Masturbation is NOT good for you

Science and medicine have proven that masturbation and sexual excess are injurious to health.

This was the opinion of nearly all physicians and scientists until the Freudian school secured its footing, which subverted the hard, experimental science and denied it completely. It foolhardily and simplistically dismissed this without any credulity and turned sex into an assumed to be harmless activity that had no physiological response! Any student of medicine should realize how flawed that premise is!

Once again, modern physiological studies have vindicated the age-old research. Sexual activity is an energy intensive activity that releases a score of neurotransmitters, including "prolactin". This puts a break pedal on dopamine which is why men are lethargic and don't feel like doing anything after orgasm.

>"But I need to"
This is a mistaken belief.
You need to throw up after gorging yourself, but only because you made the mistake of eating too much food.
Likewise, you need to relieve your libidinous urges only because you allowed your mind to dwell on sexual topics or have exposed yourself to sexual stimuli.
De-sexualize your mind and you will find these urges non-existent.

The political establishment/media complex/vice industries have a vested interest in keeping people stuck in unproductive, hypersexualized states of mind.
This is why pornography, masturbation, and hookups are promoted by these parties, and even said to be "healthy" which as you can clearly see by the evidence presented here is an absurd notion!.

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This does not belong there.
There is a reason why pornography and masturbation and recreational sex are promoted by (((them))).
This is a political matter and this is a redpill thread to show the truth.

I never browse those boards and never will. You might want to consider going there instead of Sup Forums because clearly you don't belong on this board because you cannot even understand ascertain what politics is.


Reminder that orgasm is like a mini-lobotomy that decreases activity in the prefrontal cortex for a few hours.

Science Discovers The Physiological Value Of Continence


Good topic op, Napoleon Hill also confronts these matters in his books written almost 80 years ago, about the perils of wasting sexual energy away and how the orgasm in the long run dumbs you down, making you more animalistic and unable to exercise control on powerful negative emotions, such as fear and anger.


To curious Sup Forums readers,
Here are a links to his best books.
They have changed my career and life, long before I found the evidence to back up his advice.

>Think and Grow Rich
>The Law of Success

Explain to me why I'm almost 30 and I can come from jacking off, keep my booner and keep jacking again and come again with no breaks between cums.

I must have a very healthy circulatory system.

Have brain fog? Tired all the time?
There used to be a scientific term for this
This was established and accepted by medicine to be caused by masturbation and sexual excess.
Any paper from 1750s-1930s will attest to this link.
All claims that it doesn't are based on speculative Freudian reasoning that ignore the physiological component of the sex organs.

a fap a day keeps the doctor away

that's what my grandma used to say


The refractory period varies depending on the individual. Moreover, you conditioned yourself for frequent release. You've done it so much, that it is the sole focus of your brain. You've destroyed yourself.
You get nothing out of it but short-lived pleasure at the cost of your intellect, and motivation and productive efforts elsewhere in life.


>hurr jizzing in your hand ruins your health
>jizzing in somebody else's hand/mouth/vagina is gud

poor op, a faggot and he cant masturbate. what a life to lead


I don't do it usually, although I can do it if I want (its too tiresome to jackoff so much time in row).

But yeah, although I've now fixed my sleeping schedule (I'm in bed by 10PM every night now) and started to exercise consistently every day, I should probably cut off on the jacking off. Time to go no fap for a few days to see how it goes. I'm not too worried because I used to watch a lot of porn and I managed to get rid of the habit (and I used to be a druggie and also got rid of that), so I know I can improve.

Instead of jacking off I'll just play some guitar.

>tfw when I'll have 4000 new songs by the end of the year

I said sexual excess you retard which would include the latter.

he's right tho, your nofap bullshit isn't politics

Wrong, I have thrown away a good portion of my life due to masturbating and have only been able to rid myself of this habit half a year ago.
I used to engage in this reckless act of self-abuse day in and day out. Sometimes 2-3 times per day.
IT did nothing for me. I had headaches. I had no motivation to do what I truly wanted.
If I tried to search it online, everything said it was "natural" and "good for you" but did not provide evidence for these claims other than a sardonic "hehe, you wont get hairy palms!".

