Scientists have discovered what the average American will look like in 2050 and it is beautiful

Scientists have discovered what the average American will look like in 2050 and it is beautiful

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Why do scientists think people will race mix? I don't even thinks the blacks race mix that much, and it's likely that a raxemixed kid with a raced father will identify as a person of their fathers race and date that race.

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So America will become whiter in 2050? Because these should be around 75% white.

And their average IQ will be about 90. And their standard of living will fall to the same level as other shitskin nations. There is no magic dirt in the US, which transforms low IQ shitskin immigrants into intelligent and productive people. The more nigger dna you have riddling your nation, the more your nation becomes like a nigger nation.

So scientists making this conclusion are pedophiles.

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Also confirmed, dark eyes not beautiful.

>scientists discover what the children of 2 mostly white models will look like.

Threads like this are meant to demoralize you. Ignore them

Is it true that they're making white men infertile while also lowering age of puberty in white women?

Is it also true that they're making black women infertile while also increasing the masculinity of black men?

Is the world heading for a black man white woman future??

Because it sure seem so

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