Wtf I love Italians now

Wtf I love Italians now.

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i like how "house" is masculine, funny



The correct translation of the second sentence is

>The ovens are your houses

>You can only understand bants this profound in their native language

Is there a reason Italy is doing this? The Jews?

Not really, the translation just sucks dick.
Auschwitz is your country/nation
The ovens are your houses.

This is what happens when you bother normies with this bullshit. People hate being told how to think.

>i like how "house" is masculine
but it's not

"la" and "le" are singular and plural determinative articles for female nouns.


They were reading The Ann Frank diary before the game to combat antisemitism and Spaghettis went full fash doing roman salutes and shit.

you can't tell hooligans what to do, unless you want them to do the opposite.

Lazio supporters on Sunday littered the Stadio Olimpico in Rome with images of Anne Frank wearing a jersey of city rival Roma. The ultra right-wing fans of Lazio associate their Roma counterparts with being left-wing and Jewish, and had hoped to incite Roma fans, since the teams share the same stadium.
The Anne Frank diary passage reading will be combined with a minute of silence observed before Serie A, B and C matches in Italy this week, plus amateur and youth games over the weekend, to promote Holocaust remembrance, the soccer federation said.


Forced defeat when there wasn't a war (just an opposing team).
The backlash was predictable, the profile is canada-feminist (who knew this would happen in some variation).

Welp it looks like the Italians are the world wide bantz champions for 2017.

Kek. But why this holocaust rememberance shit? Get good goyim points?

It's funny because Italians aren't white

Pretty much. Although the stupid thing about it is, how in the hell do they expect any of the usual Italian football crowd to even give a half-hearted fuck about it? They are here to see football, not to hear how some German-Jewish girl got caught in the Netherlands in 1944.

They make europoors listen to Jew brainwashing before soccer games?

The holocaust banner was like two decades ago, it is not from this period.

SS Lazio is /ourteam/

best logo ever too

whiter than you

actually Auschwitz your country, ovens your homes

Pretty much.
Their supporters are famous for the sympathies they repeatedly declare at games of footy.
Very antisemitic sympathies, you understand.
Problem for the club is they decided to do this right before the game started.
The home supporters didn't even enter the arena until the game started to show just how much they sympathise, and the guest supporters (who were already seated) turned their back and chanted the Italian anthem throughout the reading.
At least the businessmen got do do some social business for (((unsociable businessmen))).

I like how all people with meme flags are pushing "le italians arent white xdd" meme

kek is that italian? it is very similar to catalan

in catalan it would be something like:
Auschwitz la vostra patria
Els forns la vostra casa

is it upside down on purpose

what game was it?

S.S.Lazio is /ourteam/

i still remember my first lazio game.. there was a lazio fan with the rainbow flag.. they were insulting him all the time..

wtf now jews are dragged in to these retarded football rivalries?

i’ve never been more proud of my motherland


Imagine being able to do this without being filmed and doxxed by commies
fucking based

literally SS

SS Lazio ultras have always been far right this is not news

The nazi eagle is based on the ancient roman aquilae
Nazis were literal wewuz tier

>all those shitskins doing a roman salute

Lazials are top-tier bros. They have still Illyrian blood.


Fogna de sta città!


i know i know its for societa sportiva but still kek

they look pretty white to me

user is talking about the etymology of the term. even though 'patria' ends in feminine vowel - its still a masculine term rooted in tradition.
>patriarch (the father)

>mahmud in charge of who's white and who's not

kike fascism. If a party or individual that aligns with the establishment or state, is accusing someone of doing something - it stands to all reason and examples that they are committing the acts themselves.
They screech fascism because they are the fascists. They intend to overwhelm the populace with authoritarian control, censorship and draconian laws through the enforcement of the state - there is no "rise of fascism", the fascism is here and now.

Look at America, with the democrats and "muh Russia", this reverse psychology and gaslighting is their modus operandi. Accuse your opponents of what you intend to do yourself. Smokescreen, gaslight, deflect

>cry out in pain as they strike you


Props to them for showing their faces in real life unlike most of the keyboard warriors here

Imagine the Jew who thought this would be a good idea.
>dose doity goyims bettah worship da Holocaust as dere NEW religion! Instead ov an offensive Christian prayer... Anne Frank readins' at da opening ov every spoahts event

they have more right to do that salute than a bunch of snownigger larpers like your kind

Pasta nigger spotted

lol you literally just described the hysterics about uranium and fusion that has coincidentally ramped up this week right before indictments begin

Germans aren't even snowniggers. They're plainsfolk. So like, wheatniggers.

retarded burger translation

patria is country
case is homes

even I know this

wait, when was this flag added?

Italy is critically underrated by Sup Forums. They don't cuck around much and will likely be the first country to adopt full fascism again in europe, yet we're memeing italy are lazy shitskins etc.
Rome is the heart of european civilization, and italians our bravest warriors.

wtf I love soccer now

oh im laffin
god bless the wops

>la patria
shut up dumb burger

Shut up brown fella

Just today
too scared to show flag.
fuck off nigger you're tactics don't work here

Italy is cucked

top lel, what triggered italy to show their power level?

your using a memeflag fag and shilling on pol, your two daddies are proud of you

>t. Moshe Shekelberg


someone gets it
now stop using a flag representing a non-white ideology

Just imagine the outrage if Americans did something similar when they were doing the kneeling shit a few weeks ago.

You're objectively wrong on this one. It comes from the latin for "Fatherland".

Hahahahahahahaha damn. Italians don't fuck around.

Now that you say... they haven't expelled your tribe in a long time.

Lulz pol always takes the b8

Days ago

Sort yourself out, user.

oh hey Catalonia spotted

I am so fucking done with it. This shit is all over the Italian news, I only wish they'd shut up about it already. It turns most normie millenials into antifa-tier individuals, as though there weren't enough commie congregations at schools already

What were they singing?

>Romans doing Roman Salute


Italians are NOT white.

>uses fascist flag

B8ting posters into purity spiraling is so fun

I always knew PastaPeople were fashy but holy fuck this is magic.

Roma fans did that thinking they would be able to insult Lazio fans by calling them fascists

They're called Italians Mehmet.

so what? it's a feminine word, where it comes from is irrelevant to the discussion at hand.
also, is objectively wrong (really this time) about the etymology of "patriarch", and doesn't understand the concept of grammatical gender.

The jews can't help whining and shoving their muh holocaust in everyones faces


jews are completely unable to handle any banter


>Grandfather who came over from Italy has SS Lazio stuff
What do

hey rabbis


> catalonia flag already added

top kek

It's one you can choose in the drop down

Give me your sisters phone number

Kiss him on the cheek, shake his hands and say how proud you are to be his grandson.