How do spread this message Sup Forums ?

How do spread this message Sup Forums ?

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le monke

you don't- cuz scienz, stupid brazilbitch

>we don't


Racism is a communist invention.

Communism was made by the Jews so (((those))) in the capitalist system can exploit the former.

Aka. Kys you kike shill.

why isn't racism okay?

>How do spread this message
You could try spreading it... what the fuck kind of advice are you expecting to get? This isn't complicated.

Racism is not a Thing

it's just bait mate

What the fuck do you expect this to achieve? what is this going to prove?


by tattooing on harvey weinstein's pecker

I agree, this is the wrong message to send. Racism is necessary and is actively encouraged by all cultures and races except for modern western whites. This is a grave mistake. We're a minority that many are actively calling to be wiped out of existence. Racism should not only be encouraged, but it should be explained in a rational and meaningful way beyond the self defeating arrogance of catch phrases and racial slurs.

how's the monkey soup?

This one is better.

lol, you just got burned by Spain.. you suck, Brazil. Get your shit together already.

>be leaf
>take bait
>deliver solid one liner
>break even

What if we sent a poster like this,.. i think something like this would work great. It's my new idea.

Racism is ok
It is inherent, natural. Related to the disgust sensitivity, it is a survival mechanism.

It's Okay To Eat Monkey






Get out





>Mainstream media notice IOTBW posters
>accurately points out that the source of these posters is the same people who think stuff like
>everyone just laughs at them
>"kek, if you think its not ok to be white, then maybe you're the real racist"
>"Why are you so triggered by such an innocuous statement?"

What a world we live in.



Tell me why it is not okay.

why not?

What is racism?
I've discovered that people are quick to accuse people of it, but few have a consistent, working definition of it.
Is recognizing that races exist racism?
Is it a synonym for bigotry?
What if I really don't hate blacks at all, but don't like when they behave like niggers, am averse to proximity, and am not in agreement with America vainly sending Africa the equivalent of over 7 Marshall Plans (since the 50's) to absolutely no avail.
Is that racism?
What is racism?

>finding a single one of those headlines attacking
Jesus fuck, get a grip. I thought the left were the snowflakes.

Tip pol just say Bolsonario2018, this will scare the nu/br/

we're laughing at their stupidity you aussie fucking moron.

But why would you wanna spread lies?


everyone is racially biased , but only when you are white it becomes racism

First we need a Jewish girl, and a black guy, and another Jewish girl, and an aboriginal trans non binary. then we can teach them to sing and dance, and go on tour about racism.

Get lost, shill.

can't be done.

there actually is no such thing as racism.

everyone prefers their own race. except jews, since everyone hates the jews.

you're living in their projection (nightmare)

i like your way to think

I don’t even believe racism exists it’s just some viral meme. Racism is nothing more than being intelligent enough to notice patterns and placing your bets accordingly. No one has ever hated people of a different skin tone because their skin is a different tone. Don’t be retarded op. Stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason

Racism is a Jew meme.

No one in the modern era hates people based on skin color or hair type or eye shape.

It's culturalism -people don't separate or behave differently based on physical characteristics, they do it based on culture.

People hate destructive, self-centered, criminal, disruptive behavior. Some of these behaviors are more prevalent in certain cultures.

Sell TVs, degrees, newspapers, books, movies, or radios.