Trump says his tax plan will "hurt the rich". But the rich will make out like bandits...

Trump says his tax plan will "hurt the rich". But the rich will make out like bandits. Trump himself will get a $1 billion tax break.

How badly would you be hurt by a billion dollar tax cut? What would you have to give up to get by after that?

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The billionaires have done a lot for the Republican party.
The middle class is going to have to suck it up and take one for the team on this taxes thing.

I will go from paying 39.6% to paying 39.6%

i smell a german hiding behind a US flag

>replacing trump's face with trump's face
the left is fucking retarded

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look at this democrat ad.
Fuck the middle class

On the one hand, my tax bracket would drop from 15% to 12%, a difference of maybe a $500-600 a year.

On the other, the Republicans apparently kill tax exemption for grad student tuition waivers, which means I'll have to pay taxes on money that the university is, effectively, paying itself in my name, which will probably cost me an extra $500-600 a year.

So... yeah... not sure how to feel.

and get huge reduction where you really make your money - capital gains. plus death tax repeal if you are worth more than $5M.

that's incredibly on topic

democrat is not an adjective, nor is it the name of the party. Democratic is correct.

you're welcome

fucked. you should feel fucked. the "cut" for the non-rich is a con. you are paying for the actual tax cut for the millionaires and billionaires.

Only thing I have in the way of capital gains is some bitcoin, still have no clue how they are going to tax that

even Lindsey Graham admits the tax plan is to make the donors happy.

the low/middle class donors? um, no. the rich ones. You know, the ones being "hurt" by the plan.

Wake up people. The rich will get HUGE cuts (via capital gains etc) and the poor, middle class and "working rich" will get fucked in the end with a net increase to pay for it.

then you are going to get fucked in the end. the "working rich" get fucked. The ridiculously rich will get ridiculously big tax cuts paid for by you.

>>replacing trump's face with trump's face

you're welcome

>>>replacing trump's face with trump's face
>you're welcome

>>>>replacing trump's face with trump's face
>>you're welcome. again

There is literally no kind of taxation that hurts the rich, moron. The entire tax schematic of the Federal Government exists to allow a small clique of bankers to collect the entire federal budget plus interest at zero risk.

Every time I hear some retard talk about "taxing the millionaires and billionaires" I cringe, because it requires you to have such a profound lack of understanding of our finance system that you actually think that the people who rule the fucking country and own all the politicials deliberately designed a system that could strip them of their power through something as easy as a vote.

They didn't. They wouldn't have in the first place. Everything you think you know is fucking wrong.

>>>>>replacing trump's face with trump's face
>>>you're welcome. again


Meh. The odds of the tuition waiver reform surviving to the final bill are basically nil. If it survives to an actual House vote I'll worry. Truth is I'm so caught up in my work I can barely be bothered to give a fuck about what either party is selling these days, I mostly only come here to check in on happenings and shit. As long I can pay the rent and do my research, Trump can deport as many Mexicans, bomb as many Muslims, and piss off as many feminists as he likes.

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