Unfortunately, I heeded this bad advice and wasted away my life from 13-20 years of age. It was only in my 20s that I found literature that it may be bad for you, and experimented with total continence (abstaining from all sexual acts).
I found I felt remarkably better, my vigor improved, and my overall drive felt great.
The mind was clear and sharp.

Recently, I have revived the age-old scientific literature on the matter, and it has validated my own anecdotal experience.

You lead a better life without masturbation. You are just a pitiful individual that cannot break this habit.

Once again:
>There is a reason why pornography and masturbation and recreational sex are promoted by (((them))).
>This is a political matter and this is a redpill thread to show the truth.

You are delusional or in denial to claim that the sexual revolution has had no impact on politics.
Promiscuity, sexual habits, absolutely affect society and can undermine institutions like family.

Your incoherent non-sequitur on the other hand is not befitting to political discussion.


No fap is still a cult and didn't helped me in war against my degeneracy.

See this post, they have the wrong approach:
The point is not to think of or expose yourself to erotic material in the first place.

It is like eating too much and then throwing up. Throwing up isn't good or natural.
Like that, you feast on sexual material and thoughts and the end result of ejaculation. Like throwing up, there is a clear cause that resulted in this effect.

Before trying no fap I was able to telling myself that my autogynephilia is a fetish, no fap made it only clear that I am tranny degenerate.

This was the direct result of sexual indulgence to begin with.
Cease it and these thoughts entirely if you want to have any hope of becoming a normal. Paired with shock treatment and severe behavioral conditioning, it may be possible. If psychiatry wasn't so politicized, I would even go as far as suggesting that you be institutionalized at a state mental hospital for a few years. There is no other recourse for people who have degenerated as much as yourself.

Ah I would be for any option if that could save me coming out,sadly they don't work

You need to be institutionalized and away from society.

Is there like a limit of how many times I can fap?
Like on average I only fap like once or twice a day

Good thread in a see of shit OP.

Could this be the reason why some “just married” couples slack off or tend to gain weight after they moved out together? Too much sex, everyday makes them lose sight of their goals and good habits?

Speaking from personal experience, this sorta happened to me when I moved out with my exgf. We used to have sex 2-3 times a day. We indulged in very bad habits, we stopped going to the gym, we ate like pigs and went to bed late and woke up next day very late.

My penis becomes larger when I refrain from masturbation for a short period but smaller if I refrain for a long period.

What's the deal with that?



It’s the weather, probably. Same thing happens with me.

At some point I wondered if it were in fact my hands the ones shrinking...

Great stuff man! Going to the gym has also helped me being less degenerate, I've cut porn and masturbation with the help of exercise and reading the bible

Yes. Even modern medicine has put forth the theory of sexual excess being a credible cause for weight gain given the role of prolactin and alterations in metabolism induced by the use of the sexual organ.

unless the alternate universe where you dont masturbate make you have more childrens, no its not bad

Thanks for all the material being posted here OP.

I’m not into No-fap, but I do believe that indulging in uncontrolled sexual behavior impacts the body and the mind greatly.

But what about women? Do they experience the same effects if they orgasm very often?

Finnaly a reasonable treat, thanks op

The Jews fear the nofappers.

It's the opposite for most men, at least if you are talking about the size of the organ in its flaccid state.
Excessive sexual activity actually desensitizes the nerves that control the contraction of the penis and also causes scar tissue buildup (note, 90% of men have some degree of scar tissue buildup, ie, peyronie's disease).
The "grower" is the ideal state. Damage to the organ causes it to become a "shower". Any urologist will attest to this and I can tell you first hand, that I used to be a grower. A "shower" is undesirable because it impairs running/cycling, hurts the fit of clothes, makes you more easily sexually stimulated (a bad thing), and the organ is more prone to damage when not fully contracted. Fortunately, I have recovered somewhat but it still is not perfect.

