>A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

>The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are.
>A spokesman for the special counsel's office declined to comment.
>Mueller was appointed in May to lead the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Welp, how are you fuckers gonna cope with reality when it hits you square in the face? Can't wait for the mental gymnastics from you Trumpanzees.

This isn't good..

Its nothing burger im gonna go watch netflix


When nothing matters because you can just pardon whoever you want. Why did the founding fathers allow this? Did they suspect something like this?

The ship is going down. Dear god.

> tfw first charges are levied against a Democrat

Can pardon anyone if you're impeached and headed for prison. This shit is going to be glorious.


Must be guilty cnn has never failed me

Hillary going to prison finally.

You're fucking delusional. Thomas Wictor, is that you?

Um sweetie Hillary was the last hot potato to pay for trump pissgate dossier. She is going to jail.

Can't wait for your tears come monday.

Whoever it is will be the first link to the Podestas.

You don't honestly believe this, right?

Pure delusion.

Pardon yourself nigga

>trump gets impeached
For what crimes ? Manafort and Flynn did their own underhanded shit.


>0.02 cents has been deposited in your wife's son's account. Thank you for your dedication valued ShareBlue™ employee!

>Can pardon anyone if you're impeached

You apes have been claiming Trump is days away from impeachment ever since he was sworn in. When are you going to accept that it isn't going to happen?

Investigate Trump campaign for almost a year

They went after Flynn really hard because he knows about Pizzagate and wants to blow the whistle.

Wrong it’ll be the Podestas checkem

>not my godemporer daddy noooo

Weep, faggot, WEEP! Hahahahaaa

the actual collusion with the Russian government in Mueller’s crosshairs appears to be between Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Clinton crony and DC power-lobbyist Tony Podesta (his brother) and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

> memeflag

Shouldn’t you be upvoting right now?

Wouldnt be surprised if Trump Jr gets hauled off on Monday. These people could indict a ham sandwich and you know it.

I'm making a compilation of shitlib boasts. If it turns out I was wrong, I'll delete the folder.

>Investigate Trump campaign for almost a year and find nothing
>A couple of weeks ago start investigating the Hillary campaign
> All of a sudden charges are announced.

Yeah it's one of Hillary's people.

>Pure delusion.
>checks flag
okay demon ahahahahahaha

I don't give a shit about (((Trump))), it's retardation that annoys me, and you have exhibited lots of it in this thread

You do realize that Mueller is investigating Clinton/Obama's Uranium One deal, right?

Hurrr DURRR TRumphy gon be inpeached!!

Literally fake news.

It'll be some chode you never even heard of and maybe a few foreigners they won't go after.

RIP Trumpkins


>Russia meddled with the elections
>can't find proofs for one year
>the Clintons may have some connection to the Russians
>two weeks later arrest warrants are filed

Really makes me think

>hurrr i heard it on Rush Limbaugh so it's true!

I see the shills are awake and back at it.

Or how about the guy whose house got raided?

100% guarantee this will be good for Trump, as usual. he either a) escapes blame or b) gets to distance himself from the """real offenders""" or c) its podesta.

Don't believe me? Check dem digits son

parking illegally

Yes, everyone who disagrees with you politically is a paid shill. Take your meds faggot.

>Welp, how are you fuckers gonna cope with reality when it hits you square in the face?
so best case scenario from the Trump is Russian camp is what? Trump is the devil and he drinks children's blood and they will therefore move to impeach him?

>Can pardon anyone if you're impeached and headed for prison.
nobody has ever been impeached and removed from office, it would be much easier to find a decent candidate to run next time, which they also don't have, except maybe Lyndon Larouche

Are you retarded?

Tell me, why did you faggots kill Seth Rich?

>You don't honestly believe this, right?
of course not, she'll probably have a stroke


There really is no reasoning with these idiots. I'm just here for the reaction. Holy hell this is going to be sweet.

This is an obvious raid/shill thread. Remember where you're at, shill.

>Wouldnt be surprised if Trump Jr gets hauled off on Monday.
I hope it's Kushner

Take your meds.

Heard that from you guys before, then trump was elected.

CNN brought it up also, pretty much every major news outlet has primed the pump for negative shit about Hillary to come down, who fucking knows, what a goddamn clown show

Take your meds.

>Tell me, why did you faggots kill Seth Rich?
he gave bad head, thats reason enough


Mueller is a deep state guy. Clearly these charges are against manafort or flynn as a distraction from uranium 1. Especially since there have been growing calls for him to revise himself. Now with indictments, there is no way he will refuse himself

Whatever. Hillary gets arrested on Monday kicking off the devil’s night riots rolling into nov 4th antifa bs. NFL walkout staged on Sunday so when an active shooter lights up a stadium or two none of the prize ponies get hurt. Screen cap it.

lol how many alt-right supremacists will kill themselves when drumpf gets the famous "you're fired!" line when he is impeached and executed for treason

The REAL story is the LEAK to the press. The federal grand jury indictments are supposed to be sealed. A crime was just committed by leaking.

JFK revenge too

> Monday
Yeah, right. They can't arrest people on weekends.

>hurr ur a retard
You literally believe that there is a rape dungeon beneath Comet Pizza. Those in glass houses, user.

>according to sources

Who is this "sources" person that the (((media))) keeps quoting? How can we be sure he or she is telling the truth?


I'm honestly getting concerned that when you libfags see what's actually going to happen, things will go from mass Trump hysteria to mass suicide. Like, there will be mass chimpouts and all that.

