How many Jews died on 9/11 ?

How many Jews died on 9/11 ?
Any sources?

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Approximately 6 million.

i dont have the exact figures but it is well into the gorillions

As soon as we all found out that Hillary was the one who paid for the Russia dossier, it went from "treason" to "opposition research".


6 mil no more no less.


I heard as little as 3 Jews died that day.
WTC being Jew central shouldn't it have been more?

I was told that that particular day was a jewish holiday. I was told this about 1 or 2 years after 9/11 but I can't find anything confirming this.

They all got something to do outside the towers that day. Google lucky Larry Silverstein

laughing to death count ?

>that particular day was a jewish holiday
would make perfect sense for them to choose that day

>How many Jews died on 9/11 ?
Little to none, otherwise it would be constantly used to remind people that antisemitism still exists and USA should totally send its soldiers to fight for Israel.

9/11 never happened, it's a white conspiracy made up as an excuse to establish a white ethnostate and break international law under the guise of self-defense and self-preservation.

I know of one for sure, he worked at Cantor Fitzgerald.



6 gorillion:

It was a jew holiday and they all got text messages from Odigo telling them hat something big was gonna happen and not to go to work that day.

The mossad agents nearby got a clear vantage point to film the whole thing.

At least 6 quintillion.

'bout tree-fiddy

Jews did 9/11




16 people on the dead list with the word stein in it

And 24 with the surname berg.

>and they all got text messages from Odigo
it went out to 2 people

Between 200 and 450.

Any official documents on that?

On the morning of 9/11, 4,000 American Jews and Israelis should of been working in the Twins, yet only FOR were killed?

WTF, its almost like they were forewarned.

not even one, they were forewarned.

80% of the companies in WTC 1&2 were owned by Jews

>off by 1

Old Silverstien had a doc appointment that day...You can find the interview on youtube of him telling the story with a big shit eating grin on his face...


No less than 6 million


American Jews died. But little to no Israelis died.


important questions here

⅛ of ½ of 1 jew
>~500 according to morty's mortuary

(((YOU))) are one of the few kikes who survived the Jew York HELLocaust.

here some, SHOLOMO

europa bausset
>80% of the companies in WTC 1&2 were owned by Jews
>16 people on the dead list with the surname stein in it
>24 with the surname berg.

It became a Jewish holiday after 9/11


Many jewish people received a call that morning not to go to work in a very jewish way so (((they))) knew something was happening, it is very fringed right now, but I'm very sure there are ways to find sources for these type of testimonies about 9-11.

Still, it was so evident that it would be redundant to even mention the other series of unexplainable events converging that day at the same time.


only those who were in the planes