Whenever I'm bored I look at nekkid women. Help pls. How can I stop and get motivated?

Just turn off the screen. Like nigga close your eyes.

Watch this instead:

>some jesus shit
>some 1880s quackery

Ty fren, good to know you're also getting good results!

You're welcome.
>But what about women? Do they experience the same effects if they orgasm very often?
No, which is one reason why so many have managed to get ahead of men in this day and age in terms of career despite have 4-6 billion less neurons on average and less connectivity in their prefrontal cortex.
A woman cannot compare to an abstinent man. However, if a man is in a highly sexed state, she can outperform him in some respects. She can have sex and not suffer much penalty. The intravaginal deposit of semen has theraputic properties in the female somewhat.

Nearly 25% of men admit to masturbating at work. If this does not show the degenerated, highly sexed state and lack of self-control in the modern male and how he is not able to easily out-compete the female (as was always the case in the past), I do not know what will.

This is why mainstream feminists promote sex, promiscuity and pornography. It gives them an edge, and hurts men.

I am a nofapper and i can confirm this. If i haven't jerked of in weeks my confiedence and energy levels skyrocket. It also makes me more resillient to phycical and mental stress. And there's alot more benefits to nofap

>le current year
Remove the moral language and the material against masturbation is far more substantive than the Freudian nonsense backing it.

If you want a source with no reference to religion and relatively more recent, read

If that does not convince you, nothing will. Continue to throw away your life.
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

I just end up orgasming in my bed while I sleep. What do? I've taken to fapping once a week so I don't mess up the linens.

Hello Mr. Kellogg, isn't it about time for you to put more yogurt up your butt?

Tell us about you OP, what motivated you to open this thread? Has your life improved because you stopped fapping and exposing yourself to sexualized stuff? If so, how?

That normal in the beginning of your absence from masturbation and porn. Notting to worry about

A nocturnal emission is without doubt, less debilitating than a voluntary one as it divorces the hormonal and neurological response from the act (no rise in prolactin).
This said, the nocturnal emission is caused by two things which if understood, could make them either a rare occurrence or cease indefinitely.

Number one: your dreams are a reflection of your mind. Exposing yourself to or thinking about sexual material will put it in the back of your mind. However minute, it will still be there. The goal should be to minimize sexual thoughts to a bare minimum and this alone will greatly reduce the likelihood of them occurring.

Number two: proper sleep technique. Minimizing temperature, sleeping on your side, sleeping in loose fitting bedclothes, and having a cover that neither too light nor too heavy, will also decrease the chance.

If I may offer my anecdote, whenever I abstained intermittently (say 2-3 days) early on, I would have much more wet dreams (at least once per week) than I now have during longer periods of continence (fewer than 1 every several weeks).

if you don't fap after 7 days, your test plummets, get depressed, lethargic and irritable. it also puts stress on kidneys as protein used to produce semen goes unmetabolized and exreted. the body then begins to consume muscle and store extra fat. myasthenia in the jaw muscles causes your mouth to remain agape.
you need to fap at least once every 3 days otherwise you become a numale.

>you have too much protein
>your body then begins to eat muscle

For what reason?

55 days into my nofap. I still have a hard time kicking the porn from time to time. When I watch it now, I no longer have the urge to fap, but the urge to fuck. I'll wait until day 91, then pay some Romanian chick 20 Euros to get 91 days of semen on her face.

So in your distinguished medical opinion what is an ideal amount of sex to have?

Fucking false on so many levels.

