Mfw the entire federal government is Pro-Life

>mfw the entire federal government is Pro-Life

>mfw baby murder will soon be illegal

>wanting a drastic increase in blacks and latinos

You Christfags are the worst.

Enjoy sacrificing precious children to your dark lord, Satanist.

>mfw pro-life and welfare are cyclical, stupid Republicans want "MUH JESUS" and Democrats want "MUH POVERTY"

They perpetuate each other, like I've heard on many a comments section, they're both two sides of the same fucking coin

Enjoy telling the breeders to strap a rubber on

Fucking tard's, politics is like WWE now, not boring enough for things to work everything has to be extravagantly retarded for mass appeal.

It really shouldn't surprise anyone that the Ku Klux Klan and neo Nazis are also fervent supporters of abortion, Planned Parenthood and Democrats. Their ideologies are actually very similar.

Based Burgers

What happens if you're in the US and you accidentally get your gf pregnant then? Do you just kill yourself?

>like I've heard on many a comments section,
You need to go back.

>mfw baby murder will soon be illegal

Enjoy your growing number of spic and nigger newborns :^)

Enjoy paying for welfare / prison / food stamps / whatever else programs are given to all the low income families having babies they can't afford.
Dumb cunt.

good. Maybe those doctors can stop scamming the government for abortionbux and actually practice medicine. Maybe they could enter the healthcare marketplace and help create more competitive medical costs.

>mfw this means more negro births
>mfw OP is happy about this

Be a man, marry your woman, be faithful to her and raise the kid up right, doing everything you can to instill strong values of honesty, integrity, hard work, and strength of character so they might make the world a better place. While you're at it, get her pregnant three or four more times and raise a beautiful family that you're proud of; die an old old man surrounded by your great grandchildren.

>niggers killing their own worthless offspring will soon be illegal

think long and hard about this one, OP

More fascism broadcast loud and clear from camp Nazi Trump.

Got a bullet for you fascist cunts if you don't stay out of our lives. That is a promise. Fuck you, fuck Trump, fuck the GOP. GOT THAT FAGGOT???

Oh yeah that sounds all nice and well but if I had to have kids now I'd be fucked. We'd be poor. Our kids would be poor. This would be a really bad time. Kids are expensive and they take a lot of time and energy and I wouldn't be able to provide that.

wear a condom

Cheap Labor Republicans WANT YOU POOR. That's why they destroy the economy every chance they get. They are CHEAP LABOR REPUBLICANS. Google it.

What about the 0.01% or whatever of the time it doesn't work?
Dude you're brainwashed. That's the current establishment. That's republicans and democrats. And overall the democrats have been worse recently. And the liberals generally are too. They're pro-globalization and pro-immigration for all sorts of BS virtue-signaling reasons. This causes a labor surplus that send wages down. It's what the rich want. I don't understand how they do not understand this.

Cut the welfare state. Let them die natural deaths as God intended. You baby killing fuckwits are truly the most evil son of bitches

Friendly reminder that Roe v Wade was 7-2.

Assenting: 1 ind, 1 dem, 5 rep
Dissenting: 1 rep, 1 dem

>wanting to abolish darkie birth control

For shame.

You don't be a degenerate and you have sex only within marriage.

Did nobody really teach you retarded leafs how to have sex with protection?

Stop. This is why people make fun of conservatives. I'm all for "family values" and whatnot, these things have to be encouraged, it doesn't just happen. But no sex outside of marriage isn't going to work out. You guys have made great progress recently, but this attitude will undo it.


Only degenerates get abortions.Do you really want more degenerates?

implying the dont sicretly love offering to moloch and losing to the democrats

Great graphic. I don't think welfare for the spawn should be available, but the spawn shouldn't be sacrificed to demons either.