Your media has whipped you up into this frenzy and when Hill-dawg's people start swinging from nooses, half of you are going to need to be institutionalized. The other half will probably riot and have to be put down.

Take. Your. Meds. Full. Stop.

>muh sources
>yfw Monday Clinton, Podesta and a few other DNC dregs get indicted for collusion with Russia

You're going to need padded walls and a straight jacket. Monday will be glorious.

>That 18billion not working out?

Considering we have real proof of collusion by DNC, FBI, podesta group, and by association and as an accessory, Hillary Clinton, someone's going to prison.

She'll never do a day in jail for what she's done. Someone will though.

We've all been waiting for a red flag. A smoking gun. But instead of it pointing to the Trump administration, it's pointing directly back at the people holding the damn gun.

Literally couldn't wish for better results

Are you 6? You're too young for this board.

Meds. Take them.

>not having Comet pizza in the background

This is a last ditch effort by Mueller to stay out of jail. He knows that there is direct evidence that he, Comby, Obama, the Clintons, and Eric Holder colluded with the Russians to sell US Uranium Reserves to the Russians. That there is evidence of bribery and abuse of power. That there is evidence of pay to play. That there is evidence he has lied to FBI agents (a crime) and to Congress (another crime).

By making an indictment now, he can shield himself from being immediately dismissed from the special council that should be investigating himself and his co-workers.

He is maneuvering for time, but he can't hold it off forever. So why is he buying time? The evidence is outside his reach so it cannot be destroyed.

I will tell you why he is buying time--- he is cutting a deal to turn states evidence against the people above him. Doubtlessly, he and Comby "saved" evidence against Hillary Clinton that they reported "destroyed". And Mueller at least is planning on using that to buy his way out of serious jail in serious pound your anus every day jail.

The real danger to Mueller is not being arrested, charged, and found guilty of these crimes. Its of being found down over the weekend, having commited suicide by shooting himself twice in the head with a revolver from 4 feet behind himself. Just like that Clinton lawyer that claimed he wasn't going down alone during the Clinton presidency.

Once he suicides, everything wrong and illegal will be dumped/blamed on him, and everyone else will walk away scott free. Cause no one can put the Clintons in jail for their little accidentally found out shenanigans, such as selling ICBM and nuclear technology secrets to the Chinese (Bill!), selling pardons for money (Hillary and her brother), etc etc etc.

Screen cap this muther fuckers!

What is actually wrong with them?

Republicans will never allow a Republican president to be impeached while they have majorities in house and senate. Just like Democrats would not allow Clinton to be impeached and removed from office while they had a majority in the Senate.

Party affiliation matters more than reality in politics.

Podesta Group was in regular contact with Manafort while Hillary Clinton was America’s chief diplomat.

In 2013, the group hired away one of Clinton’s deputies, David Adams, effectively establishing contact between the Washington firm and Clinton’s office in Foggy Bottom, D.C

Hillary will never spend a day in prison. Even when she confesses to major crimes, she is never prosecuted for it.

Surely you don't believe this drivel?


Because six year olds use euphemistic punctuation and know terms like “full stop.” Get off my board Normie.

So was Manafort a full out traitor to Trump or what?

Kek if it’s roger stone

They're plainly retarded. i'm embarrassed for them.

Liberals aren't supposed to be "ableist" go read your social justice handbook and take your public lashings.

not in the case of drumpf. reps want him out too.
and no, you're not getting your civil war when that happens. retarded drumpfkins will sit down and just bark on twitter like the dogs they are.

Okay guys, but seriously who does anyone know who Muller is actually indicting?
>lib keep saying Flynn and Manafort are going down
What crimes did Flynn and Manafort commit? I'm confused. I remember someone talked to someone at one point.
>Cons say Podestas or Hildawg is going down
This seems likely given the leaks and clinton foundation, but Clinton seems too big to go down. We're also seeing the standard redditards celebrating that its gonna be good news before anything is announced (given Clinton is an insider, she would have a heads up or at the least tell shill blue not to promote the news)
>Only reason to seal the identity of the arrests monday is to prevent people from feeing.
Matches Clinton/Podesta MO. But I live close to DC. Someone would of leaked shit by now cause no one can keep their fucking mouth shut. No insider word has come out. I have a hard time believing this is 4D chest on a level where they are double bluffing.
>Conservatives are having meltdown over it saying its a distraction.
Doesn't seem like good news for Con camp.
If I'm not mistaken didn't Muller open an investigation on both Trump Russia scandal and the recent Russia investigation into podesta?

Someone give me likely outcomes with explaination that does not involve who is most likely actually guilty of a crime. At this point it really seems like actual guilt doesn't matter.

We know what you meant you self conscious faggot. How about you stop thinking you're so "quick witted" and slow down to a speed where your brain actually functions. Put yourself in timeout, I don't want to see you in this thread for at least 10 minutes

The DNC will burn for what they've done.

Oh the irony.

>implying the list was a meme

>The swamp is being drained further.
>We will see the fall of the DNC and globalist Jew in our lifetimes.
Lets fucking dance.

They want him out but they know he's the reason they did so well in senate races when election time they usually lose, they held the majority because of Trump and admitted it.

They aren't going to impeach him he's to valuable, impeaching him would lead to Republicans being more dead than the Democratic party is now.

Doubtful but doesn't mean he hasn't broken laws that Trump had no idea of.

If he pardons anyone, he's going to get impeached.