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We're all starting to hate nazis here. It's clear that they're all autistic retards trying to subvert the right with their leftist policies. They also give the right wing
bad reputation that push more people to the left. Nazis and white nationalists are an antifa maker machine and we can't let this continue. If you too, are tired of nazis coming to our board then this general is for you.

Post shame images or discuss the removal of Stormfaggotry, Nazism, Fascism, White Nationalism, Collectivism, LARPdom, Leftism.

Ancaps, Libertarians and Republicans welcome.
Redpilled African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, and Muslims are all welcome as well.


>The cheapest sort of pride is national pride; for if a man is proud of his own nation, it argues that he has no qualities of his own of which he can be proud; otherwise he would not have recourse to those which he shares with so many millions of his fellowmen. The man who is endowed with important personal qualities will be only too ready to see clearly in what respects his own nation falls short, since their failings will be constantly before his eyes. But every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud adopts, as a last resource, pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and glad to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.
Arthur Schopenhauer



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Die by a tractor, degenerate scum



come on now

>Doesn't realize the U.S. started as a more fascist government

I'm sure you would like to continue with the way things currently are in the U.S. Sure that if you just hold tightly to your capitalism and pray that through anarchy we can right the boat that is the dumpster fire our constitution has become.

Historically the only opposing ideology and system proven to defeat marxist communism is fascism. The founders knew it, hitler knew it.

Dividing the right with shame is a shill tactic to decrease our in-group trust. Don't be a shill, take the red pill.

Totally agree with you (OP) I am also anti Israel too tho. doesn't make me a Nazi to want to berid America of this parasite country/fake ally

Fuck off D&C Shill. Libertarians are our friends and vice/versa.


mmmm from /leftypol/

fascism is centralized power.
remind me again how is it that America started as a fascist govt

from what I can tell the founding fathers wanted to divide the power


I agreed wholeheartedly. Nazi fags give the right a bad rep

>when a normie falls for the LARP


Fascist Italy had no part in the holocaust and almost went to war with Germany over the Anschluss, so it's not tarnished by all the toxic shit Hitler did. I wish American white nationalists would disavow nazis and all collectively declare themselves American Fascists.

Fuck YEAH i hate those NAZIS and other bigots on the """"alt-right""""

REAL conservatives love, in order:
1. the FREE market

And if you DONT love those things then I DONT support you, you're just the SAME as the feminists!!! lol

fucking alt-rightards just go on about how they have to preserve the WHITE RACE lol and go on about how blacks and arabs are taking their jobs like


lol frail whiteboy fragility hahaha

ANCAP + ANCOM = KILL fragile NAZI bigots haha

Can't wait to see you #freedomlovers in Barcelona to fight the FASCIST madridoids

hasta la victoria fellow magapedes

Lol fuck off Shlomo

If you're going to make a dumb strawman try to make it funny at the very least.


not Israel.

America first but you wouldn't know.

proof of subversive techniques

Libtardtarians are probably the most retarded people on earth. They throw away their morals, culture, and everything else all for money and profit. There is literally nothing redpilled about being a faggot druggie wishing he had slaves to do his work for him. A borderless society cannot stand. A cultureless society cannot stand. A heterogeneous society cannot, and will not stand for very long.

At least the communists and natsocs know the truth meanwhile feminists are bitching about MUHH PATRIARCHY


>The articles of confederation were totally fascist

Are you retarded?

>friends with authoritarians

I bet you think /k/ loves you too

>Libtardtarians are probably the most retarded people on earth.



Reminder communists have killed more than 10x the number of people killed by Nazis

Suck muh Dick faggots

>Nazy git out!!! Only we Joos and Commies allowed!!!!

dropping a redpill

#resistdrumpf #wearetheresistance

>minimizing government intrusion into our economy and daily lives means having literally no borders or laws
>Having free will means everyone is going to immediately start shooting heroin

Fuck off commie. I dont want to trade one form of authoritarianism for another. You faggots have more in common with nazis than you do with libertarians.


>We're all starting to hate nazis here
Oy vey, yes we are, my fellow white people
Don't you also think that communism is great and white people should all be killed?

Back you go, you little tard

Good thread OP, I feel the same way I did last time this copy pasta showed up.

Thinking in binary...

