In which western country are young girls more promiscuous and degenerate? Post your best

In which western country are young girls more promiscuous and degenerate? Post your best.

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Any nation where women are allowed to vote.

i think czech republic (excluding moravia) is the worst in that regard

Probably the US considering how degenerate everything about our culture is

Muh fuggin dick

>This is dancing

Guys, is this gay? I like it.

Women were a mistake.

This. Even if their families disown them they can get gibs

What goes through a young girls mind before she posts herself hoeing it up onto the internet for everyone to see until the end of time

For once I will defend your women and say the British females are way worse.

Of course, but I don't see why we should take the US into account anymore.

You're not even a real country.

Czechia and Hungary.

I mean it, look at these faggots. Talk about degenerate.

Right? Who dances like this
>Still dancing like a fairy

That's very cool

Why are they wearing nose rings as if they're livestock?

The girls down my way will give you a wank for a bag of chips.
I always tell them that I can do it myself for nothing - and I get to eat the chips!

It actually makes me sad an angry these beautiful girls are all sluts. In the case of Spain and I am used to it so I don't care but it pisses me off when I realize it's the same everywhere.

I think females in general are less promiscuous and degenerate, than they present themselves to be.
Often the word "virtue signaling" is labeled on people expressing opinions for the sole reason of making them be perceived in a specific light.
However bizarrely this may seem, I think the same apply with the degeneracy expressed by women in western culture. They will be very vocal about their degenerate views, but their actions are generally lacking behind..

> (OP)
>>This is dancing
>Guys, is this gay? I like it.

Of course not. That's an impressive display of leg strength, balance and coordination. Plus the dudes are cute.


Why do you think so? I mean, dancing like that is already degenerate, what else should they do?

These russian retards in my picture are far less degenerate in my eyes. You can see they are natural at least.


Absolute trash. I you think this is somehow less degenerate then you ar beyond saving.

It is, simply because it is less civilized, less perverse, less unnatural.

Russia is strong with degeneracy

This girl went to high school with me, not kidding lol.

Gonna need a source on that

Legit degeneracy at its finest

Has to be the us, other anglo countries, or sweden

she dieded

Its a tough one.

I say any modern country with (((equality))), which is not enforcing sexual restraint and loyality on their womenfolk with threats of violence gets the liberated women. Women free to act as their genetic programming tells them to. Whores. Coupled with nihilism and birth control you can only get what every modern egalitarian country has. turbowhores.

Something like Russia, USA and other latin america shit holes.

Bloody degenerate, you are off the scale.
>whatch out the roadsi-

I wonder what she learned from this affair.

It's still sad to see a young girl killing herself like that.

source: Pornhub

Judging by periscope it's the eastern bloc.

I'm not sure about other countries but I know Dutch women are incredibly degenerate. They love to act loud and manly, they also gladly go in interracial relationships to show their defiance but most of the time they are simply brainwashed too much so they think exotic races are the better choice.

I don't think vegetables learn anything.

I don't see why dutch women would want to date immmigrants when they all look like manlets near to native men.

i like conservatively dressed girls because when you do see their skin(such as an arm or a leg) you get a huge boner. if they are slutty from the outset, it kind of loses that mystery

russia and ukraine

Actually in spanish the news article says she died. Those titties tho..

Those hyper social brown races give Dutch women a false sense of security, this is what her lizard brain wants. Whites are more passive and show less aggression which is a turn off for her.

>russia and ukraine

also this is my opinion They seem to be degenerate, but in a different way. Somewhat less degenerate.

>these men are short than the women


this guy gets it. they're actually getting as much dick as back in the day, but these days they advertise themselves on social media as sluts, whereas in the past they would get smacked if they did that shit in public, but most likely they got raw dogged by men in private all the time. these are insticts and don't change in decades

Women are braindead. Left to their own devices they dont think about the future at all. They have the welfare state to care for their offspring now. They jump on random dicks if men are persistent enough. Thirld worlders have lousy pickup game basically aggressively hitting on/catcalling anything that moves and has tits but since they do it all the time sooner or later it works on some dumb slag.
Plus the woman gets to virtue signal her "tolerance" and live the rest of her life as a "victim of racism because of her love" which gives some meaning in life and is actually quite comfy in victim obsessed liberal society.

the most pussy i ever got was a summer in spain. not even drunk girls either, i fucked one girl in the sacristy of a church and an abandoned rectory a few times. the girls are good looking but are pigs. i fucked a few married brits on holiday there too. spanish girls are extremely promiscuous.

You cannot get more degenerate than Britain.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of cases of girls as young as 9 and no older than 13 taking on 20 - 30 taxi drivers and kebab shop workers in a single session, then returning to rinse and repeat the following night.

Because we are the sole superpower and the foundation of western influence in the world.


There's reports in every british newspaper virtually every fucking week, an estimated 1 million British girls, all underage have been taking on gangs of Muslim men 20 or 30 at a time for fucking decades, and like Harvey's whores, when it comes out they cry rape, sluts the lot of them, the cum every time.

>no threads about Mueller on first page
>no threads about Catalonia either
nice slide theead kike to distract us

Do they do it willingly? How does Paki "grooming" work?

There are some good ones, but yes, half of them are pigs.

If you want to get laid just go out saturday night and hit on every single girl you see. It's really that simple. Even if you are batshit ugly and 5 AM or so some drunken slut will give in.

It's really sad.

>fake tits
nigger detected

Isn’t that how it always has been?

There's nothing wrong with women trying to be good cum dumpsters. that's what they're supposed to do. The part that's missing is male authority to keep them in check.