Shill detected

>this much broscience

ANOTHER one of these fucking threads

Fuck god. Imma masturbate to mother Mary and cum on her slutty face. No god can stop me.

why do you think porn is everywhere these days hm goy

homeostasis. in males, the only reason protein is metabolized for muscle is to produce sperm. if you have large sperm stores, your body uses fat and glucose and excretes protein.

>Tell us about you OP, what motivated you to open this thread?
Lately, I have been going through literature and have discovered a trove of older resources and papers.
I also have found dozens of modern experiments relating to endocrinology and neuroscience that vindicate the age old medical literature. Before, all I had was just a "hunch" and my own experience. Now, I am confidence without doubt of the post-orgasmic impairment and realize that it does indeed have a scientific basis and explanation.
This is not news you can just broach with friends easily but a thread on Sup Forums, is an excellent way of propagating what I would deem extremely important information.

>Has your life improved because you stopped fapping and exposing yourself to sexualized stuff?
Yes, I am reading and wake up at 4:30am every single day. I had an entire book shelf that I never used in the past. I would buy books and never read them! Since quitting in totality, I read on average 200 pages a week.
The mind feels remarkably clear and my overall vigor, energy and enthusiasm has improved.
I have also developed a startling appreciation of art, something I never even cared to appreciate.
I was recently accepted into in a graduate school program and likely will start next year. I would have never considered it had I remained in my highly sexed state of mind.

this is all true but be careful not to think that it's too late for you to recover because you've fapped or fucked a billion times in the past. it's never too late but the older you are and the more you indulged the longer it will take to truly recover.

speaking absolutely honestly from personal experience, from my teens to early 20s i had a ragingly strong sex drive and must have fapped trillions of times. it had devastating effects on my life but in retrospect i wonder if it was necessary to reach the point of realizing the damages of it and changing my ways. in other words, i simply wouldn't have listened and understood the importance of this back then, i had to reach a point of exhaustion where it became abundantly clear how it was reducing the overall quality of my life. it was only then that i was able to apply proper, healthy restraint and find it a pleasure to abstain rather than a hard struggle.

what everyone has said and quoted from old books is right. your mind becomes clearer, purer, more intelligent, deeper, more empathetic, less self-centered; your energy levels soar and you have a reserve of energy that seems almost unstoppable, your whole physical fitness improves, your bodily form develops naturally in the healthiest of ways; you feel an inner confidence, calmness, charisma, etc that others pick up on, your relationships with women improve as you stop sexualizing them into pornlike objects of your secret lust, overall life and love enhances beyond all previously imaginable bounds.

good luck guys, it's all worth it. try not to regret the past too much, we just have to recover as best as possible no matter what.

Ok dude go cut off your foreskin and eat some corn flakes somewhere else

>le current year
i mean, most of this shit was written before we even knew how cells work.

biology from before 1950 is quaint nonsense.

but the science shows that neither of those things actually stop or curb masturbation...

yeah, i'm part of the worldwide fap conspiracy. we want the goys to spend their seed so we can take over.

How incredibly boring is life without lots of sex?

Thank you.

how incredibly boring is life without rolling around in shit like a pig?

What do you do if your balls hurt after they have not been drained for several days?

Wow, really made me think

It depends what you want to do in life.
If you want to aspire to the highest levels, the ideal amount is zero during your productive years in life save for initial mating period with spouse and procreation.

However, if you are fine with stagnation/mediocrity (I don't say this as a bad thing), it doesn't matter as much.--
--If you are with a single partner in monogamy, the frequency naturally will be high at first, and then, your brain will in effect 'tire" of this honeymoon phase and the sexual frequency thereafter will be in line with hormonal fluctuates of testosterone levels, 1-2 times per week for a married man AFTER the honeymoon phase.
(For more information on this natural phenomenon, see "The Coolidge Effect")

The sexual act is most injurious if your brain is not fully developed. Dr. Acton said long ago:
>"it is only mature individuals who can bear even infrequent acts of copulation [SEX] without more or less injury.