Right, because anarcho-ideologies are sooooo superior. That's why so much land in the world lacks a ruling central government.

By the way, you need to be 18+ to post here.

Why do you assume it has to be one or the other? that we can only have either no government or secret police bugging everyones homes?

New /natsig/ is up, get in here:

>implying its a strawman

I am a card carrying member of the libertarian party I'm just on holiday helping to fight for the freedom of LGBT+ persons to get married because I am about FREEDOM and the state shall not stand in the way of people loving eachother! The next fight is for multiple-partner marriages!

I hate these evil alt-rightard neo-nazis who want to crush our FREEDOM

I believe in the MARKET and in INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM.

>america first

What are you, some kind of nationalist patriotard??? I bet you've never achieved anything in your life which is why you have to cling to the flag

lol, pathetic.


Well, I do think the jews control everything, but I also do not like Nazis, so there's that.

lol guise look at all these groops and how dey think there is smthin wrong


they r all dum.

>Arthur Schopenhauer
Isn't he one of the people who was only able to make a living because of the wealth of his country men?


Because government invariably becomes an entity unto itself, and civilizations rise and fall according to survival of the fittest - the strong consume the weak, thereby becoming stronger. A weak government is destined to eventually be consumed, either by outside forces, it internal insurrection. Strength is the only way to ensure the long term survival and prosperity of a nation. A weak government survives only through the mercy and protection of greater nations, and the complacency if it's own people.

Dude, join the collective right wing to kill/ get rid of muslims, jews and libtards.
When that's done we will figure out the rest of our smaller differences.
Hail Victory, Hail mother Europe!

You white by chance? Just curious, haven't seen a white Rwandan.

Making fun of people causes emotional pain, which violates the NAP.

Yea yea. Give it Time

>bashing one spook while hiding behind another
You're no better than the """nazis""" (anybody here who thinks they're actually a nazi is, truthfully, just a poser) that plague this board. You're all pathetic.

White american actually. I just have a work contract here for a while.

You know what Schopenhauer thought about Jews, right Shlomo?

>we're all beginning to
hahahaha fuck off and die shill

>posts anti christian shit all day
>for three days
>shills against any form of traditionalism,culture or value
>only describes his own values as "pragmatic"

You see how suspect this looks, right?

Practical ideals, perhaps....?

I am a libertarian and thus against pseudo nazis because I want the end of the state and any left wing ideology. That being said, I have nothing but contempt for cuckservatives, the so called traditionnal right with the exact same policies and goals as the left. I want the complete genocide of the political class

>I want the complete genocide of the political class
"Useful idiot"

Here we go again.

Hello amigos. This general is for the discussion of Spainfag, the larping, basement-dwelling originator of daily autistic commie threads

Spainfag is the next stage of cuckoldry who follows the failed idea of communism

Who exactly is Spainfag according to everybody who sees his threads:

>Spainfag is an unemployed /leftypol/ drain on society who advocates for gibs cuz he is too lazy to work. He has never produced anything and is thus a waste of resources. He preaches “from each according to their ability and to each according to their need” because he has no abilities and needs to die
>Spainfag in it's full form is a sperging, no class cuck that follows the maxim “lalalala I can't hear your logic” and argues anything you say with cringey pedo memes that are poorly photoshopped to support communism
>To achieve such a high level of autism Spainfag must have been dropped on his head as a baby and been molested by family. His mind is now controlled by the zionist-communist class. A struggle will occur in which the volk finally fight back and the zionists will be liquidated by the working class. When the zionist class has been completely vanquished, there will be many classes based on the volk’s individual abilities and work ethic, and eventually the volk will become united to ensure a harmonious national socialist nation with abolished usury, which benefits society as a whole, and the degenerate marxist jews as such will 'wither away’.

Spainfag uses a philosophy called retardation, see here:

It is recommended to sage Spainfag threads and post anti-commie memes for maximum keks. National socialist & Pinochet helicopter memes, and factual anti-commie infographs work best




As well of all public servants, especially military, police and school teachers, as well as journalists. I want the complete destruction of collectivism, in a way so brutal and extreme that no one would ever even think about attempting it again.
I also want the death of every non-white, faggot, tranny, and all assorted degenerates and leftists.
I basically want 99,9% of the world population dead, in order to create my vision of the ideal world.

>autistic retards