Young, naive girls are allured by the younger, more charming Pakis (probably with classic paedophile tricks like with sweets or something) and then lured into a rape den where they get gangraped by about 10 family members of the young Paki bloke.

They take in british girls from shitty households that for some reason the enormous nanny state of Britain can't rehabilitate

They get pulled by young studs, the young stud then takes their virginity and gets them addicted to oirgasm, then they introduce them to alcohol, sometimes drugs, then a few older mates join in, before you know it they're waiting patiently on the corner of their street to be picked up by Ahmed in his taxi, to be taken to some kebab shop in Oxford where they know they're going to be fucked senseless in return for ciggies, sweets and cider, they fucking love it.

Of course sometimes shit gets out of hand, some Muslims get a bit heavy handed, but the little whores still turn up the next night and the next night and they cum every time.


Actually, that whole topic is boring and uninteresting. It's over for the separatists, they played the only card they have (the victim one) and lost. Now they can't do anything, Madrid is going to dissolve the regional parliament and a lot of people is already facing judicial charges for rebellion, punished with 30 years in prison. It's literally over.

And even if it wasn't their country would be like little Spain but even more degenerate so I don't see why I should care.

i had a friend there that i stayed with, he was born in the usa, then his family moved to spain. he said i was getting pussy because i was american, and that spanish girls put out more for turistas. any truth to this?

You're making it sound like they enjoy it, you pervert. You really are despicable.
>inb4 "dumb 9-year-old roasties deserve being gangraped"

I've seen em, waiting in pairs by the bus stop, all dolled up, giggling on their phones, then Ahmed picks em up.... 8 hours later they get dropped off, looking like they've been hit by a train sure, but still giggling and saying goodbye, see yer tomorrow to Ahmed before kissing him on the lips.

No. Even 15 years ago that wouldn't work and you actually would have a big chance to end up arrested for public disorder or even beaten up by the brother or the boyfriend of some girl.

If you go back in time 50 years during the times of Franco, you would actually be arrested for sure and beaten up by the military police themselves.

>Of course sometimes shit gets out of hand, some Muslims get a bit heavy handed,

Can't tell if you're trolling, but this isn't the case with Rotherham.
Are you the Paki who shit-talks Brits in the other threads?

Probably this desu.

If that's true, I don't see why you don't just beat everyone involved to death. I don't live in a city but if I had to see that I swear I would.

No, I'm not Pakistani or muslim lol, I'm a brit, I'm just telling you that it's not all .kidnap and rape', some of them are literally little slags who like sex, sweets and cider and attention and hanging around with men who drive black mercs and beemers.

I know there is some nasty shit too, but that's not the majority of it, most of them are spunk drunk little whores who fell into Mohammed's orbit, but it's all consensual in these cases, it's a transaction.



Of course there are little slags in the mix, but most were not like that.
Can't do anything. The police arrested the parents who tried to stop it, but not the rapists.

Yes but she was in the Dominican Republic at the time this was taken, so you can’t count her if she was practically expelled out of her own country for degeneracy.

>Can't do anything

Yes you can. But you don't want to.

I'd ask what the police does about it but I think we all know.


Listen, these Muslims don't fuck around, we tried phonong the police, we tried speaking to the girls and we even tried talking to the muslims.

You take on one of them you're taking on thousands, lots of them are killers too, I've got a few mates round here, but they ain't going to come and bail me out when 20 Muslims with crowbars start smashing up my house, I need to fucking live here, and as the girls themselves said in no uncertain terms 'MIND YER OWN FUCKIN BUSINESS CUNT!!!'

No, I don't want to, because I'll get arrested for even talking about it in many instances.

Male group dancing is not gay by itself. Many professional dancers are gay tho.

Watch out Miguel, posting such racist comments may get you arrested in the UK

Holy FUCK this whole scenario involving Muslim "rape dens" in the UK makes me want to head butt a land mine.
Someone, PLEASE tell me there's good news.

Nnnnnhhhhhgggg that tummy and those tits, too bad she ded


especially when most of the girls ARE HAVING FUN

There was an anti-Islamic "extremism" (basically anti-Islam) march in London of at least 25,000, but that's really all that's happened so far.

>that second

Looks beaner as fuck, lol.

There was a time not that long ago when evey true Englishman would go out Paki-bashing each evening.

Most of them aren't, otherwise they wouldn't have come out and asked for help. No doubt there are little slags out there, though.

Plenty still do, but they are council estate football lads who will never get a proper job because of it. I'm not English anyway.


american skank from another thread.
it's worth opening anons.

Sup Forums approved dancing.


Some cute babies are born. Remember, mixed race kids are the sweetest and they are the future.

>Listen, these Muslims don't fuck around

I don't fuck around either. I can't say more because I actually plan to do something someday. But don't worry, be sure you will listen about me. I have to die someday, and I am not dying in a bed.

When you see these things, what is the energy that gives you the momentum to live? Because I don't see how it can be different from mine. And mine is exactly adquiring the resources to fight my enemies effectively, making them enough harm before I get killed or arrested. And I will manage to adquire them, because I am intelligent enough and I have the mental strength and metaphysical formation I need.

Don't reply to me if you don't want, but reconsider this is the only thing worth doing. We may lose, but we will fight. Look at Brevik. Imagine 100 motivated men perpetrating an attack of the same magnitude. I tell you something: I think I am more intelligent than Brevik.

British women are absolute loose skanks...russian women are pretty bad to.german women piss in the streets and fuck in public..

Women are low tier people. They are degenerates by default only a strong healthy man can change them.

Why are you rubbing it in?

>young girl

I unironically fucked 4 girls in 6 days at carnival.

Where you from? Brazilians and the rest of latinas KILL AND DIE for a withe man.