They were able to assay the constituents of semen (eg spermine) and establish causation from observations and various experiments. However crude, this science far exceeds the drivel produced by defenders of the habit, which ignores the physiology of the body entirely!
Modern biological insights vindicate the age old hypotheses that sexual actions incur a penalty.
We can now observe that prolactin rises post-orgasm and see the ill effects of it.

yes it is
that's why they push masturbation so hard

That's fucking bullshit. Your body gets rid of old semen through nocturnal emissions, that's all what's needed. I haven't fapped for several months and I have never felt better. I used to have sexual thoughts every now and then, now I'm "clean". No awkward boners anymore.

Life is far, far more exciting. The intellect is engaged and I can focus and take pleasure in other matters at hand.
Rather than have 15 minutes of pleasure a day, my entire day is pleasurable. You have the most advanced instrument in the known universe, the human brain, and you condemn the higher intellect in favor of the lowest, most base instinct there is. In doing so, you surrender your autonomy as you are serving the heteronomy of an ingrained, conditioned habit that in actuality you have little to no control over. In fact, it was easier for me to quit smoking (by a long shot), than it was to quit the masturbation/recreational sex habit.

you sound like you're doing really well. don't let these goofballs fool you into thinking there would be no harm in relapsing. it's their loss, literally.

Very good post.
Vasocongestion is caused as a direct result of prolonged sexual arousal.
Avoid being aroused (ALL sexual thoughts, and stimuli) and it is a problem that will not occur.

God never said to not masturbate. I challenge any person to prove otherwise.

Exactly. But that didn't stop that retard John Kellogg from propagandizing it and pushing his retardation on the American people. Circumcision wasn't a thing pre 1950s.

muh dick

Thank you, I am doing well for sure.
Nothing will get to me. Reading through the old literature, it is clear that I am standing on the shoulders of giants whose intellect is stunning compared to the average specimen of modern man that tries to denounce them.
John Harvey Kellogg fell out of fashion by the 1920s and certainly had little influence on the increased prevalence of circumcision rates starting in the 1950s and anyone claiming that he was responsible is doing it simply because he is NOT Jewish.
I have mixed thoughts on Kellog but it is evident that the man had a remarkable mind if you have ever bothered to read his books.

Your grandmother was a redditor?

So what's the alternative nocturnal unconscious ejaculations?
Porn is bad, masturbating once a week is okay

>sex 1-2 times a week

What a sad existence

>Aspire to the highest levels of achievement

You do realize that plenty of giants of government, art, and science had a healthy sexual appetite right?

>spending time worrying about touching or not your dick
>le white aryan master race

you guys are the prime example of spoiled betas with useless problems

Interesting note about Kellogg getting the claim since he's not Jewish.

Also, I recall reading somewhere that semen has about 60 times as many nutrients as blood.
If the avg ejaculation = 1 Tbsp
and 1 Tbsp = 1/16 Cups
then that amounts to about 3.75 cups or almost a quart.
When a person does a blood donation, the give a pint (half a quart).
It is estimated that it takes about 4-6 WEEKS to replace then lost blood.
Now, the body is made to ejaculate and not so much to give blood, but the math still illustrates that one should be conscious about how often they ejaculate.

The Jews invented masturbation to spread degeneracy

What the fuck? I didn't click /b

It's so funny how faggots are trying to say that this doesn't belong on Sup Forums.
OP is active and engaged and he's bringing good points up on a topic that transpires to politics

>>"But I need to"
>This is a mistaken belief.
>You need to throw up after gorging yourself, but only because you made the mistake of eating too much food.
>Likewise, you need to relieve your libidinous urges only because you allowed your mind to dwell on sexual topics or have exposed yourself to sexual stimuli.
>De-sexualize your mind and you will find these urges non-existent.
Good idea m8, I'll give that a try

t. Cocksucking shitstabber

OP just masturbates to the stuff he types now