure if such cases go ahead nowadays but I think that sort of lawfare has lead to some gains in terms of worker retribution at least in white collar jobs, and retribution is not the right word i'm looking for either, but cant think of it right now 'cause reasons.

Do you have a license for sharing that news, Hans?

Luckily that faggot is gone now since his party lost big in our last elections.

Why would you pour your hot coffee over your leg and then sue McDonald's?

He's gone Merkel lost too much ground

>Why the fuck you're l would you shine the light in your eyes
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

>the foreskin/spoon combo
enlighten me